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Customer Service

Topic Posts Last Post
August 2015 New Release Shipping Thread

Temporary Subscription Suspension Request

Order 3551128

Order 3626386

End of Summer Sale

Can't download from My Downloads page

Got cards, not pawns (Paizo Order #3673433)

order#3668901 Australia

Order 3697588

Order 3636426 Missing Paladin Class Deck??

Received the wrong item

Order 3569838

Order 3696984

Suspend my subscriptions

Order 3639659

Missing Item from Order #3636407

Order 3637667

Order 3636063

Delete my account

Order # 3636862

Order #3681167 Issue

Order #3688325

Order 3641796

August Order #3680852

Please cancel my subscriptions

Order #3637800

Request to Inactivate This Account

Order #3383924

Order 3682188

Order # 3642197

Order #3685209 was not the correct product.

Order #3682153‏

Order 3680354 Problems

Order 3680347

Order 3646177

Order #3644301

Order # 3635233

Order 3637117

Order 3653403

Order 3665486

Store Credit Issue at Checkout

Paladin Class Deck cards damaged

Order 3637147

Order 3635024

Order 3617763 - missing promo cards

Paizo Order #3639884 Shipment - Gone Astray?

Missing Card

Order #3636195

Order 2263045

Order # 3690375

Order #3689448

PACG Sins of the Saviors card backs much lighter

Account Closing Please.

Order # 3637911


Order 3636593

Missing cards

Check-out Issues

First Hell's Rebels AP volume not showing in My Downloads

Order# 3643458

3479617 - Seriously, guys, wth?

Subscription Cancellation

Subscription Cancellation

Order 3669776

Switching my main alias

Order Order 3670394

Typical timeline for orders shipped from the warehouse

Order #3641989

Won't let me subscribe

Order 3675368

Checkout Issues

Order 3680137 - MoP Issue

Order 3682437

Order 3689164

Order 3637475

Order 3652344

Missing Wardstone Fragment.

Subscription Cancellation

Order 3609551

Cancel Order #3681902

Order 3523718

Order 3607682

Order 3681098

Cancel subscriptions

Order 3677845

not getting full discount for summer15 code with Pathfinder Advantage

order 3689663

Order 3647377 and Order 3647385

Order 3640770

Order #3636407 in 3 Packages?

Account Issue

Order 3684558

Order 1469749

Problem Adding Subscriptions

Knights of the Dinnertable issues 221-222

Order 3689224

Paizo Order # 3681016‏

Issues Confirming / Placing Order

Order 3688035

delete account

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