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Off-Topic Discussions

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Please Play Nice In the Political Threads!

PC Revenging

Deep 6 FaWtL

>>Ask *James Jacobs* ALL your Questions Here!<<

On the Problems with Communication, Discourse, and Social Justice

Did you know...?

Overheard at the Paizo office

Turkey downs russian jet

The Adventures of YouTube!

>>Blame *Cosmo* for ALL your problems here<<

>>Ask *Tacticslion* to Favorite ALL Your Posts Here!!<<

Funny S#$& My Kid Says

Favorite Beer?

In Real Life, What is your Highest Stat? What is your Dump Stat?

Are YOU ready for some FOOTBALL!

>>Ask *Mark Seifter* All Your Questions Here!<<

>> Ask *Rysky* anything, anything at all! <<

Personal rituals

What's for lunch?

Scotch, Scotch, Scotch

Comrade Anklebiter's Fun-Timey Revolutionary Socialism Thread

What is the Golarion equivalent to your modern job?

>>Drink Tea with *thegreenteagamer* Here!<< (You can ask questions if you want, too.)

>>Ask Merisiel Sillvari ALL your questions here<<

>>Ask *Erik Mona* ALL your questions here!<<

Dice rolling thread

The dice roller

Ramblin' Man

>>Ask ANY of Captain Yesterday's aliases whatever you want, except that one thing (you know what it is!!)<<

Dice Roll Test

Re: Paris attacks

Hot Sauce kickstarter

>>Apologize to *Chris Lambertz* for ALL your Misdeeds Here!<<

Gruumash, Why are you so Awesome?

>>Ask *John Kretzer* ALL your question here¡¡ <<

>>Ask Aniuś Talewise ALL Your Questions Here!<<

Paris attacks

My birthday present (something Dark Souls fans might understand)

100 Decisions that would have spawned an Alternate History

Id, Ego, Superego, Still valid?

Paizo Chatroom?

Empire of Imagination

Friday the 13th, 2015. What happened to you?


>>Praise *Sara Marie* for ANYTHING Good Here<<

>> Ask Ashiel Anything <<

>>Ask *Jason Bulmahn* ALL your Non-Rules Questions Here!<<

The Unoffical JMD031 Bad Pun Countdown Thread

A Go Fund Me for the NPC

The Trans-Paacific Partnership trade deal

Philosophy of Science and the Scientific Method

Hello -

>>Ask *Yoon* ALL of your questions here!<<

>>ask John Compton ALL of your questions here<<

ExxonMobil knew global warming was coming in 1985

Dreamscarred Press developer needs help

Egg Rations

The Flame War!

No-Brainer of the Day: Self-Defense is Innately Human

>>Ask *N. Jolly* MOST of your questions here!<<

I don't like cricket, oh no, I love it!

Morning of Long Knives at National Geographic.

On the matter of Neutrality

Two Milestones

Poison-Berry Rule Question

Why Are You Not A Millionaire?

Non-scientific thread for the day...flumist is contagious and I'm suffering it's side effects RIGHT NOW!

The Slaad Thread


Raise of the Poodle Lords

Forum dice roller

The Core Thread

Which Iconic Should James Jacobs Dress As?

Who has the most aliases / how many do you have looking for programmer / developer

UK's Porn Ban and Internet censorship in general

Sanders wins debate. CNN pushes hillary anyway

Super Mario Maker

Welcome to the future!

Beliefs I accept before I start drinking

Peck Peck Peck

Favorite Soda?

So, there's a new Star Wars trailer

Quotes Thread

>>Ask *Adam Daigle* ALL your questions here!!<<

Hellbred Ability Array

4 shot 1 dead at zombiecon in florida.

Boycott Kobolds

Untitled III

Um ... WHAT?!

>> Ask Todd Stewart ALL your questions here! <<

Economics Literacy Quiz

>>Ask Crystal All the Things!!!<<

More on the "Touchy subject"

What would your estimation be?

The Angry Jack Cult

I'm looking for the artist who did the Age of Worms magazine art, help.

An Actual Civil Discussion Space for Touchy Topics.

I want to play Pathfinder via Fantasy Grounds!!!

Rugby World Cup 2015

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