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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Pathfinder Reference Document (PRD) Reporting Thread

Trouble loading home page on smartphone

An option to "Subscribe" to a Thread.

Product Pricing


Keep me logged in checkbox

Order 4212197

Rouge? Really?!?

Petition: Please enable PbP players to fiddle with Society character names past 10 posts!

Please mark orphaned campaign thread as inactive

Downloads - button to "collapse all", "hide one file per chapter"

Campaign Deactivation

Just encountered a very weird glitch.

Who Broke the AP Page

Store Blog: Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Something... Something... Cthulhu!

More new avatar images

Posts being eaten!

Our User Icons / Avatars?

Please help with an annoying problem when entering my password

Core Rulebook PRD Error

"person" parameter on createNewPost URL?

The "ff" typographic ligature

AP 114

Store Blog: Whoever Saves One Life, Saves the World Entire!

PDF Problem

6th strange aeons book not in downloads

Do you sell this?

Store Blog: Stop Blowing Holes In My Ship!

PFS faction symbol

Can't Access "Get Involved"

'Answered in FAQ' threads

No longer enjoying the messageboards as much.

Website Issues!

Forums causing CPU % spike for browser activity

Adventure Card Guild page didn't change with the seasons

Complete Overhaul

Spoilers on top of the Spoilers

Can't add shipping addresses

Well, thats sneaky -using the paizo events (spammer thread)

Signatures and / or Pseudo Signatures

Starfinder Products Messageboard

A place to talk about the future of political threads

Links to pages within threads not working

Since there's absolutely no risk in messing around with the website and adding extra features...

Store Blog: Fortune And Glory, Kid. Fortune And Glory!

Can't access My Account or edit posts


Humble Bundle PFS scenarios

Can't access my account

Can't log in to Paizo account on smartphone

Can't Get To My Downloads

A couple issues with Event creation

Bad Email Processsing Dates

We Need an Easier Way to Download PDFs

"My Partner Authorisations" under my account

PRD Ultimate Equipment Guide correction

Please 'Fix' My New Gameplay Thread in My PbP

ummm, my edit button disappeared?

Missing FAQ support for Pathfinder products

Paizo staff request to limit product discussion


Slow Responses and Downtime

AP 113 misfiled on My Downloads

Planning for a new domain?

Bad Link on PFS Policies Page

Very poor resolution on Samsung s7 edge in chrome

Additional Resources usability

Pathfinder Society Alias Sorting Request

Inactive Campaigns

Last post on alias page

Petition for a sorting tool for "Favorited By Others"

Scenario #8-10

PFS front page spelling mistake

Outstanding Customer Service

Can we talk about the game finder?

[GM] Gameplay thread not allowing me to post into it

Is it time for community moderators?

Paizo Webstore

Request: multiple downloads on My Downloads

Can't access shopping cart

Reporting for Curse of the Crimson Throne PFS

My Gameplay Thread Is Borked

Can't sign in (from work computer)

Can't Access My Account Page

Pathfinder Society "Core" character registry

Jump to Blue

Open call page issue

New categories in My Downloads?

How do I get a game to go inactive

Store Blog: With Winds and Flame, The Year Of The Storm Is Picking Up Steam!

unnoticed replys in the forums

Wayang avatars?

Humble Request...

"The following one product have been added to your account, but are not currently available for download"

Sorting product lines

Can we have a dedicated forum for 5th edition D&D?

Changing Campaign's ownership:

Events page listing.

Help I need an Adult

Online Campaign ownership request change.

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