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Topic Posts Last Post
Issue Entering Session for Event 54839

Fix Character to Core

Creating characters after reporting does not link games anymore

Trouble downloading file

Site login change request

Another hiccup with PFS scenario reporting

Cannot report games now that core is released

New (?) "My Subscriptions" look

Paizo FAQ's from the future!

Trouble reporting

Suggestions for the Paizo Blog

The Confirmation, a repeatable?

Please fix this in the CSS for your messageboards

VO Transfer

GM Star and Venture Lieutenant tag not showing on any alias.

I Need To Remove A Gameplay Thread

Can't post in Gameplay Thread

Advice Forum Split between Character / PC issues and GMs

Accidentally attached Discussion thread as Gameplay thread in Play by Post

Can I get "-1" added back to my list of characters?

Lost an Alias

Questions about forum courtesy

Merge threads flagging option?

Issue with My Pathfinder Society page

Character Registration Frustration

Change Payment Method Process

Issue with spaces in posts

Problem reporting PFS scenario results

How can I post a table to the boards in my games?

ID cards

Product List

New PFS Character Database "Issue"

Grand Lodge forum update

Policy on fan translations of AP's?

Read Out Loud issues with some PDFs in Acrobat

Back to top button

GM table count is goofy, and one scenario listed incorrectly

Couldn't Check out

Bugs encountered trying to register PACG characters

33 Spam posts by mirzas609

Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild Adventure 0-4: Island of the Damned

Removal of aliases from characters / players sections of campaign

PFS - GM Table Credit is off, and one session is reported incorrectly.

Are there any non-captioned pictures of Stone Giants and Graul Ogres for Community Use?

Sessions accidentally on the wrong character

PRD Tool: Bestiary Indices

Can't See Order history

Online Campaigns Discussion Sticky Request

Are the messageboards different?

PRD spell list index seems to be a little off (not sure how much)

Suggestions for additional forum features

Character name under aliases crossed out

Not receiving Paizo email

Shipping Costs

Shipping Costs

Requesting Sticky Threads.

Well, this is an interesting easter egg ...

Printing interactive maps Paizo

Current Campaign says Previous Campaign

Name change of the thread

Paizo PDF issues

[PFS] All scenarios played on one page.

Kind of a weird question, but if someone could help

Can't delete a Wishlist

Damiel Character Sheet is messed up.

[smaller] tags non-functioning

How do I recover account information

Kill Doctor Lucky Link

Meet the Iconics Valeros and Seoni

I get to the home page for 1 / 2 sec. then bumped to a white loading page?

Avatar name vs Character name

Title Change Request

Product images missing from the Approved Product List page

PRD: Great Old One subtype?

Site got wide?

Can we get an upgrade to order history?

[Suggestion] [RPGSS] Add "Feedback Checkboxes" to the Vote Pairings

Suggestion: More BBcode tools.

[Suggestion] Add a sitewide notification for the Open Call closing time

redirect on the PRD inquisitor?

Time frame for GM change request?

PRD APG brass knuckles

Problems viewing PRD

Need help subscribing to Message Threads on Iphone

Thread too wide / text doesn't properly wrap?

Odd posting bug

Spammer in the Kingmaker Boards

problem with web page

Gift giving options

How long has that subforum been there?!

Site Outage

How do I get sessions back that are gone?

How to Delete Profile

idea for play by posts

Cannot reply to threads

Spammer in PFO Forums

Problem reporting - no GM credit because I played scenario before

RPG Superstar link needs fixing

Web site issue

Print issues with Pathfinder Adventure Path: Skull & Shackles Player's Guide (PFRPG)

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