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Customer Service

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March 2015 New Release Shipping Thread

Dear Paul...

Order for me

Order 3464402

Please Cancel PACG Sub

Order 3257768

Order 3464058 - Issues with Sidecart

Order 3461853: No package tracking

Option to combine order with subscription

Payment Method

Order 3467193

I need several orders cancelled

miniature subscription discount?

Please cancel my Adventure Card Game subscription

Mini Damaged

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Subscription

Order 3435546

Unauthorized Credit Card Charge

order 3472269 and order 3425227

How do you know if the item was shipped


Reactivate subscriptions + remove item from sidecart

Please cancel my Pathfinder Adventure Card Game subscription

Please Cancel my side-cart item

Misaligned Sheet in Inner Sea Pawn Box

Order #3480219

Customer Service Review

Please cancel my pathfinder adventure card game subscription

Order 3447120

Ten dolla discount~! (The eternally elusive boon)

I do not want any orders shipped using Mail Innovations.


Please cancel my Adventure Card Game Subscription

Pathfinder Maps Cancel Subscription

Feb. Order Not Shipped

Order Number 3064620

misprint on ultimate magic

Customer Service Closed February 24th 4pm

Order 3454386

USPS 1 - Giantslayer #1 0

Missing PACG Promos

Order 3452857

Cancel a few Subscriptions

Please Cancel Card Game Subscription

Order 3433717

Please cancel my comics subscription

Order 3467584 - Item(s) Out of Stock

Subscription order does not appear to be processing

Please cancel card game subscription

Min is for store credit-package arrived

Pathfinder Modules Line

Missing Order 3330940

Please cancel my PACG subscription

Please cancel my PACG subscription

February Shipment

[Place Your Order] is grayed out.

Please cancel my Player Companion subscription

Cancelling Subscription

Cancelling Subscription

Order 3469677

Order 2985086

Please cancel my ACG Sub

February Order 3450592 still pending since Feb5th

February 2015 New Release Shipping Thread

Cards missing

Order 765848 from Spain

Subscription cancellation

Order #2646004

Please cancel my ACG Sub

Watermark on PDF Maptiles

Skipping the base set

Cancelling a subscription

Cancel Order 3474427

Looking to suspend my subscription.

Order 3421367

Paizo Order # 3424175

Unexplained delays

PDF won't Download

Shipping question

Order 3466573 - Quick question

Minis to Sell ETA? (have a lot of great uses for store credit)

Changes to my Subscriptions

Order #3425610 - Subscription items not in 'My Downloads'

Missing card in S&S Character add-on deck

Order Number 3473679

Cancel Pathfinder Adventure Card Game subscription

Order 2610460

Shipping issues - Paizo Order # 3441421

Currently pending order

Cancel Card Game Subscription

Cancel Adventure Path Subscription

Subscription cancellation

Subscription Cancellations

Order 3451254

Do you include the phone number in the address of a package?

Heads up on a missing shipment (order #3388122)

Order 3463867

Order 3426307

Please speak with your shipping / packing department.

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