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Other RPGs

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Topic Posts Last Post
Star Wars Edge of the Empire

[Pelgrane Press / Fire Opal Media] EZG reviews The Strangling Sea (13th Age)

[Kort'thalis Publishing] EZG reviews The Baleful Sorceror of Tsathag'Kha (OSR)

Shadowrun, which edition?

Basic World Idea, Need Help Picking The System

Fate Worlds of Adventure

Going to be running a song of ice and fire

News about 7th Sea RPG

Villains & Vigilantes Legal Issues

Avast! We Be Settin' Sail for the 7th Sea!

Store Blog: Classics Rock!

[ARMR Studios] Help get some illustrations for a Dark Souls inspired TTRPG

Project: Dark

I need help finding a game called "Dungeon Bash" when I preview it, it links me to a buggy webpage.

Looking for a good anime or manga themed rpg

[Ars Magica] Sub Rosa #17's delicious autumn bounty

Store Blog: Another World, Another Time, In the Age of Wonder!

Gnome Ancestry for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Dark Heresy SECOND EDITION: Astro-paladin?

True20 Reincarnate, Shape Alteration, and Regeneration

Just a little something I'm working on

Processors and Programs: Help Wanted!

Best system for Cyberpunk?

Robert J Schwalb's Shadow of the Demon Lord kickstarter

TSR's Marvel Superheroes

DC Heroes game 1986 version / Starbolt Power Question

Store Blog: I Know Kung-Fu!

[Kort'thalis Publishing] EZG reviews Crimson Dragon Slayer

Which is easier to play between the Shadowrun or Star Wars current editions?

Store Blog: What is Your Quest?

An AD&D Box Set Video Review

[Crossroads Games] EZG reviews Eldritch Roleplaying Game (Revised Edition)

Blue Rose is coming back!

Paranoia XP first-timer: any tips?

Quantum Black: Cosmic Horror (Kickstarter) Ubiquity system

Still ANOTHER Mutants and Masterminds 3e Question

DC Adventures Hero's Handbook

Mutants & Masterminds optional rules question


13th age icons for a 13th age pathfinder game

13th age in golarion - using pathfinder modules

Store Blog: Let's Go Be Bad Guys!

2015 ENnies Winners

Want to Run a Superhero Game: What System Should I Use?

The New Chaosium

Mutants and Masterminds 2e vs 3e

QUARTS and Fortissimo Letzte

[Kickstarter] The Thin Blue Line for Savage Worlds

Looking for any info on DC Heroes 2 / 3rd edition. Mayfair Games

ePawn RPG game

Thinking about stats...

Store Blog: FATE Can Be a Cruel Mistress!

Scientific starship layout?

What's in an Alchemists Workshop?

Mouse Guard—Memorable Experiences?

Deck of Encounters Sets 1 & 2 (For 2e)

Blue Rose: The AGE Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy (Up on Kickstarter!)

Spirit of 77

Rolemaster United open playtest

Rifts is Coming for Savage Worlds!

Anyone interested in running a Fallout PnP game?

Metamorphosis Alpha RPG

Louis Hoefer's Transformers RPG

Sword and Sorcery, Numenera or The Strange?

Monster of the Week

RPGs with campaign level mechanics

[Kickstarter] The Crestfallen RPG

[Kickstarter] City of the Dead is live (er, undead). I'd like to discuss it with you.

Hyperstorm RPG

Store Blog: He Did the Monster Mash!

Savage Worlds Exploding Dice

Savage Worlds Exploding Dice

(Interest Check) New game system. "Lost Server". Looking for feedback.

Iron Kingdoms RPG

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying -- Getting started, does anyone still play this?

Star Wars saga, I need some help

Phoenix Dawn Command Kickstarter - Card-based RPG

Store Blog: Want to See Something Really Scary?

Deadlands Advice Sought, Starting With Advanced Characters

In Memory of Monty Oum: RWBY RPG

Talislanta 5th Edition?

[Kick Starter] Schlock Mercenary RPG

Ready-to-Play Colonial Gothic Random Character Generator (MS Excel)

My Little... Dragons?

[*Kickstarter*] Awaken - a new dark fantasy game now funding on Kickstarter!

Store Blog: Save the Cheerleader, Save the World!

AD&D Party Size

Looking for a Sci-Fi / Space [pseudo] AP

Jason Bulmahn & Stephen Radney-MacFarland will write Shadow of the Demon Lord adventures

Why don't people like playing Star Wars D20?

New Version / Old Game

Cursed Empire (aka Crimson Empire)

AMP: Year Two Kickstarter - Expansion book for a modern supers game

[Ars Magica] Sub Rosa #16 is here!

John Harper's Blades In the Dark Kickstarter is now live

RPG Sale: GRAmel

Anyone running Star Wars: Saga Edition?

Sci Fi / Super Hero RPGs

Looking For System Advice, Supers Plus Zombies

FATE Core- My high concept?

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