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Website Feedback

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Topic Posts Last Post
Char-op board please.

"Add New Post" link not working on iPhone

"Add new thread" issue

"And if the Boys Wanna Fight You Better Let 'Em"

"Answered in the FAQ" but not...

"Answered in the FAQ" Mislabel?

"Avatar Name is Already in Use by another Account"

"Best of" Runelords AP

"Buy everything" option.

"Classifieds" section missing?

"Date Added"

"Date Download Last Updated" Changed For New Errata

"Events Near You" vs "Get Involved"

"fi" and "ff" letter combinations not displaying?

"Find Events in Your Area" Map incorrect

"Focus" seems to have stopped working.

"Hidden" New Posts

"Hide this Thread" - What is being hidden the most?

"I removed some ..."

"Job Openings" page mislinked

"ksthanks" not valid?

"Link Warning" Suggestion

"My Downloads" Organization

"New Posts" Button

"New" and "upcoming" atom feeds

"New" messages mouse hover

"Older Products"

"One or more characters cannot play this scenario due to being the wrong character / scenario type."

"Paizo Publishing, LLC"

"Personalize this file" confusion

"Planned Errata" Section (or something).

"Remove" Button on Payment Options

"Rules of the Game" page


"Shellshock" attack on bash

"Sign In," and "Create a New Account" links at the bottom of the page...

"Submit Post" Button Problems

"Thank you for your continuing support of...." <- A not-terribly-important question

"thank you for your patience"

"This personalized download is currently unavailable"?

"Too Many Requests" Bug?

"Top Sellers" on the main page.

"Triangle" expansion

"Ultimate Magic Playtest—Round 1"

"Ultimate Magic Updates" link in PRD

"Unknown Product" reviews

"Was this review helpful" feedback button for reviews?

"Washed" PDFs

"We Be Goblins Too!" not in scenario list

"Website is down" image

"Writing For ..."

"You and x other people marked this as a favorite"

"You purchased . . ." tags vs Super bundles.

"you purchased this item ......."

"You purchased this product on...."

# of Posts seems to not always match up

# of posts visible on reply screen

#pathfinder Chat

& and < not HTML-escaped

'# new' feature going wonky

'Answered in FAQ' threads

'Favorite' post feature.

'My Downloads' Organized

'My Downloads' Suggestion

'New post' markers not clearing down

'Preview' button showing wrong graphic

'Recent Posts' becomes 'Recent Thread Activity' with 'Replies To' Drop Downs

'Write a Review' link MISSING in some Reviews tab

(X new)

(X New) is too close to X

(x new) non-functional

([number] new) It doesn't work! Well, not always...


...and even gnomes

0-Post Threads

1 too many requests to open a page

1st of April News

3 Faces of Evil Minis Page

8 links in, and a link is broken

10,000th PbP Post: A Thank You

10-post avatar name change limit popping up again?

33 Spam posts by mirzas609

60 20x20 Warhammer bases

104 New Avatars

301PermMove message when editing a post

400 errors

500 Server error problem...

2011 RPG Link Broken

9201 product code exist?

3049527 - payment declined, need help

A Big "Thank You" from a first time poster

A challenge for Gary

a change in focus.

A comment on the search engine

A copy of advanced class guide PDF

A couple of comments about store organization

A curious observation...

A DM wants to thank the forum

Paizo Blog: Happy New Ears'!

Store Blog: A Going Concern

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