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Customer Service

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order # 3882635 (No Response From Paizo

accidental character creation

Amazon Availability for Pathfinder Hollow Mountain #3?

Approximately how long does it take for customer service to respond to e-mails?

Backordered Beginner Box Information

Bonekeeps in my downloads...?

Campaign setting cancellation

Campaign Setting Sub

Can't place order

Cancel my Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscription

Cancel subscription

Cancel subscription

Canceling Subscriptions

Cancelling subs for now

Charged doubled for order, did not receive the PDF's.

Crimson Throne

Delete Account

First Ten Shipping

Hero's handbook incomplete.

July 2016 New Release Shipping & Gen Con Pick Up Thread

June 2016 New Release Shipping Thread

Knights of the Dinner Table again

Misprinted Cards

Missing Cards - Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Deck 1 (Worldwound incursion)

Missing Single File PDF from Order #3950593 in Downloads

Mummy's Mask Book 3, Chisisek's Tomb Map

Nearing 4 months and still no Humble Bundle Box.

Order #3852313

Order #3882000

Order #3950484

Order #3951404

Order #3979104

Order #3982160

Order 3554605

Order 3727075

Order 3837641

Order 3877450

Order 3918411

Order 3920641

Order 3938516

Order 3949231

Order 3949457

Order 3949689

Order 3950020

Order 3951222

Order 3953532

Order 3954001

Order 3956123

Order 3959933

Order 3970781

Order 3972110

Order 3976601

Order 3976616

Order 3976698

Order 3979381

Order 3979478

Order 3982052

Order 3985659

Order 3985828

order 3986483

Order 3988950

Order 3992173

Order Confirmation Email

Order Pending


Order#: 3911783

Orders 3978094, 3978092, 3976909

Paizo Order #3952678

Pathfinder Adventure

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. Skull and Shackles Character Add On

Please cancel all of my subscriptions

Please Cancel Campaign Setting Subscription

Please cancel Campaign Setting subscription

Please cancel comics and player companion subscriptions

Please cancel my Modules subscription

Please cancel my Pathfinder Roleplaying Game subscription

Please cancel my Player's Companion sub

Please cancel my recurring Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscription...

Please cancel my Subscription

PLease cancel Order 3562475

Please Cancel Subscription

Please cancel Tales Subscription

Please cancel / remove Horror Adventures from my Sidecart.

Please end one of my subscriptions

Pre order, store credit and side carting problems please help

Problem with Paizo Order # 3989356

Question about Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscription

Rigger 5.0

RPG Subscription


Shipping change for June?

Shipping for Humble Bundle Pathfinder Beginner Box

Shipping Outside of US

Slight problem with item in shopping cart that won't leave

The spanish begginer box mistake

Spine Quality on Campaign Setting

Subscription Adjustments

Subscription cancellation

Subscription Cancellation

Urgent change of address for my subscription (one pending due to leave soon)

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