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Topic Posts Last Post
Slumbering Tsar Download

Trying to Report Bonekeep Tables - Can't find the special to add to event

Paizo Blog: Handyman Corner: Home Edition

Card Game Thread

Error in PRD Feats chart

Another Campaign Thread question

PFS Event Creation - Jade Regent

PbP Campaign Vanished From Profile.

Mythic Adventures PRD?

Game Thread Question

Can't send private messages

Transferring an avatar / icon

How do you get notified of replies to your posts in forums?

Flagging for Off-Topic

How about a digital-only subscription?


PRF SRD Download?

How do I delete an inactive PbP from my Campaign tab if I am not the DM?

Direct PDF Downloads

Incorrect character for edited posts in Online Campaigns

The right way to do upgrades!

Messages only displaying one message per person

A way to use the message board on a smart phone?

Avatar Icon

Paizo Blog: A Few Updates

Preserve historical golem icon.

JSON or URL interface to scenario characters

VO-announce subforum

Petition: Please Make New PMs More Obvious

Something Wonky

Pathfinder Society Blog Tag page not working

Web Fiction not working

Avatar image for an account Alias, Possible?

Underline HTML?

Hide function doesn't seem to work

Wrath of the Righteous Player's Guide?

Threads Marked 'Answered in FAQ' that aren't, and the supposed 'new approach to FAQ / Errata'

Rise of the Runelords Interactive Maps

Alias change to PFS character

Unable to post to a thread

I can't open threads

Not my sessions... :( (Rather urgent)

Error when switching tabs

Unable to Collapse Forum Categories

Thread necromancy

Core Rule Book FAQ Updated Monday?

Kickstarter Support Required

Registering Characters?

Man! Paizo Must REALLY Want to Push the Card Game! :)

Issue with Player Credit for First Steps 2 and 3

Help! Way to determine who has posted and how often to a group?

Pathfinder PDF with hardcover book?

PRD Feedback thread

Changing payment options is a pain

Email alerts setting

PBP from E-mail, or on Smartphone, or....

A way to change an "Alias" into a "Pathfinder Society character"?

Please stop posting "reviews" of unreleased products

Anyone else Having Problems with this?

RSS Feed problems Importing

Wonky dice roller?

create a sticky, "compare APs" thread

It would be nice to be able to "start a discussion" about news.

Discount for PDF when physical copy owned

Paizo Blog: The Weeping Blade

Pathfinder ( / PFS) Online Play General Discussion

Pathfinder Society Scenario product listings.

Credit Card Issues

Which PDF's have hyper-links?

Thread search box stuck and inaccessible

Download Sorting


Cookies and the spinny

Blog link error

Ignore earlier email about resetting password

PFS reporting system

Paizo not in site dictionary

Possible glitch to PFS reporting system?

Product organization suggestion

An idea I have for adventure path subscribers.

Can't see FAQ count from mobile

Unable to Log In Yesterday

"Triangle" expansion

iPhone oddities

Cannot download "Rule Zero: Critical Hits"

Your backtracking limit has been reached.

Digital sharing questions

Paizo Blog: The Weeping Blade

Forum Paging

No "AUCForumDisplay"

"Avatar Name is Already in Use by another Account"

RRS Feed for Rules Question no longer feeding

Password for Campaigns tab?

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder: Goblins! Preview

Downloads issue with Goblin Squad Gen Con Promo Mini Redemption Form

Spinnybork! (Forums Loading Incorrectly Since Spinner)

Potential verification problem and somewhat easy fix

Date Format on GM Reporting

Any chance we could get the ability to opt-in to having customer service emails CCed as a pm?

"You and x other people marked this as a favorite"

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