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Website Feedback

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Pathfinder Reference Document (PRD) Reporting Thread TLS Updates and Your Browser

a request for more avatar images

Unchained PRD

Questions about the Rules Questions

Locked thread?

Messageboard Utility Request

Messageboard Feature Request: Multiple Default Aliases

Unable to Finalize Purchases

Reporting Thornkeep Accursed Halls Problem

Core character keeps on getting flagged as Normal

Monk Deck character sheet

Pregen Link

Pathfinder Society Faction Symbols

Not getting credit for rerunning The Confirmation

Paizo phone app

Please help - my PFS table credit just decreased after I reported

Can't download session sheets

Problems with DM threads?

Paizo Inc FAQ

Problem with placing an order

Request to Delete Thread

Minor bug - disappearing dots

How to make existing alias into PFS character

Play by post creation

Spam Post in Online Campaigns General Discussion

Spoiler issues

Display code in post

Monsters and Men Table 2

Problem with gamethread, missing 1st post.

Find a Pathfinder RPG adventure with the Adventure Finder!

A couple of recurring bugs in your wishlist code

Sidecart shipment notification?

Unable to post in gameplay and discusion thread.

Out of the Abyss

Avatar Request for the Mimic from Risen from the Sands

Issue printing Skull and shackles players guide

Block and / or Dislike Button

Campaign Gameplay tab eating all posts

I have a pbp going with wrong recruitment thread attatched

I want to add something to a pending order

Campaigns disappearing from Active Campaigns tab

Managing Online Campaigns

Can't download Fractal Mapper

PACG OP Cannot report session 1-3A

Still no PayPal option?

Play By Post Recruitment and Signups

Are the PDFs I see online pirated?

Disappearing thread

Main page pops up for a second and then vanishes if not logged in IE11

Getting logged out after posting to forums using new FF

Can't add shipping address

Can't get to My Downloads link from tablet

Unable to set subscriptions to use Paizo credit

Delete a thread you make?

"Added to the FAQ" Link is Wonky

Suggestion: Updated Downloads

Remove "All Items" from cart feature still missing.

Edit Post option available for longer periods?


Link and List this Entry are hard to find on high-def displays

Suggestion: Dropbox download

Advice and Rules subforum at Third Party confuses people

Title Oddity

Problems with Purchasing content from the site

Can I get the title of a Journal thread changed, please

Can voter tags be removed?

Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes Set #6 not showing under PACG accessories

RPG Superstar and site slowdowns

Retail Consignment Page

Question about a moderation decision

Pathfinder forum should have a review / balance option

Website display issues

Do the (Forum) Dice Really Hate Me?

Subject: Cartography Forum

Downloads page not, um, downloading?

Can we get some sort of limitation on new accounts posting threads in the Recruitment board (Online Campaigns)

PACG OP Character Creation: please add Paladin, Monk and Druid

RPG Superstar Season 9 Banner Issue

Request: Forum Signatures and Email Notifications

Page Error when opening a Campaign Gameplay Thread

Character creation for my account

Please lock this thread

Problem threads

Reporting a Problem with a Session Never Resolved?

7-03: Bronze House Reprisal reporting

Making it Easier to find PFS groups.

Inactivate a campaign?

Advanced Class Guides Downlaods Not Updated With Errata

Already Purchased Messages on Product pages

Unable to start threads

Finding my posts

Random site outages not so random anymore.

Secure connection failed?

A change in product descriptions and tracking

Requesting Sticky Threads

Getting a 2319 Error When Posting

SPAM -- it's (past) time to take preventative action!

Direct PDF Downloads

Avatar Pictures...

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