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Topic Posts Last Post
Cursed Empire (aka Crimson Empire)

Blue Rose is coming back!

Just a little something I'm working on

Mouse Guard—Memorable Experiences?

AMP: Year Two Kickstarter - Expansion book for a modern supers game

Best system for Cyberpunk?

[Ars Magica] Sub Rosa #16 is here!

Robert J Schwalb's Shadow of the Demon Lord kickstarter

DC Adventures Hero's Handbook

John Harper's Blades In the Dark Kickstarter is now live

In Memory of Monty Oum: RWBY RPG

RPGs with campaign level mechanics

RPG Sale: GRAmel

Iron Kingdoms RPG

Anyone running Star Wars: Saga Edition?

Ready-to-Play Colonial Gothic Random Character Generator (MS Excel)

Sci Fi / Super Hero RPGs

Looking For System Advice, Supers Plus Zombies

FATE Core- My high concept?

Journey RPG, an indie roleplaying game in the making

Looking for a good anime or manga themed rpg

Quantum Roleplaying Game - New Science Fantasy RPG

starwars saga edtion any interest in it still

Store Blog: But If You Fail Me Again...

The one ring

Pathfinder APs to Fate Core Level Problems

Seeking power armor in rifts.

Sol RPG on Kickstarter

Alternity RPG

World building RPG

Barrier Change

Looking for RPG books of Spirits and Summoning

Arabian 13th Age

Am I the only one loving Torchbearer?

Battlelords of the 23rd Century

Sword Art Online-like MMORPG?

Store Blog: No Cat Out of Its First Fur Was Ever Deceived by Appearances...

The Prison, Drama System

Weapons for an RPG

HackMaster Basic

Empire Today: Getting your Adventure Ideas from a Newspaper

Sean K Reynolds is Kickstarting the Five Moons RPG

A Bringer of Dungeon World Seeks Advice

Cortex Plus Action

Fate Core. Tried it. Didn't like it.

Dungeon World Playbook Find

Witch Hunter 2E: Ready to Play Random Character Generator (beta)

Intentionally vague casting components

Tell me More About Broken Earth

Enigma Engine, Which System?

The Dying Earth RPG by Robin D. Laws and Others

Rules for improvised weapons.

So I bought Dark Heresy Second Edition

Sell me on Five Moons or 5th edition D&D

Skirts vs trousers.

Ready to play 5e char generator

Strength and agility requirements for melee weapons and polearms, plus defining one and two handed weapons.

Resolution mechanics with more complex results?

Shotguns & Sorcery (TM) RPG Kickstarter to Feature MCG Cypher System (TM)

The One Ring - Cubicle 7

[Kickstarter] Apocalypse Prevention Inc.

The One Ring RPG

Okay how about little know RPGs that you just love!

Five Moons RPG pumpkin carving contest!

Game Mechanics you love from your favourite RPG

REVIEW: a look at Numenera's shortcomings

[Jon Brazer / 13th Age] Unleash the Dragon

Nine Powers (a Two-Player Diceless RPG)

Numenera Horror Themes

Looking for something different? The Slumbering Ursine Dunes: Slavic Myth + Acid-Fantasy

The Sixth Factor

Wild West character

Does Noir Need Battle Mat?

[Ars Magica] Sub Rosa #15 has arrived!

Avoiding dump stats (OSR) idea - PEACH pls.

Good Setting Book for Middle Earth, Young Kingdoms, The Witcher, Hyboria?

savage worlds game inspired by guardians of the galaxy

Store Blog: Finally, We Shall Bring Order Out of Chaos!

TSR AD&D - Question For you math / economics smart guys

yellowdingo updates the d&d rules cyclopedia

TSR's Marvel Superheroes

New Lone Wolf RPG Kickstarter

My Little... Dragons?

Savage worlds help with edge

Savage Worlds Sale

Mazes and minotaurs - actual experience at the table?

Savage Worlds - SFC Colony campaign

Recommend for me a game system

Paladin survives a helmet of change alignment... What do I use this thing for?

Dark Heresy Second Edition

Need advice on which system

[Spes Magna Games] Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods

Something for the Mystara fans

Grappling with grappling rules.

Change: Let's all make stuff up together.

"Social combat" systems: how?

Let me pitch my RPG system to you

Handling multiple die rolls.

[Spes Magna Games] Optional Skill Resolution Rules

Ashen Stars

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