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Customer Service

Topic Posts Last Post
August New Release Shipment thread

July New Release Shipping Thread

Issues with Order Checkout & Subscription PDFs

Cancel order #3215446

Please cancel order 3089258

Paizo Blog: Gen Con 2014 Subscription Pick Up!

Order 3216102

Subscription Cancellation

AP subscription cancellation (misunderstood)

Order # 3208270 (and relevant to Order # 3193568): Received wrong item

Order #3201185

Cancel Subscription

Help combining orders

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Different color cards

Order 3210474

Issue with Wrath of Righteous Books

Help with Order

Cannot Change, or add new, Payment Method

Order 3188759

Please cancel a subscription for me

Order 3203677

Paizo Order #3165818 Shipment

Please pause all my Pathfinder subscriptions.

Cancel Adventure Card Game Subscription

Should I expect order to even ship before GenCon?

Cancel subscription to Pathfinder the adventure card game

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Cancelling some subscritptions

Order #3172869

cancel my subscription

Cancel Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Subscription

Please pause all my subscriptions.

Not sure where to ask about this ...

Please Send Order #3191643 & Combine with Order #3215784

Strange Mastercard Charge

Cancel Skull & Shackles base set

Subscription Cancellation for the Upcoming AP

Sidecart Item Removal & PACG Subscription Inquiry

Order 3208503 and applied store credit

Kick Starter issues

Subscription Cancellation

Order Number - 3212132

Cancel pathfinder card game subscription

Just a little thank you

Card Game subscription

Card game subscriptions

August Subscription Issue

Cancel Subscription

Order # 3163700

Order #3145264, missing promo card

Order 3187711 & sidecart: Cancel carrion crown modules

'Cheapest possible' estimated postage costs to Australia

# 3150827

Late subscriber to rotfl acg

Subscription payment problems

Order 1351480

Orders #2870207 #3157215 and 3180282

Subscription association

Please Cancel PACG Subscription

Order #3201397

Is my order (#3136886) ever going to ship...

Adventure Path Subscription

Problem with Paizo Order # 3180125

Accidnetally ordered same item in orders 3211520 and 3207151

Cancel Campaign Setting Subscription

Cancel Adventure Path Subscription

Order #3015627

Order #3121656


order# 3195796

Please cancel Pathfinder Campaign Setting subscription

Estimated Shipping

Question regarding subscriptions

Damaged item

Order 3209910

Cancel subscription

Problem with payment methods and subscriptions

Help Paizo Staff! Payment method is not showing and order is declined!

Order 3182522

Issue with orders #3208582 and #3203117

Pages Falling Out

Changing payment method for subscriptions

Mistake in Order #3199570

Cancel Subscriptions

Adventure Path Cancellation...

Order 3203907

Subscription Change

Order 3202190

Pathfinder Battles-Reign of Winter subscription

Subscription Cancellation

Subscription Cancellation

Subscription order

Status of Order #3151044?

Subscription Cancellation

Problems placing an order

Order 3154880

Orders 3132951 and 3133136

Payment method declined - Order 3151645

City of Secrets Issue#3

Can't checkout with ACG subscription, stuck on Select Recipient

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