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Customer Service

Topic Posts Last Post
Great Golem Sale Status Update

November 2014 New Release Shipping Thread

October 2014 New Release Shipping

Order 3302987

Denied Debit Card

Cancel Pathfinder Battles Subscription


Order 3345465

Order 3350108

Order 3294381

S&S Deck Three "tempest rising" in sidecart?

Order 3306143 - Still pending

Payment authorization Expires tomorrow

Pathfinder Battles Ongoing Case Subscription

Order 3295065

Missing 3 Cards in Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Rise of the Runelords Base Set

Please Combine & Update Shipping on Orders 3312606 & 3340066

Order # 3297841

Order 3347719

Order 3295335

Order Being Bounced To Shopping Cart

Please Cancel Companion Subscription

Please Cancel Adventure Path Subscription

Order 3311629 & Order 3331683 still pending

Venture-Captain NDA

Please cancel Modules subscription, unsuspend Maps subscription

Order 546812

Please Cancel Items in my sidecart

Rejected Order

Misprint & damaged cards

Order # 2881429

Order 3295289

Shipping Options to Australia

Paizo Order #3330672 everything but a 2014-2015 catalog

Order 3258286

Order 3323731 Update?

Order 3180761

Order #2714309 - Wrong Shipping address

can you check on order 3329153 for me?

Can orders 926344 and 3057970 be combined?

PLEASE combine Orders 3338159, 3337497, 3337133, & 3013179 as much as possible

Order 3304286 - Still pending after three weeks?

Order number 3322534

Order 3306876

Order 2547897, placed Oct. 8, still "pending," no reply to email

Please combine Order 3312731 & Order 3311308

Overseas Shipping Label changes / Import costs

Can a reduction of shipping be done on a combination of orders 3310106 and 3347916?

Problem with Paizo Order

Cancel Pathfinder Maps Subscription

Order 3285190 - should have gone to sidecart ...

Please cancel my Pathfinder Roleplaying Game subscription

Need to cancel my Minis subscription

Order 3319047

Merge 2929169 and 3321040

Order 3332758

Can you combine orders for me?

High shipping cost

Please Combine & Update Orders 3312606 & 3335491

Order 3304702

Order #3253507

Shipping miniatures sub without waiting.

Shipping Costs

Order 3230669

September New Release Shipment thread

Shipping alternative to UK?

Order 2909629 change of address

S and S missing card

Order#3200813 please remove an item before shipping (cost jumps otherwise)

Order 3317197 - Pathfinder City of Secrets Comic 5

Can I get the divine combination order boon?

Order #3313162

Cancel Sub

Please cancel all my subscriptions. Thanks

No reply to my emails

Cancel Subscription

Order Number 3324704

Pathfinder Battles case subscription - do I have to do anything?

Can I set up a subscription for 2 copies?

Cancel Subscription

Orders 3304463 and 3324792

Order 3290687

Order 3300397

Order 3181988

Order #3265284 Shipment Wrong

Order 3287896 still pending.

Need help with an ordered product

is customer service closed?

Please add Order 3335084 to sidecart.

Order 3312786

Order 3313029 and 3305595

Missing Cards for Pathfinder Adventure Card game S&S

My order is still pending, since Oct. 2nd

Slimming Subscription

Order 3315772, pending almost 3 weeks

Order 3223014 - Missing Bard Class Deck Card

Shipping Delay Question

Order 3313677

Combining orders to Canada

Order 3296735

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