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Customer Service

Topic Posts Last Post
January 2017 Pathfinder Comics Relase

January 2017 Monthly Shipping Thread

January 2017 Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Subscription Releases

Order 4193068

Question about order - 4189003

Order 4070254

Order 3767440

Order 4150881, Order 4193376 & Order 4193326

order 4186851 missing items

Order 4190558

Order 4188413

Order 3929358 any new update on my pending order

Hell's Rebels "Password Protection"?

Order 4118955

Order 4161289

Order 4189682

Please cancel my modules subscription

Subscription not shipped and CotCT no longer available?

Order 4188875

Can't add new billing / shipping address

Issue with Order 4180759

Reign of Winter AP

Order 4168629

Redeeming Humble Bundle Keys

Order 2875387 never arrived

International shipping times?

Remove Available Downloads

Order #4179949

pathfinder humble bundle

Order 4114343

Incorrect Order

Subscriptions and Friendly Local Game Stores

Order #4188977

(Order 4178355) Issue with order items showing as out of stock

Library Copyrights

Humble Bundle PFS Scenarios

Order 3739715

Order 4169300

Pathfinder Comics Subscription issue

Player Companion Subscription

Order 4176214

Order 4187908 and 4057746

question about order Order 3929358

Cancel Order

Missing FAQ support for Pathfinder products

Declined Order

Order 4137142

Order 4151078

Sidecart not being pulled into subscription order

No monthly subscription order, 3rd month in a row

Order 4161479 & Order 4153692

Cancel Subscription and Pending Order#4185549

cancel order and subscription

Subscription Question

Subscription cancellations

Order 4119737

Campaign Subscription

Order 4121861 missing

Doubt about purchase and get pdf.

High resolution Map Files for Rise of the Runelords

Order debited but site said "doesn't allowed"

New order (#4181455) question

Order #4130828

There appears to be a massive 40% discount sale going on

Subscription cancellations

Order 4151867

Help with Pathfinder Battles Subscription

Sidecart items not shipping with next subscription

Order #4171919

Order 4177359

massive sale on here i was just wanting your 2 cents

Order 4158153

Did not receive Order Number 4119677

Harrow Error

why would this be under campaign setting? invovles my subscription

Order 4178437

Missing cards from Wrath of the Righteous base set

Order 4172570

Order 4154200 Spheres of Power

Order 4032487

Item Cancelation

Order #4177023

Order 4175544 Pricing Issue

Cancellation of subscriptions

Order 4172884

Campaign subscription

Customer Service Closed 1:30pm to 3:00pm Friday, December 30th

Cancel Pathfinder Legends Subscription

December 2016 Monthly Shipping Thread

Order 4115988

Order 4120795 not yet received

Order #4015528 Never got here

Order 4152878

Cancel Campaign Setting subscription after Qadira?

Order 4167849

Order #4076772

Order #4143455

Order #4171266 - gift recipient already has the book.

Order # 4095063

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