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Topic Posts Last Post
June 2015 New Release Shipping Thread TLS Updates and Your Browser

Hold PF Battles subscription

Question about June Subscription

Card missing from PACG Wrath of the Righteous Base Set (Order 3527264)

Lord of Runes not showing up in downloads

Please cancel my pathfinder roleplay game subscription

Order #3568783

Cancel Card Subscription

Please Cancel Subscription

Order 3588478 please combine with 3544481

Please cancel Pathfinder Battles subscription

parcels error, order 3462124

Cancel Pathfinder Battles Subscription

Order 3569852

Double Purchase Mistake

Please cancel my subscriptions

Please cancel order 3446188

Order 3577578

paizo order # 3522991

Remove item from sidecart

Order 3481824

50% price increase for Pathfinder Tales books

May 2015 New Release Shipping Thread

AP falling apart.

Order 3561363

Order #3543827

Order 3502932

Order # 3558872

Unable to apply store credit to a purchase

Pawns Subscription

No May Order?

Do Not Bend disappeared?

Order 3504513

Cards from Wrath Character Add-on messed up

Order 3354967 From November 3, 2014, when will it ship?

Order 3525212

Paizo Order #3480411

Order 3547361

looking for master list

Order 3565869

Order 3509453

Iconic Heroes 3 Damage

Pathfinder Tales format change

Order #3580298

Creating an Event

Missing PACG Card

Order 3530006

Order 3553579

Order #3265620

Cancel Subscription

Cancel Subscriptions.

Order 3577966

Cancel Subscriptions

Paizo fails on deliveryry

May I cancel all subscriptions please?

Cancel Subscription

Order 3581736

Order 3551128

Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes Set #3 Cards


Order 3088995

Missing Cards from Wrath of Righteous

Orders 3577197 and 3530262

Please cancel my subscriptions

Order 3543650 promo cards

Something Weird happened my subscription

Synchronize online account with pfs profile

Battles case subscriber

Order 3531533

Package Tracking for 3569047

Issue with Order 3530777

Paizo Order # 3568932 - Damaged Wrath of the Righteous ACG Base Set

Wrath of the Righteous missing cards

Missing downloads of PFS scenarios for PaizoCon

Please cancel my Pathfinder Pawns subsciption

Order 3534014

Missing Forge of Ashes download

Order # 3527297

Order 3553062

Order 3568727

Order 3570731

Please Cancel all subscriptions

Use store credit

Reinstate Subscriptions

3562980 and 3497884

Please cancel my subscription

Order 3530236

Issues with order 3576894

Unable to purchase pathfinder unchained

Orders 3563989 and 3562097

Collective account

Orders 3427408 & 3453467

Order 3480530

Cancel Roleplaying Subcription

Please cancel all of my subscriptions.

Order 3491286

Please Cancel my Pathfinder Subscription

Would you please delete / close my account?

Cancel Player Companion

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