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Customer Service

Topic Posts Last Post
December 2014 New Release Shipping Thread

Issues with Order Checkout & Subscription PDFs

Great Golem Sale Status Update

Adventure Card Game misprint

Order 3274219

Tracking Data - General and Order 3342717

Order 3361420

Order #'s 3373744 & 3384155

Hitting a rough patch and need my subs and sidecart cancelled

Order 3359722

Customer service feedback

Please delete the in-progress retailer signup associated with this account

Order 3358933 and sidecart.

Am I able to give a Paizo product I have purchased from a retailer a review?

Order 3337307

Misplaced item. Order #3369805

Strategy Guide and Subscriptions.

How should I combine a new order with a pending order?

Being charged, but card declined?

Missing Deck of cards from Skulls and Shackles Base Set (Order 3227989)

Order 3316112 and 632805

Campaign Setting Subscription

Order 3389263: Subscription Download Missing

Orders 3396041, 3393494

Merry Christmas Paizo!

Order# 3360136 - Missing Promo Cards (as well)

order # 3387900

How to apply discount code to my next sub shipment?

Minis To Sell

Order 3383969

Regarding my subscription and payment method

Order #3360020 - Just arrived mangled

Order 3307853

Please Change Credit Card for Order # 3387076

My subscription payment method

Campaign setting subscription and Roleplaying Game subscription

Order 3390732 shipment missing Pathfinder Tales: Pirate's Promise

January 2015 New Release Shipping Thread

Please cancel my Campaign Setting Subscription

Holiday 2014 Ordering and Customer Service

order 3364766

Orders 3360084 and 3389304

Order #3357746

December Subscription Order 3385505

Order 3385888 - Missing Promo Cards

Order 3277406 - please poke

December Subscription Order 3384811

Odd shipping price

Subscription Cancellations

Missing order #3331499

Order 3359804 - Advanced Bestiary

Ancient Pending Order 2875872

Can't place subscription order for adventure path

Order 3385287

Double ordered but only needed one.

Order 3365040

Please cancel order #3392743

Adding items to Order 3357923

Can you change Order 3022543?

Subscription Service is Broken?

Order 3385450 - Please split map pack out from order

PACG Subscription Cancellation

Order 3387374

Order 3333035 still Pending from October 26

holiday promosional code

Quick question / alert about impending Feburary order

Cancel cards subscription.

Order 3318430 - Damaged Item

Cancel subscription

Order 3368174

Order # 3372997

Missing cards in Burnt Offerings adventure deck

Cancel Subscription

Re: Please Cancel my Miniatures Subscription

Order 3370277

Order 3394696 a mistake!

Checkout Broken, PDF Sale won't complete checkout.

Order #3327115 from Oct. 31 / PZO00000728360

Order # 3388263

Oddities with shipping dates and subs.

Resolving Order 3390980

Problem with Order # 3389289

Paizo Order #3360184 Never arrived

Order 3379311

Canceling subscription

Combine orders 3388678 and 3385485‏ if possible?

order 3334134

Deep Magic PDF purchase declined, but money still on hold

Subscription change

Cancel order

Issue with Alchemy Manual

Order #3357937

Order 3393132 not arrived yet

Paizo Order #3361886 Shipment still not arrived

Order 3254900

missing promo card

Order 3388181

No Christmas card

Order 2879394: Never shipped

Copyright and IP issues

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