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D&D 3.5/d20/OGL

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4E's Rejection of Gygaxian Naturalism

Sinister Adventures LLC - Nick Logue's New Gaming Company

The Destruction of the Forgotten Realms?

Why don't you like psionics?

v.3.5 Stat Block Conversions for 4e Minis

Roll 3d6, six times, in order

1000 Tiefling appearance quirks

Slumbering Tsar, Part 1: The Desolation

3.5 Psionics: Experience, Math, and Balance (or lack thereof)

Poll: What edition of D&D do you currently expect to be playing at the end of 2008?

What were the problems with 2 edition D&D?

Are Goblins Civilized?

"Old Gamers" and "Young Gamers"

A Philosophical Discussion of Certain Market Tendencies on Gamer Subculture

House Rules We Hate

D&D, Devil Worship, and Other Evil Things

Help! A player has become OVERPOWERED!!!

Online D&D (Not the MMO): The Show Must Go On!

Religious Demographics in D&D (no flames, please)

A DMs wish - an online NPC stat block "bank"

1000 Aasimar traits

"That, sir, is crap!!"...

Worst D&D Modules?

Help!! Need ideas for a wizard killer

OSRIC 2.0 (OGL) vs. 1st Edition vs. C&C (OGL)

Tank-You, Wizards

Greyhawk? don't really care about it

The Non-Generic Cleric

Poll: What's your favorite campaign setting?

Your Paizo / D&D forum name....Why?

Can Fluffy Wear Full Plate?

No warlocks in PF thank god

How many of you are actually playing this game?

Belinda, Minister of the Blood

There must be one in every group.

Why DnD 3.x over PF

Lisa Stevens: "thought exercise"

Poll: What's your favorite class?

Monster Manual IV=Disaster

the slow demise of Greyhawk :(

The "gish" name must go

Pathfinder accomplishing what 4E couldn't - Burying 3.5?

Fixing the Wizard?

Who's Playing D&D This Weekend And What Are You Playing?

Least Favorite Spells

So who still plays AD&D 2nd edition?

Pathfinder: An heir to the 3.x title

Elf Hate

Most Broken Rule In D&D

Would you allow this in your game?

Poll: What is the one true faith?

Tough talk

Campaign world ideas

Obtaining DnD 3.x PDFs Legally

Monster Manual V

Gaming Philosphy Question: How is your game world run?

Kaiju Battle: Shark God wrestles Demon Kraken!

1000 Resurrection Effects

Monte's obsession

Dro vs. Drou

How do YOU say "Lich"?

Care to take a roll of the die? Cause I WILL DEVOUR YOUR SOUL

Druid Draws The Balance Card - UGH! What Now?

Why Is Epic Level Play Broken

Conflict Between Eberron and Other Campaign Settings

Why do you play members of the opposite sex?

Sinister Adventures Presents Indulgences Wave 2!

For Mature Audiences?

Difference Between Pathfinder and 2e DnD

Big Trouble

Nasty tactics for DMs

Heavy armor is worthless....

Things Eberron Does Better (and Worse) Than the Core Rules

Hey guys (and gals)...

1,001 Uses for Prestidigitation

Share your combos!

Nick Logue and Wolfgang Baur Team Up!

What was your first character and why?

OK someone is making the posts in SMURF

Another alignment debate -- Neutrality

Suggestion: Tome of Horrors 3.5 in Print

Tribute to Gygax...Rest in Peace...

Escalating Armour Classes

1001 things that annoy you at the gaming table

Vow of Poverty: Why the hate?

Arguments for Point Buy

Fourth Edition - What's the story Once and for all ???

Kobolds Rule the Mines!

What's in your collection?

Upcoming Game: Grimcleaver runs "The World"

WotC drops Star Wars license

Book of 9 Swords Broken? Class and book discussion

Polearms, the sheathing and carrying of

Poll of Worlds

If I combine the Dark Sun and Ravenloft settings, I get...

Poll: Favorite breath weapon?

Something unamusing happened to me today...

WOTC just officially announced 3.5 core book reprints in September

Paizo APs caused folks to switch to 4E?!?

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