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Website Feedback

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3049527 - payment declined, need help

Missed Opportunity


([number] new) It doesn't work! Well, not always...

So, Tome of Twisted Things seems to be missing. Is it just me?

Can't create PFS session. "An event must have at least one Pathfinder Society Scenario."

Strange error

New Checkout Process

400 errors

Forum layout bug?

Are the shipping quotes accurate?

Downloads Tab???

New Download Gift options

What I want to see on the message boards (and what I don't)

Move an Alias from PFS to Regular Aliases?

Love the new individualized tab for a product download!

Pathfinder Tales Subscription

Pathfinder Legends (Big Finish) in "My Downloads"

OOC Glitch

Latest News post contains coding error?

And Now For Something Completely Different...Praise!

How do you change the faction listed on Pathfider Society Profile?

Paizo Blog: Iron Gods Roll Call


Paizo Blog: Pathfinder of the Month: Thursty

Looks like someone tweaked the wrong thing ...

Can't sort Online Campaigns

Things Worth Getting Offended Over - an Opinion

Unable to submit changes to alias profile (in Chrome)

Reply / Add thread box is too small, can I make it bigger?

Don't like the new format of the Campaigns page

Can't contact moderator over hostility towards playstyle?

'Write a Review' link MISSING in some Reviews tab

We Be Goblins: map issue?

Pre-paid cards and subscriptions

So does anyone else find that the store blog, web fiction and Paizo blog tabs

Paizo Order # 3051121 (finally was able to place the order).

Main messageboard web page not loading.

How do I contact a mod?

Ignore v4

New forum subcategory

Requesting Sticky threads.

AutoPager rule for Paizo messageboards

Cannot seem to access Paizo Blog or Paizo Web Fiction.

Profile's layout is overlapping and hard to read

Webmaster hasn't replied yet

What is Focus mode?

One request and one bug(?)

Post Deleted?

Paizo PRD Typo

Inner Sea World Guide PDF File Size

Ordering system didn't give me the Pathfinder Advantage discount...

Gameplay thread eating posts

My Sidecart

Love the website store changes

downloads not working

Paizo Blog Tab and Web Fiction Tabs

Kicks To The Downloads

Avatar setting

New Lite PDF Download Option Available!

Alias Name Error

Downloads not working

Titles getting stuck when changing aliases

Inconsistent messageboard title font size displayed in Windows Phone 8

Can't download asset

Checkout Experience + Print / PDF Backorder (error?)

Home Page

Where is the sidecart?

Store not showing Gift Option

Favorite this Comment.

What is Up with the Paizo Site screen text format?

Some odd things with my account and the forums.

Errata and Previous Printing PDF Downloads

Trying to run In Service To Lore Part One

New gameplay thread problem

Why doesn't the most important rule apply to Paizo staffers?

Forum seems unable to handle long URLs....

Request: Search Functionality with dashes & hyphens

Wish List for Store Items

character sheet

Class-type Subthreads

Email notifications in Messageboards

Web page error

FAQ Page Request

RPG Superstar 2014 Page Reloads

Website moderation and bias by moderators

Store: Atlas Games PDFs - Can't Get Past Company Page

Stop Tracking Option

Inherited a Recruitment Page

After 5 years still no PayPal

Too many clicks to get here!

Reviews Using Alias

On account, a place to put your collection?

Can't review products

Summary of posts in a forum

Paizo logo misaligned

Site Feature Request - post marker.

Posting as name not default alias

Could we please have the ability to edit posts after an hour?

Help Wounding Magic Item

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