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The Paizo staff are at PaizoCon 2017 from May 26 through May 29!
Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates during the show, or track #paizocon.

We will return to the office on Tuesday, May 30.


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Topic Posts Last Post
Paizo Blog: The End is Nigh

Looking for a Gencon 2016 promo Wikkawak (white alt paint version of bugbear model)

Anyone paint the new Deep Cuts line?

So many Wereboars

Which minis case to get?

Paizo Blog: Dressings for the Dungeon

Advanced Races minis

Paizo Blog: The Queen's Court


Paizo Blog: Here Comes the Cavalry

Paizo Blog: Diamonds in the Ruff

Paizo Blog: They Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Pathfinder battles subscription

Paizo Blog: Bring Out Your Dead

Paizo Blog: Here Comes the Riffraff

Release date has been pushed back......Again

Paizo Blog: Ninja Division to Make Starfinder Miniatures!

Store Blog: The First Cut is the Deepest!

Wizkids "Deep Cuts" Pathfinder Minis?

PFB Future?

Paizo Blog: The Darkness Looks Back

Paizo Blog: The King is Dead! Long Live the Queen!

Missing Iconic Minis

Greensting Scorpion

Paizo Blog: Dirty, Cheating Halflingsesss

Paizo Blog: The Dead Walk

Pathfinder Miniatures Gallery - Discussion Thread

Paizo Blog: Creepy Crawlies

Paizo Blog: Pathfinders of Death

Almost no Info / marketing for Deep Cuts line? No pictures of actual minis yet Production Run minis exist.

Paizo Blog: The Dead, the Big, and the Evil

Taiga Giant mini?

Paizo Blog: Deadly Foes on the Loose!

Paizo Blog: Servants of the Mantis God

Paizo Blog: The Grey Maidens Have Arrived

Emerald Spire Paper Minis

Paizo Blog: A First Look at Crown of Fangs

Noncreature Minis for Future Sets?

Paizo Blog: Two Cave Creatures

Pathfinder Battles: Worldscape!

Catti Brie Miniature look alike

Iconic minis

Deadly Foes Sale

Deadly Foes Case Count

Store Blog: Miscreants and Malefactors!

Storage of plastic minis

Little old lady minis?

I need catfolk and Kitsune miniatures.

PFS Miniatures

Paizo Blog: The Last of the Deadly Foes

Potential IP Infringement - Crusader Mini's Rune Lords line?

Paizo Blog: Two for the Road!

Paizo Blog: A Haughty Horse and Some Funky Furniture

Half-orc pirate?

Paizo Blog: Three More to Go!

Paizo Blog: Back in the Saddle!

Anyone Know Where This Mini is From???

Huge Elementals

Paizo Blog: The Wrath of CONNNNNNNNNN!

Looking for a miniature for this character

Paizo Blog: Here Come the Hobgoblins

The Rusty Dragon Inn 2nd printing announced!

Any plans for more Golarion monster minis from Reaper?

Oread minis?

Paizo Blog: Friday Publisher Preview: Feelin' Crabby

Paizo Blog: Greetings from Hellywood

Gale Force 9 Demogorgon Mini

Paizo Blog: PaizoCon Reveals Up-Close!

Paizo Blog: Big Guns

No Radovan?

Paizo Blog: The Devils in the Details

Paizo Blog: Good Guys!

Paizo Blog: Bad Guys!

Paizo Blog: Good Bad Dogs

Paizo Blog: Winged Warriors (Big and Small)

Miniature of Desna

Pathfinder Battles requests?

Paizo Blog: The Clear Choice

Paizo Blog: Two for the Road

Paizo Blog: News from the GAMA Trade Show!

Paizo Blog: A HUGE Announcement: Deadly Foes!

Pathfinder battles: case questions

What after the Iconics are done?

Paizo Blog: The Magnificent 7 of Set 6

Store Blog: I'm Not a Witch, I'm Your Wife!

Paizo Blog: Pull Up a Stool (The Rusty Dragon Inn Debrief)

Petroleum Prices plummeting, what does this mean for the cost of minis?

Iconic Heroes #3 and #4 and #5 - Looking for Cards

Paizo Blog: Iconic Heroes Set 5—THE REAL DEAL

Why are there no Kitsune Pathfinder miniatures ?

Store Blog: Johnny Five is Alive!

Rusty Dragon Inn Bar for sale!

Heroes & Monsters

Paizo Blog: Out Adventuring, Be Back Soon

Top Sellers - Love the list (Rusty Dragon Inn)

Characters and Monsters you most want to be made into minis?

Paizo Blog: The Rusty Dragon Inn is Open for Business!

Paizo Blog: A New Look at Some Old Friends

Store Blog: This, My Friend, Is a Pint!

Draft Horse Team

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