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August 2016 New Release Shipping Thread

Double charged for a PDF, still don't have PDF

Problem with Order 3634779

Shipping for Humble Bundle Pathfinder Beginner Box

Order 4051644

Order 4058778

a request for assistance.

Order 4055110

Potentially merge Order (3367718) with Order (4022187)?

Pathfinder subscription rollover date

Missing lot of cards in PACG base set box

Order 4043277

PACG ongoing subscription

Order 4038958

Pathfinder ACG Ongoing Subscription

Order 4041746

Adventure path sub question

Please remove an item from my sidecart

Order 3837539

Order 4021368

Cancel Pathfinder Module subscription

Order 4015861

cancel subscription

Order # 4025140

Suspend Subscriptions


Order 4055199

Order 4059866

Order 4062427

Order 1065446

Order 4008032

Beginner Box: Bisected Ogre

"Originally expected to ship in an unknown time frame. "

Order 4042198


Remove Storm King's Thunder from sidecart

Order 4050335

Order 4009039

Shopping Cart Issue

Order 3997091

ORDER 4025586

Order 3996185 - In process for a month?

Order 4044838

Order 4009433

Order 4034201

Order #3849535: Can anything be done about a damaged-in-transit book?

A subscription cancellation

Order #4014582 Postage Due

Order 3965837, squishy dice

Order 3849730

Orders 3979942 and 4015604

Payment Method

Order #3852313

Cancel my Subscription

Not happy with your billing dept!

Cancel my subscription

Cancelling AP+PC subscriptions

Subscription listings on main page

ACG Subscription Cancellation

Backordered Beginner Box Information

Order # 4038436

Please Cancel my Class Deck Subscription

Combining order #4049767 with order #3906556 - separate shipping costs?

Order #3975443 Incomplete

Hold off on shipping sub (if possible)

Cancellation request

Error registering PFS ID#

Combining first items for two new subscriptions

Order 4013225

Pathfinder ACG PDF dimensions

PDF not listed in shopping cart.

Order #4049904 & #4050335

Shipping for items in Shopping Cart

Strange Aeons shipping date

Stuff I Was Supposed to Pick up at GenCon

July 2016 New Release Shipping & Gen Con Pick Up Thread

Order number 4015131

Combine order and subscription shipments

Cancel Pathfinder subscription

Order #4013886 and Subscription

Combining Summer discount order with Subscription shipment

Please Cancel Order 4015215

Credit Card declined

No Order - Just a Messed up Pack

Adding to Order 4015448

Can parts of a subscription be skipped?

Order 4024765 shipping problem

Order 4045013

Order 3984279

Order 4022031

Order 4044311

Credit card declined

Please cancel my Pathfinder AP subscription

Cancel my comics sub, please

I would like to cancel my PACG Subscription

Pathfinder Pawns Suggestion

Please Cancel my PF RPG subscription

Order 4049950

Combine order 4044239 and 4046608

Missing Promo Cards in Order 3995367

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