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The Paizo staff are at PaizoCon 2016 from May 27 through May 30!
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We will return to the office on Tuesday, May 31.

Customer Service

Topic Posts Last Post
ACG Burnt Offerings - duplicate cards

Backordered Beginner Box Information

Beginner Box (Humble Bundle) isn't in my order history

Beginners box

Broken Minis

Can't view and download my purchased Advanced Class Guide in "My Downloads"

Cancel Order # 3946795 Please....

Cancel Pathfinder subscription

Cancel Pathfinder Subscription

Cancel Player Companion Sub

Cancel Subscription

Cancel Subscription - Pathfinder Maps

Cancel Subscriptions

Cancelling a sub

cards pacg skull&shackles character add-on came marked from package

Could you wait to ship Order

Customer Service Phones Closed 4pm-5pm May 2nd

Damaged in transit

Duplicate Enora Role Card, Missing Seelah Role Card

Hero's handbook incomplete.

Humble Bundle : Begginer box shipping

Humble Bundle Beginner's Box

Humble Bundle Code Redemption Page Problems - Working on it

I am still having a hard time downloading my humble bundle books...

I don't Know if this Where I should Post this

I have a gift card that isn't redeeming.

I just lost my wallet & I'm coming to paizocon

Infinite Personalization Loop

Issue with pages / formatting -

Item damaged in the mail

Lost E-Ticket

May 2016 New Release Shipping and PaizoCon Pickup Thread

Missing Order Confirmations

Missing Scenarios

Newly purchased Rise of the Runelords base game--missing the Valeros role card.

No Unicorn in Order 3925915

Non-Lite Inner Sea World Guide

Order # 3902448

Order # 3924324

Order #3852313

Order #3926116

Order #3959055

Order 3297634

Order 3727075

Order 3868038 looking to cancel order

Order 3881317 Beginner Box

Order 3881537 Shipping Change

Order 3884865

Order 3897295

Order 3917862

Order 3918411

Order 3919890

Order 3926288

Order 3928259

Order 3933194

Order 3940438

Order 3942279

Order 3944500

Order 3945504

Order 3947261 charged twice?

Order 3947762

Order 3949236

Order 3949294

Order 3949573

Order 3949931

Order 3953486--damaged book

Order 3953535

Order 3954217

Order 3959387, ended up in sidecart?

Order 3965687

Order not shipping

Order Number 3907561

Order# 3961423‏

Overcoming an issue with sidecart

Package tampered?

Pathfinder beginner box question

Pathfinder comics subscription mishap

Pathfinder Core Rulebook - Printing Error

Pathfinder Legends

Pending Order

phone number change

Please cancel all of my subscriptions

Please cancel my subscription

Please stop my Player Companion subscription

Problem buying stuff

Problem with Paizo Order # 3949940

A question about Order 3927721

question about the pathfinder legends mummy mask

Registering my old characters

Shattered Star: Shards of Sin Miss Print

Shipping for Humble Bundle Pathfinder Beginner Box


Subscription Adventure Paths

Subscription cancellation

Subscription hold


Ultimate Equipment (OGL) PDF Updated - Wrong file in downloaded Zip

Weird site issues?

What order should I buy the Pathfinder books in?

[PFS] Core Campaign as Standard

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