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Customer Service

Topic Posts Last Post
Paizo Order # 3734951

"Problem with Paizo Order # 3681245" email

Campaign setting subscription

Canadians DO NOT use UPS!!!!!

Cancel Comics

Cancel My Sidecart

Cancel some subs please.

Cancel Subscfiption

Cancel subscription

Cancel Subscription

Cancel subscription - map packs

Cancel subscriptions

Clicking "place order" redirects me to payment method

Core character keeps on getting flagged as Normal

Delays with orders 3540405 / 3705225

Feedback on Packing

Follow-up query for Katina

Gift Mixup

I never received my Monk Class Deck or the Promo Cards for deck 5

Issues with online store

Missing Card - From Hell's Heart: Danse Magaav

Missing Location Card

Missing September Adventure Path Shipment

Multipe charges

Multiple Charges Showing For 1 Product

Multiple partd of order pending, but adventure path shipped?

No Occult Origins Listed in Pathfinder Subscription Options

October 2015 New Release Shipping Thread

Oder Number 3690807

Order # 3704822

Order # 3705259

Order #0000066

Order #3354074

order #3693375

Order #3705921

Order #3709713

Order 3637031

Order 3681881, laying waste hardcover

Order 3682857

order 3683566

Order 3683566 has many packages

Order 3685751

Order 3686875

Order 3691253

Order 3694463

Order 3695768

Order 3697003

Order 3697134

Order 3700474

Order 3704616

Order 3705086

Order 3708524

Order 3708706

Order 3710202

Order 3712207

Order 3717801

Order 3717801

Order 3718707

Order 3720097 & 3697657

Order 3720502 - issue w / sidecart item

Order 3722121 Spheres of Power

Order 3733549 still pedning

Order 3735026 payment problem

Order 3735592 - please do NOT use UPS INTERNATIONAL

Order 3738385

Order 3741540 - Product out of stock?

Order No. 3608414

Order number 3679310

Orders 3720101, 3700526

Paizo Order # 3705002

Paizo Order # 3705882 > Please Move to USPS First-Class Mail

Paizo Order # 3711168

Paizo Order #3371392 (overseas) Shipment to wrong address

Paizo Order #3697021

Paizo Order #3705370

Path Finder - Skull and Shackles - Missing Cards

Pathfinder Battles Subscription - Rusty Dragon

Pathfinder Card September Shipment

Please cancel Campaign Setting Subscription

Please close account

Possible delay on order #3716549

Problem with placing an order

Question About Sidecart

Question on Pathfinder Legends subscription

RE Order# 3676740 status

Regarding the new option including tracking for International Orders.

Selling minis to Paizo

September 2015 New Release Shipping Thread

september shipment

Ship sidecart item with subscription

Shipping method comparisson

Subscribing to a non-subscription product


Subscription Cancellation

Subscription cancellation

Subscription Cancellation


Suspend my subscriptions

Ups mail innovations is the worst

Will Ship In 1-21 Business Days

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