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D&D 3.5/d20/OGL

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Topic Posts Last Post
1000 Tiefling appearance quirks

1000 Aasimar traits

Drake Companions and Progression - Book of Drakes

Everything we have played in the 3rd edition era

D&D 1e Crash Course

advice 3.5 on human fighter archer core 25 point buy

Characters w / ECL gaining feats and ability advancement

1,001 Uses for Prestidigitation

D&D 3.5 Core Monk Build Advice

Difference Between Pathfinder and 2e DnD

Forgotten Realms Alternate Dimensions

divine spells what do I say

Homebrew Eberron Feats

Looking for Pathfinder in Serbia or D&D 3.5 ?

Trying to Make a Leap Attack Build


v.3.5 Stat Block Conversions for 4e Minis

Party Balance - Is It Metagaming?

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft: is it any good?

Retrain mythic feats

Forgotten Realms: Gods and Images

working on a character need help

What is your favorite template?

Math and the 4D6 Ability Score Rolls.

Construct Animal Companions for a Construct Character?

Need ideas for high level sidequest - trip to hell !

Followers and Henchmen

D&D system refrence document?

[Fantastic Gallery] Sisters of Rapture (PFRPG Edition)

Feat for a ranger


Volcano !!

other sites for 3.5

1000 Resurrection Effects

Need info on specific issue of DUNGEON

Newbie Questions

Decastave and Insightful Strike

2E to 3E Transitional "Realms Shaking Event" ??

Build Advice

DnD 3.5 Adventures

1000 Freaky Occurrences

Arachnida (Homebrew Race)

DCC Outside Of A Dungeon?

What is minimal needed for Midgard Campaign setting?

Casting round corners

Full helms

D20 Mass Combat Rules for Use With Miniatures?

Beholder; Githyanki; Mind Flayer

D&D 3.X - trouble remembering a module

"Wish" List

Pathfinder Campaign GM Help

Character with no need to sleep?

Magic as Feats

D&D Tools is dead; long live D&D Tools!

Cost of Boots of Striding and Springing

Magic Item cost question

when should a trap trigger?

Why haven't I heard of 13th Age until now!?

Double draconic ancestry - need advice.

Getting Material Published

Build-a-Animal Companion

Ninja Turtles campaign?

3.5 Psionics: Experience, Math, and Balance (or lack thereof)

Warlords of the Accordlands

Fantasy Font Forge: Dwarvish Runes

Blackmoor "MMRPG" downloads?


Playing Favorites

Tower of Adamant: d20 / OGL game looking for feedback

Who is Zariel?

Shackled City anyone use the Mythic Rules

stats for khellek the wizard

Tomb of Horrors for 3.5

crossclassing a ranger and a alchemist


Question about Rokugan / Oriental Adventures manual.

Point Buy System

Fixed Hit Points

Pathfinder Creature Conversion

Need help with types of Bargains a Demon would offer a PC

Breaking a Magical Wagon: How hard is it?

Horses and battle

need help finding a presige class that steals spells

Character building. Help!

Campaign advice for a Cthulhu Mythos-inspired Pathfinder game

made my own prestige class let me know what you think

Brown Dragons?

Prestige Classes for Undead

Spell Point Systems: Which Work & Which Dont?

Trying to find scaling damage - not sure I where I saw it

alchemist advice

Pick your 6

So is Fantasy Football D20 system?

Opinions on DnD Next

Point buy vs. Array vs. Rolling

Boring Boccob

Rules - Bardic Music Ability

WotC moving / removing old v3.5 site content!

Ratfolk-Themed Worldbuilding Help

[Poll] Most Horrifying / Unsettling / Creepy Monsters in Gaming

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