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Customer Service

Topic Posts Last Post
September New Release Shipment thread

Access to Ruins of Bonekeep—Level One: The Silent Grave

ACG - Bard Class Deck - Printing Error

ACG Subscription shows Base Set as part of my subscription

August New Release Shipment thread

Bard Class Deck misprints?

Can we get an update on the Store Issues?

Can't check out

Can't check out

Cancel Subscriptions

Cancel subscriptions

Card game subscription

Class Deck Order Cancellation

Class Deck Question

confirmation with my order

Confused on September PACG Shipping...?

Disappointed in recent customer service

Errors in subscription and Gen Con pickup

Having Problems Placing Order

I can't place an order

If your subscription check out is not working, please read this first.

issue with adding subscription

Lost package, Order #3228008

Lost package, please cancel order #3268745

Many Add-on Decks!

Missing Emerald Spire Copies

Missing S&S Adventure Deck 2?

Need help processing new subscription

need to cancel

No response to Emailed Customer Service Problems

Order # 3172827

Order #315700 Disappeared

Order #3148832

Order #3222543 missing item

Order #3223458

Order #3229498

Order #3271499

Order #3277709 add-on

Order 3084379 Problem

Order 3091487

Order 3134043

Order 3175213 - Never Shipped

Order 3182048

Order 3191259, cancelling items and subscriptions (reposted from email)

Order 3194066

Order 3195421 Still Shows as Pending

Order 3198546

Order 3199093 - S&S missing cards, unplayable

Order 3201944

Order 3216612

Order 3219352

Order 3219997

Order 3222925-partial cancellation

Order 3223492

Order 3226598 Class Decks cancellation

order 3236441

Order 3243130

Order 3254701

Order 3263118 - Wrong book sent via subscription

Order 3266030

Order 3275356

Order 3277225 not making it to sidecart ?

Order 3280049

Order 3285735 - Didn't go to sidecart

Order 3290166

Orders 3279869 and 3069073

Paizo Order #3190239 Shipping when it is not supposed to.

Pending Orders

Please Cancel AP Subscription

Please cancel Player Companion subscription

Please dump Social Combat cards from my sidecart

Please Process My Subscription!

Please process the subscription in my cart.

Please submit the subscription in my shopping cart for me

Please submit the subscription in my shopping cart for me.

Please submit the subscription in my shopping cart for me.

Please submit the subscription in my shopping cart for me.

Preorders shipping separately to subs

Print On Demand

Problem with order 3276430 - order again not shipped with subscriptions

Quick question re subscriptions and store credit

Rappan Athuk for Pathfinder

Re: Problem with Paizo Order # 3283565

Remove Side Cart Item

remove subscription

Requesting map subscription suspension

September Subscription Shipment - Help

September Subscription Shipments!

Shipping glitch continuing (?) with order 3287888

Shopping Cart continues to be less than adequate.

Sidecart Didn't Kick in - Order 3224098 and 3276059

Sidecart issue

Sidecart, class deck, etc.

Subscription has items I didn't order

Suspend my subscriptions

Unable to edit / add active shipping address

Unable to place order - being bounced back to the shopping cart

Urgent message: Paizo Order # 3170111

Where are my promo Cards?

The Worldwound Misprinted

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