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Pathfinder Reference Document (PRD) Reporting Thread

My Gameplay Thread Is Borked

Reporting for Curse of the Crimson Throne PFS

Can't sign in (from work computer)

Can't Access My Account Page

Pathfinder Society "Core" character registry

Jump to Blue

Open call page issue

New categories in My Downloads?

How do I get a game to go inactive

Trouble loading home page on smartphone

Store Blog: With Winds and Flame, The Year Of The Storm Is Picking Up Steam!

unnoticed replys in the forums

Wayang avatars?

Humble Request...

"The following one product have been added to your account, but are not currently available for download"

Sorting product lines

Can we have a dedicated forum for 5th edition D&D?

Changing Campaign's ownership:

Events page listing.

Help I need an Adult

Online Campaign ownership request change.

Close Thread Please

PM aggravation / suggestion

Account and character registry help

Star delay... How long does it take for new PFS stars to show up on a profile?

Pathfinder Card Game links and download issues

Spam thread / event?

#8-4 reported for tonight not being added to GM table count

Option to manually delete your own posts?


Problems with loading on phone

Trouble downloading session sheets

Online Campaigns Issue

Broken images in Paizo blog

Could you open up my Ask anything thread again.

I can't print my PDF

PFS Reporting Issue

Online Campaigns Issue

Downloading pdf to android

More new avatar images

Subscription shipping options plus a website store request

Can we get automatic thread locking on old threads?

Character Pictures

variable "count" for posts seems to increase faster than it should

Can James get the ability to lock his own thread?

Trouble with Gameplay thread I created

Further BBC coding options

Having trouble figuring out how thread subscriptions work on this site

Packing peanuts

Daughters of Fury PDF broken

Pathfinder Advantage for Curse of the Crimson Throne PDF

Well, thats sneaky -using the paizo events (spammer thread)

Please list Mummy's Mask PACG FAQ with other FAQs

Add our own avatars?

Request for Warpriest and Summoner class character sheets and card lists

Not Sure

The derail from "Air Your Grievances"

Weird Campaign Lacking Title

Core Reporting Issues

Curse of the Crimson Throne Hardcover PDF Issue

Can't Post

poster searches

Display issue in PFS scenario subscription email

Campaign Information Pages

Can't review products

Thoughts on paizo moderation and communication

More website functionality ideas! Okay, just one.

Difficulty adding a designated reporter (PFS)

Realtime online campaign recruitment board?


The [not] usefulness of saying "Ask your GM"

Beautiful Plumage

RSS feeds seem to be down

PFS scenarios mising from Product Schedule

Coding issue?

Paizo Blog: More Magical Texts, and Great Art

Need help posting, and the linked FAQ doesn't help!


Dropped from a PBP game

Questioning User Ban

Difficulties making purchases

My post was removed without any notification.

Remove PFS faction from alias?

Paizo Blog: Where the Winds of Limbo Roar

Request for gameplay thread rename

Maximum character limit?

Interactive maps PDF on ubuntu 16.04

Petition for a sorting tool for "Favorited By Others"

PFS Scenarios links issues

reason for deleted post

Feature request re forum search

Problem with Paizo Messageboards when using TOR browser

Venture-Agent location info

Question about pricing of Serpent's Skull AP during the current sale

Avatar Name Error

Simple Way to Ignore Posters?

Can we get forum notifications?

Slow response times from

Pathfinder Society Scenarios subscription in Paizo Product Schedule

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