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3.5 Modules

Anyone still playing D&D 3.0?

1,001 Uses for Prestidigitation


Sorcadin optimization Help

1000 Aasimar traits

Balance tips for mid to high level play

Is Craft(trapmaking) Useable?

3.5 edition spiked chain trip / reach build

Weapons Of Legacy - worth it???

Draconians for 3.5

Need a retro old-school system (S&W / OSRIC / 1ed D&D / BECMI / etc) adventure for 6-7 PCs

[Misfit Studios] The Book of Passion Kickstarter for 3.75E is live!

The Bloodstone Quartet

The Original Bottle City Adventure by Robert Kuntz (AD&D)

Paladin / Beastmaster with Dire Wolf

Urban Arcana Campaign Setting Adventures

Adding a war feature to my campaign

Forgotten Realms Alternate Dimensions

The problem with "Time Stop" flavor text vs it's mechanical effects RAW & other matters.

Looking for Drow Fleshcrafting rules (not fleshcrafting potions)

Announcing CritCon 2017 in Toronto, Canada!

What are the most quintessentially "D&D 3.5" things?

Reincarnating on the planes

Central Casting Heroes of Legend - Berserk Curse mechanics

Best Player Quotes

Need help selecting adventures.

Vasharan Worm Pod question

3.5 video game kickstarter

3.5 - Dungeonscape's Factotum Class

Old Dragon / Dungeon mags.

Question: What are Cleric Domains in Pathfinder Society?

Githyanki Incursion Conversion to Pathfinder?

Precise shot in PSRPG

Looking for a Prestige Class.

so ive been breaking my brain figuring out the ogc issues...

DnD 3.5 Supernatural Abilities

Help!? Need story ideas!

Crazed idea! Converting Scales of War to 3.x!

[Rogue Genius Games] Super Powered Bestiary (M&M) Kickstarter coming Dec 4th!

Conan’s Stats / Class Levels?

Slowing an army

Seeking "White Necromancer" Mechanics Sources

How did Cyric, Kelemvor and Mystra get their class levels?

Removing Corruption (Not related to Horror Adventures)

v.3.5 Stat Block Conversions for 4e Minis

A long hair attack...

Monsters as Cohorts

Generic Thieves Guild...

Dual wielding with two light weapons

Looking for an old module

DM horror stories.............

DnD:3.5 Magic Armor / Weapon special ability table that includes entire errata?

1000 Freaky Occurrences

Big Trouble

Elemental Familiar Special Abilities

The Tauric Template...anyone?

Ultimate Feats

Advanced Monk Building: The Challenges of a Monk and why Unchained Monk doesn't address them

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

Kingdom Death Bestiary

Arcane Magic: Why isn't it more prominent?

3.5 Archer Fighter build

Everything we have played in the 3rd edition era

Pathfinder monsters

Flying movement


Huge Monte Cook / Malhavoc bundle of holding deals

Class Defense Bonus OGL?

1000 Tiefling appearance quirks

Dead Gods Campaign GM reviews and story changes

Best Campaign Settings for 3.0 / 3.5 / Pathfinder


Gestalt Character?

Dungeon-based game, core books only, looking for multiclass ideas

What does the creature "marax" look like?

SpC and MiC PDFs are back!

Merging D20 Modern / Mutants & Masterminds

13th Age and Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path

Looking for Incursion Githyanki ship maps

Invisibility Glitterdust Invisibility

Does have actual AD&D 2e rules?

Scarred Lands Pathfinder / 5th edition Kickstarter is live!

The Belmonts - a conversion guide for those of us who need a good whip (ing?)

Mob rules is now live!

Kuo-Toa Whips - Lightning Bolt

Need some help for an upcoming homebrew 3.5 game

New Magic System - Zelazny-Style Spellcasting

3.5 Warlocks and counterspelling

What are your experiences with the Book of Vile Darkness

[PDG] The Sighted Seeker

Can i legally use in a comic creatures, classes, items, etc. mentioned in the SRD?

PCGen 6.05.06 Beta Released!

Greatest Munchkin Moments?

1000 Resurrection Effects

Spiritualist in the Mists

De-Tolkein-izing DnD?

D&D OGL Monsters

Bite Attacks

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