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Customer Service

Topic Posts Last Post
July New Release Shipping Thread

Issues with Order Checkout & Subscription PDFs

Paizo Blog: Gen Con 2014 Subscription Pick Up!

Cancel Order #2976558

August New Release Shipment thread

Shopping Cart to Sidecart

Cancelling one subscription

Payment Method Declined

Racing to Ruin, is ruined?

Very disappointed

Help Support Changemakers with Kingmaker!

Questions about preordering items and subscriptions

Current Purchase Shipment and Next Subscription Date

Order #3136540 - declined payment

Order #3151956

Order 3104569 and Order 3189876

Can't checkout with ACG subscription, stuck on Select Recipient

Order Number 3179191

Latest subs authorising but items moved to sidecart?

Not received a notification that my card will be charged for July

City of Secrets Issue#3

Order 3202190


Trying to add additional item to subscription order

Order number 3146462

Sidecart Items Moved

Order 3182522

Status of Order #3151044?

Problems placing an order

Orders 3132951 and 3133136

Cancel PACG subsciption and bad binding on AP book.

Order #3139015 and Order #3154646

Authorization Hold

Missing store credit

Misprinted Core Rulebook

Please suspend my AP and Maps subscription until further notice.

Subscription order

Order 3154880

Payment method declined - Order 3151645

Combine orders

Timing of change in subscription

Problem with Paizo Order # 3185515

Order 3187711 & sidecart: Cancel carrion crown modules

Preorder / Sidecart

Strangely high shipping

Pathfinder RPG cancellation...

Order 3179894

Order #3164733

Problem with Paizo Order # 3180125

Order #3194076

Order 3191747

Order # 3106610

Order 3174392

Cancel my Pathfinder Adventure Card Game subscription

Order 3199128

Payment Method for Subscriptions

Cancel Subscriptions

Pathfinder Battles-Reign of Winter subscription

Subscription Cancellation

Subscription Cancellation

Subscription Cancellation

Order #3071074 (#3189206 + #3189207) didn't ship yet.

Order 3195302

Pathfinder Comics Subscription

Subscription Change

Subscription Change

Cancel my Adventure Path subscription

Cancel Player Companion

Order 3188711

Cancelling supscription

Order 3206406

Order Number 3205563

Cancel subscription

Order 3174831

Order 3169665

Please cancel Pathfinder RPG Subscription

Order # 3205227

Cancel Card Game Sub

Canceling backorder Skull & Shackles AP 1

Subscription order won't submit

Order 3190399 - Wrong item received

Canceling Subscription for Adventure Card Game

Requesting refund on Early Enrollment for PO

Order 3186375

Please cancel my AP subscription and Campaign Setting Subscription

Cancel all subscriptions

Pathfinder AP Subscription cancellation

Order nr 3173787

Cancel Pawn Subscription

Paizo Order # 3135511‏

Cancel Roleplaying Game Subscription

Cancel AP subscription

Order #3193492

Order #3152307 Shipment / Damaged books

Adventure Card Game Sub

Adventure Card Game Subscription

Misprinted copy of The Worldwound PZO9259

Cancel Order

Order 3162468

Order 3209910

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