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Website Feedback

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Full Character Sheet in Alias Page Option


Psionic Bestiary download issue

Problem with downloading Psionic Bestiary

Preorder and / or subscription for Paizo PDFs?

Bogus Solicitation via Private Message

Paizo Blog Posts from January to April 2014 are missing

cannot access avatar pictures

Bug Report: Store Filter function

This website needs updating!

Is the new "meet the iconic" gunna happen ?

"Website is down" image

Can't checkout in the store

Paizo Blog: Join Paizo for Free RPG Day this Saturday!

Anyway we could get a whole board meant just for GMs?

Customer Service

What happened to the rules FAQ list?

Wolf Prejudice

Mis-numbered Post

Paizo Blog: Advanced Class Guide Preview: Warpriest

Disagreements and getting threads locked.

What's with all the Necromancy?

Product descriptions for "Reign of Winter" singles

PFS Reporting Issue

Number of orders on my account has dropped

Possibly an issue with my downloads

Editing an Hour-Old Post.

PFS reporting form doesn't auto-populate

Requesting Paizo make sticky thread for Open Call announcements

Dungeon Magazine Resources Page Not found?

Pathfinder Web Fiction ordering

Ordering but using Care of...

Advice for downloading PDFs on iPhone with Goodreader?

Editing Original Posts

We need easier options to remove ourselves from PBP Online campaigns

Paizo Blog: Meet the Iconics: Lini


Incorrect Exclusives Count?

No minis preview the past couple of weeks.

Enhancement suggestions for My Downloads

Additional subscriptions for other companies' products

reroll when edit?

How do I delete a wish list?

Is it just me, or is the Paizo Dice Roller a lot worse than normal lately. . .

Adding Sections of non-Core Line to the PRD

Email notifications

Pledge Address

Publisher Missing from Pathfinder Compatible List

Flagging with more meaning

Tried to be clever...

Can we get rid of the spam in this forum?

Maintenance needed on Community Use Registry

What happened to the [ / list] function? (Sorry if this is the wrong forum)

Online Play messageboard visibility

Thread Poke Request

How can I see which part of the FAQ is updated

Problem selecting a new avatar

Problems with smartphone interface to site

PFS location on page.

Avatar Image / Name change

Google links breaking

what's with all the spam?

Hardware Issues

Older Paizo Blog posts not visible, at least to me.

New Spam threads in PbP Recruitment

NPC Codex Box Link Problem

Updated PFS session sheet?

Suggestion re spammers

New website software: Goblin Squad store, order checkout wizard and more

Are the forum rules when editing supposed to be different from when posting?

Forum layout

Pathfinder Legends Website

Can we extend login time a bit?

Idk if this is the right place to post but the store is going in circles

Can't access comics

Order of the Stick - Avatars

Can't check out

Navigating the Paizo Blog

Ordering Process Changes

Problem Posting

baba ji the duke of love or whatever is back

Usable Daily / Weekly Content Request

A Question about Random Thread Movement

Saving a gift certificate for later breaks the shopping cart

URL to PFS Guide to Organized Play product page

Hacked mail account

Cutting the end of quoted text is terrible

Review half stars

First Steps reporting broken

SPAM alert!!

The downloads tab under each product description is pretty cool

PBP thread management question

Thread rename request

The Heartbleed bug

default alias

Time Travel issue in customer service reply

[list] and [*] tags

How do you remove something from a wishlist?

Alternate idea for deleting alias

Can't post and then, can't sign in using Chrome

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