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Customer Service

Topic Posts Last Post
Order 3225032

# 3150827


ACG Adventure Path

ACG subscription for September

Apparent problem with order # 3241727

The apparently standard August subscription problem

Appropriate time to send 2nd email to customer service?

August New Release Shipment thread

August shipping rant.

Broken Mini in recent order

Cancel my subscription

Cancel pathfinder cards subscription.

Cancel sub

Cancel Subscription

cancel subscriptions

Cannot access shopping cart

Combined shipping on subscriptions disabled. Please assist :)

Credit Card Issues

Credit Card Issues. Please assist.

Downloads disappeared?

Duplicate cards in ACG set

Ehrm... I didn't order that.

Email me an update on my PACG subscription please.

Help Paizo Staff! Payment method is not showing and order is declined!

Help with order and problem with email. Order 3231409

Issue with order #3198006‏

Issues with Order Checkout & Subscription PDFs

Labelling Concern

Legendary games Mythic aberrations print order 3216952

Mastercard getting rejected (talked to the bank, all good on this end)

Missing Blessings Deck

Missing Skull & Shackles from Subscription Page

Move to Sidecart

moving my order?

Order # 3210877

Order # 3237575 . . .

Order #3206602

Order #3227630 -- complete, but not really

Order #3228641 and #2896789

Order 3121704 - Change of Address

Order 3176392

Order 3184424

Order 3185709 Please change to put in sidecart

Order 3191714 -- change shipping?

Order 3198919

Order 3204660

Order 3207080 and 320781

Order 3208494

Order 3210304 - Shipped, but no UPS record

Order 3216612

Order 3222505

Order 3222913

Order 3223524 still pending

Order 3224092

Order 3224955

Order 3225031

Order 3225805

Order 3227135

ORDER 3227678 - no payment and still pending?

Order 3228265

Order 3228318 listed as pending since Aug 5 2014

Order 3228572

Order 3244017 - One item incorrectly on the order

Order 3247147

Order 3256135

Order Number 3145755

Orders #3205638 and #3207091

P&P Cost?

PACG Skull and Shackles shipping Order 3197363

PACG Subscription showing September?

Paizo Blog: Gen Con 2014 Subscription Pick Up!

Paizo Order # 3223932

Phishing attempt.

Please cancel my Pathfinder Campaign Subscription

Please cancel my Skull & Shackles Subscription

Please cancel order 3177646

Please cancel order 3197524

Please Cancel PACG Subscription

Please cancel subscription

Pre-Orders Holding up Subscription Shipment?

Problems with order 3130906?

Question regarding sidecarting

Quick question on preorders

S&S Base set showing up twice

September order query - PACG

situation on my order

Situation with order # 3185149

Skull & Shackles Base set showing up twice in my subscriptions

Skull and Shackles ACG Base Set Availability

STILL cant download my Advanced Class Guide...

Store Credit Showing up.

Subscription cancellation.

Subscription Cost Query

Subscription Status

Unable to change my email

Unreceived Order

Updated Payment Method

USPS consitently delivering damaged books

Wrong PFS number

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