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May 2015 New Release Shipping Thread

April 2015 New Release Shipping Thread

question on subscription

question on subscription

Order 3519452

Order 3519608

Order number 3336065

Cancel Pathfinder Subscription

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscription

Order 3544777 and taxfest15

Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes

Order 3519263

Order # 3147382

Strategy Guide PDF free with preorder

Order #3496413

Please, no more packing peanuts.

Cancel Card Game Subscription, Will Resubscribe

Problem with Paizo Order # 3461479

Order questions / statuses

delete my account

order # 3531445

I'm a tad bit confused, but hopefully you can help!

Order 3492846 - April subscriptions

Order #3536240, and # 3536399

Order 3507673 Pending?

Order 3455655; card game subscription.

Order 3458134

Order 3478049

Order #3470207 tracking number

Order 3444377

Order 3523472

Please ship order #3535509

Cancel my ACG subscription

Unchained and subscribed

Sidecart Question Order #3536632

Order #3509114

Card Sub

Order 3515715 please process my Order

Order 3501675

Pathfinder Battles Miniature Quantities?

Paizo Order #3518466

Order 3541517

Packing peanuts

Order 3534668

Order 3489092 still pending.

3479617 - Seriously, guys, wth?

Battles sub and incentive.

Couple order cancellation requests

Sidecart and order 3455464

Orders 3500764 and 3474051

Please cancel subscription

Cancel Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscription

Order 3508495

Order 3527495

Order 3516858

Please cancel Pathfinder Battles subscription

Package is Bent

Order 3491055 - Damage

Can't check out

Order 3539388 - Sidecart weirdness

Need to cancel Adventure Card Game subscription

Cancel subscription

Please cancel all of my subscriptions.

Regarding older AD&D products in .pdf format

Order 3458672 Subscription.

Need to cancel Adventure Path Subscription

Order 3528456 - Stuck?

Order 3459742

Extra eTicket for PaizoCon?

Order 3458093 - Order 3517808

Paizo Order #3491608 Shipment Missing my adventure Path module

No tracking information

I want to restart my Pathfinder rpg subscription

Cancel Adventure Path Subscription

Trying to place order - tax code not working?

▶April Subscription Shipments!◀

Cancel my PACG Subscription


Order 3496406 AND 3489306

Order 3463917

Can not reach My Downloads

order 3491753

Order 3492249

Iconic Heroes #2 Derpity Action On My Part

Order 3515785 still Pending.

Order 3458156

Order 3500621

Cancel Card Game Subscription, Will Immediately Resubscribe

Order 3504448

PACG subscription

Please cancel subscriptions

Cancel PACG Subscription


Status: Pending - Shipped Monday - Order No. Order 3498240

Order 3507321

PACG Subscription

Please cancel my Pathfinder RPG subscription

Please Cancel Subscription

Cannot move from Sidecart

PACG Skulls & Shackles Make Good Pack

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