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Pathfinder Reference Document (PRD) Reporting Thread

Getting a thread title changed

Thumbs down / Thumbs up separate from Marked as favorite

Where do I report a busted campaign thread?

Is there a way to mark recruitment threads that have finished recruiting?

Request post edit and thread renaming

Requesting Sticky Threads

"Current Campaigns" tab is wonky

What I Don't Own (TAB)

Cannot purchase Paizocon tix


When will Strange Aeons have its own sub forum?

Store / Cart bug: "Sorry, there was a problem handling your request."

Missing character for ACG registration

First Page of PFS Events broken.

Forum search function

Appealing a banned account

Something changed about Jan 20 on sign-in

So, anyone know why I can't post here on my tablet?

Community Recruiting Alert : Trolling Recruitments

New behavior - maybe not wrong

Curious behaviour in Product Discussion threads

Close thread please.

I posted a 3PP Product Review ... and I need a mistake fixed in the Review.

Too Many PbP Aliases!

No "Remove All" button in Shopping Cart.

Question about adding a Product to your shop

Paizo Blog: Back to Cherished Haunts

locked out my account.

Cannot post in Gameplay Thread

Question about Evergreen reporting for #7-10 Consortium Compact

Campaigns disappearing from Active Campaigns tab

UPS International - Tracking info

PFSACG 0-1A: Ghosts of the Deep Reporting Problem

Can't post in Gameplay

"My Partner Authorisations" under my account

Post count discrepancy

Download Session Sheets button does not appear

Problems with Downloads Page

How do you link thread post in another thread?

Paizo Blog: Throw the Spellbook at 'Em!

An odd error

Where to put requests?

Change in PDFs

Frequent page error

Paizo Blog: Let's Be Clear

Changing payment methods

Any plans to be able to search through your favorite posts?

Trouble loading home page on smartphone


Closing code

VA card download

Gronk erratum

Can't log in to Paizo account on smartphone

My Downloads - Highlight updated content

Interactive maps for Giantslayer

Ability to "Hide" items in My Downloads

Update for Community Use Religious Symbol package in 2016?

Store Blog: Kicking Off The New Year!

Paizo Blog: OPC Log—4 Abadius 4716

Sanctioned Module Page is Out of Date

FAQ Search feature

Cannot Report #7-13 Captive in Crystal

holiday16* code not working with Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild WOTR scenarios

PSF Senarios Mixed

Spam Wars 2: The Spammers Strike Back

Class deck character sheets update

Creating an Event: Can't add sessions

Who created the 'Adventure Finder' feature?

Paizo Blog: Untold Horrors, Celestial Allies, and Hordes Alike--It's Time for Something New!

T-Shirts Links

Rules Forum:Why didn't you just say that?

When will Occult Adventures be added to the PRD?

Paizo Order #3805848

A forum for gamers of Pathfinder to organize meet ups?

Adventure 1-6: The Last Crusade not downloading when selected in My Downloads

Earned 4th PFS star requesting access to 6-98 Serpents Rise

Core to Normal Character reporting bug

Campaign Info Tab Auto-Deleting Written Text (presumably due to size cap)

No More PFS Bundles?

Couldn't find this in the FAQ... Not crucial, but wondering:

Please remove the watermark from Class Deck Character Sheets

Updating Credit / Debit Card

Unable to download recently updated Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Compendium

Zip file format

Messed up link in PRD

Pathfinder society character session lists alternate ordering

Intermittent "double spacing" display issue on the forums

How to subscribe to threads / posts?

PFS Reporting - Viewing sessions from Events I've Created

I didn't choose this avatar name; what gives?

Front page ads not working

Odd inclusions to focus list

Weird Formatting glitch in Alias

Character numbers -7 and -13 are skipped

AP PDF image copying problem

Play by post IP question

Hell's Rebels Poster Map Folio page error?

Serpents rise

A problem with Ascensions Path of Shadows download.

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