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Customer Service

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April New Release Shipping Updates!

Please cancel my Pathfinder Campaign Setting subscription

strange problems ordering

Order 3090355

Order # 2999900

City of Locusts non mint

Battles Subscription

Subscription Error

Inner Sea Gods didn't ship with my current subscription?

Gift Certificate not showing up - Order 3094105

Order 2607574

Inner Sea Gods Hardcover, defective or design?

Cancel campaign setting subscription

Order # 3062265

Paizo Order # 3085383

Issues with my PFO pledge manager

Campaign Setting Subscription Renewal Question?

Increase in shipping costs?

Order #2908291

Please cancel my Cards Subscription

Problem with Deep Magic Preorder

Please cancel order 3028886

I think I was double charged for an item

Order 3083026 - Duplicate

Order # 3061628 (revisited, as per Sara's directive)



Problem with Subscription Address

Please place subscriptions on hold

Need return address....

Order #3065266

Order # 3088869 Still pending...

Received duplicate Pathfinder ACG order

Order #3072507

Delete Account

Order #3038613

Duplicate Sub. Order

Paizo Order # 3088034‏

Problems with order 3070617

Problems w / Order # 3090321

Dungeons & Dragons—Game Mat: Merchant's Bazaar

Hold on my subscriptions

I received a duplicate order

Order stuck in Pending?

Order # 3053376 Sidecart items not shipped with subscription

Print PDF preorder bundle for Deep Magic

Subscription Question

wrong order #3064730

Orders 3082311 and 3058568

Order # 3061628

Order # 3030304

Order 3086360

Order 33055480

Subscription Shipment Question

Problems with my order.

Order # 3083181 - Card Declined

Can a PbP forum GM grant a player GM privilidges?

Module Subscription

Order # 3082463‏

# 3079604‏

Please cancel order #3038527

Sidecart items not shipped

Sidecart items from order 3040526 not shipped

Dice in sidecart but not order 3059399

Remove a single item from a order?

Cancel Subscription

Order # 3048645

Order 3047819

Order 3042821

Order #3062521

Order #3035285

Order 3070543 - pre-order from side cart not included

Pathfinder Society Issue

Pathfinder Campaign Setting Inner Sea Gods Hardcover

Cancel subscriptions

Two Pending Orders

Subscription Question

Order 3079730

Order 1759724

Problem during Check Out process

Pathfinder Tales Subscription

Mummy's Mask Book 1 coming apart

Order 3070780

Combining Orders

Cancel Pathfinder Companion Subscription

Order #3070617

Sidecart missing

Question regarding two recent orders.

Order 3047336 - change shipping

Cancel Subscription

Problem with my subscription payment method

3049527 - payment declined, need help

Subscription Change

Managing my Shipping Address

Paizo Order # 3046806

Order 3082249 and 3077614 (Pending Subscription Order)

Adventure Path Subscription

Haunted by the Pathfinder Combat Pad

Pending order 3048339: please combine w / available sidecart items

Problems adding orders to sidecart

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