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Murders & Acquisitions RPG Coming Soon!

Best system for Cyberpunk?

Robert E. Howard's Conan RPG, Adventure in an Age Undreamed of..

Store Blog: A One... A-Two-Hoo... A Three!

[Rite Publishing] EZG reviews Lucien's Guide: Legends and Lies (Diceless)

101 Things that make Shadowrun, Shadowrun?

[Raging Swan Press] EZG reviews Village Backdrop: Wellswood (system-neutral version)

Exalted 3rd Edition released!

[Raging Swan Press] EZG reviews Village Backdrop: Coldwater (system-neutral version)

Am I the only one loving Torchbearer?

Best system / setting for a western game.

News about 7th Sea RPG

World Wide Wrestling

drow charisma vs. intelligence

Store Blog: War and Tentacles!

I'm making a Pulp Fantasy RPG. What do you think?

[JBE] An Age of New Races for 13th Age

Question: FATE core intercompatibility?

[Kort'thalis Publishing] EZG reviews Alpha Blue (OSR)

Robert J Schwalb's Shadow of the Demon Lord kickstarter

Beast: The Primordial now available for non-backers!

Mutants and Masterminds 3E: Hero points and complications

Store Blog: Hearken Still Unsated to the Voices of the Sea!

How would you stat Mobile Suits from Gundam in Star Wars Saga Edition?

It’s time for the community to reject Myfarog

Why don't people like playing Star Wars D20?

Exalted Third Edition Kickstarter

Store Blog: Would You Like to Play a Game!

CharismaToAC - Actual Play YouTube Channel

[Ars Magica] Ferocious and Feral Sub Rosa #18 arrives!

Okay how about little know RPGs that you just love!

[Just Insert Imagination] EZG reviews Winter Eternal (Savage Worlds)

The Fortune's Fool thread

Store Blog: Phenomenal Cosmic Powers! ... Itty Bitty Living Space!

[Amora Game] - Conduits of the Age (13th Age)

Processors and Programs: Help Wanted!

Fallout Pen & paper?

Alternity RPG

Thoughts on running an Pathfinder AP with Burning Wheel

Sean K Reynolds is Kickstarting the Five Moons RPG

The Cortex System, Firefly RPG, and Generic Character Sheets

Dresden Files RPG

Castles & Crusades or Dungeon Crawl Classics for side game

Any Rules Lite Fantasy Systems you are aware of?

Store Blog: Lucky Number 13!

The Problem with Star Wars d20 is the d20.

Mouse Guard—Memorable Experiences?

[Spes Magna Games] The Magus (Swords & Wizardry)

[Kickstarter] Traveller TV pilot

Bas-Lag RPG

Is Monte Cook's The Strange really great or really broken?

Beyond the Wall and Other Advenures (plus Some Other Stuff)

TSR's Marvel Superheroes

[Kort'thalis Publishing] EZG reviews the Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence (OSR)

Shadowrun 5e - Using a Dead Body as a Meat-Shield

Shadowrun 3: Building a Conjurer

Looking for New World of Darkness anecdotes

Basic World Idea, Need Help Picking The System

Lite Holiday Gaming

Blue Rose, RPG Setting

nWoD Modules

Merry Christmas Monsters & Short Scenario

Shadowrun 5E holiday sale!

[Kotodama Heavy Industries] EZG reviews Ryuutama: Natural Fantasy Role Play

[Rite Publishing] EZG reviews Gossamer Worlds: The Otherlands

Store Blog: You Know, For Kids!

[Fire Opal Media / Pelgrane Press] EZG reviews 13th Age Monthly: Echo and Gauntlet (13th Age)

[Rite Publishing] EZG reviews Gossamer Options: Characters (Diceless)

Star Wars Saga Edition - Patherfinderized Skills?

Shadowrun <3: What books to buy

[Spes Magna Games] Gruß vom Krampus! For Sale

[Fire Opal media / Pelgrane Press] EZG reviews 13th Age Monthly: Kroma Draconics

Need advice for my Star Wars: Saga Edition game

Looking for an Adventure Module

[Kort'thalis Publishing] EZG reviews Revelry in Torth (OSR)

[Kort'thalis Publishing] EZG reviews Three Swordsmen (OSR)

Star Wars Edge of the Empire

[Pelgrane Press / Fire Opal Media] EZG reviews The Strangling Sea (13th Age)

[Kort'thalis Publishing] EZG reviews The Baleful Sorceror of Tsathag'Kha (OSR)

Shadowrun, which edition?

Fate Worlds of Adventure

Going to be running a song of ice and fire

Villains & Vigilantes Legal Issues

Avast! We Be Settin' Sail for the 7th Sea!

Store Blog: Classics Rock!

[ARMR Studios] Help get some illustrations for a Dark Souls inspired TTRPG

Project: Dark

I need help finding a game called "Dungeon Bash" when I preview it, it links me to a buggy webpage.

Looking for a good anime or manga themed rpg

[Ars Magica] Sub Rosa #17's delicious autumn bounty

Store Blog: Another World, Another Time, In the Age of Wonder!

Gnome Ancestry for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Dark Heresy SECOND EDITION: Astro-paladin?

True20 Reincarnate, Shape Alteration, and Regeneration

Just a little something I'm working on

DC Heroes game 1986 version / Starbolt Power Question

Store Blog: I Know Kung-Fu!

[Kort'thalis Publishing] EZG reviews Crimson Dragon Slayer

Which is easier to play between the Shadowrun or Star Wars current editions?

Store Blog: What is Your Quest?

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