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Customer Service

Topic Posts Last Post
September 2016 New Release Shipping Thread

Order number 4078661

Please cancel my Adventure Card Game subscription

October 2016 New Release Thread

Order 4046679

September order hasn't shipped.

Order 4055892

Current subscription order

Order # 4047173

Please cancel my PF Campaign Setting Subscription

Cancel my Pathfinderroleplaying Game subscription

Take Subscriptions of Hold

Adventure Card Game Card Colours

Order 4085944

Hell's Vengeance Pawns

Canceling Subscription

Order 4074502

Shopping Cart Again

Confused About My Order


Order 4058778

AP Subscription Cancellation

Order 3998551

Moving the end of the month, new address below

order 4048067

Crimson Throne Limited / Deluxe Pre-Order

Order 4082372

Please cancel my Adventure Card Game subscription

Anonymous gift?

Order 4046341

My hidden order

Order not shipping

Cancel Pathfinder subscription

Order 3886812… and thanks

order 4069137

Transaction reversed?

Please add vol. 2 to my subscription

Order 3880354 - Package disappeared?

Order 4046955 : bent package and products


Order 4072182

Beginner Box?


Subscription Adjustments

School group support / assistance, Help!

Interactive maps PDF on ubuntu 16.04

Sale items in subscription order 4067160 not receiving Pathfinder Advantage discount

Order 4009235 (Shipped Package 910868) missing

Question about Campaign Setting subscription

Transferring Purchases to DriveThruRPG

Class Deck Subscription Cancellation

Order 4060210

Novel Sale?


Order 4045367

Orders 4076561 & 4078886

Order 4058990

Order 4053709

Order 4073861

Problems with order #978986

Order 4068778 - Additional Item

Roleplaying Game Subscription Cancelation

Order 4017294

Order 3981717

Account cancellation

Order 4058722

Order 4022812

Order 4064271

Please help me with the "Last Days of Summer" sale!

Question about pricing of Serpent's Skull AP during the current sale

August 2016 New Release Shipping Thread

taking advantage of summer16

Missing PACG Wrath of the Righteous Card

Gift certificate redemption

Cancel pocket editions in my sidecart

Hollow Mountain Hardcover?

My Downloads - most have disappeared

Order # 3979240

Cancel ongoing subscription

Order 4041204

Order 4025517

Double charged for a PDF, still don't have PDF

Order 4062289

PACG Subscription

Order 4051644

Problem with Order 3634779

Shipping for Humble Bundle Pathfinder Beginner Box

a request for assistance.

Order 4055110

Potentially merge Order (3367718) with Order (4022187)?

Pathfinder subscription rollover date

Missing lot of cards in PACG base set box

Order 4043277

PACG ongoing subscription

Order 4038958

Pathfinder ACG Ongoing Subscription

Order 4041746

Adventure path sub question

Please remove an item from my sidecart

Order 3837539

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