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Topic Posts Last Post
August 2014 New Release Shipment thread

June 2015 New Release Shipping Thread

July 2015 New Release Shipping & Gen Con Subscription Pick Up

Order # 3527297

Hold PF Battles subscription

Checkout weirdness

Pathfinder Battles Case Subsciption Discount is not being Applied...

Cancel my subscriptions

Gen Con 2015 Promos

Delete account

delete my account

Pending orders?

Delete Account

Please cancel Order #3557925

A question about the 10 dollar shipping discount on orders over 100 dollars

Pathfinder Battles Subscription discount not being applied

Merging Pathfinder numbers

IPad problem changing address (using safari)

delete account

Address Changing, need help

Order # 3573248

Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Card Game Core Box Missing Pack of Cards

Packing of books within boxes

Order 3616607

New Address Problem

Cart Trouble

Order 3576376 and Order 3600654

Mysterious Vanishing Sidecart

Subscription Question....

Order # 3593599

Order 3509453

PACG Skulls & Shackles Make Good Pack

Order 3587367 Missing item

Please delete account

Cancel all subscriptions and remaining pre-orders

Order 3595756

Order 3531155 Missing, Almost 3 Months

Order 3618093

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscription

I would like to cancel an item in my sidecart

The Chained Coffin question

Order 3567330


No place to enter my birthday...

Order 3598779 Missing Items

Order 3598691 missing promo

Defective PACG Bard Deck

Paizo Order #3598958

Question regarding shipment price

Question about sidecart and discount...

Order 3595036 Shipping Issue

Have not received Order 3576013

Pending 2 weeks

Campaign Setting Subscription - July

Missing Wardstone Fragment card in WotR box

Quick question about two PDF / Print Bundle orders

Order 3609567

Gift purchase never gave me an option to say who it was a gift for

Pathfinder Battle Minis not showing Subscription Discount...

Order 3626379

Order 3453740 - Missing Promo?

I would like to Cancel my subscription.

Cancel all subscriptions

Discontinue AP Subscription

I can't place my order

Order 3559249 Missing PB Sub Discount

Order 3609474 and the minis subscription discount

Change to my subscription

Order change

Question about Pathfinder Battles Subscription price

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscription question

Order 3602645 Missing card

Order 3591891

Item missing from shipment

Order #3571429

I need to cancel several subscriptions

Missing Clay Golem from ROTR AP5

Order 3595554

Feedback on my DD case shipment

AP2 WotR missing promo

wrong pathfinder number

Please delete my account.

missing sweet costume promo

Issues with order 3572790

I would like to cancel my subscription

Order 3594864 - Gargantuan Red Dragon never arrived

Cancel CS

Order 3598874 missing Sweet Dragon Costume promo

Order 3598161 - Payment Method Declined?

#3599048 Missing Promo

Order not reflecting PB Subscription discount

Campaign Setting

Subscription Cancel

Order 3625881

Order 3618618 missing PB Subscription discount

Missing Character Cards (Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Skull and Shackles boxed set)

Please cancel all subscriptions.

Gen Con 2015 Paizo booth

Issue with Core Character not being, well, Core.

Can't access My Account or edit posts

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