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D&D 3.5/d20/OGL

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Topic Posts Last Post
3.5 Archer Fighter build

Pathfinder monsters

Flying movement


Huge Monte Cook / Malhavoc bundle of holding deals

Class Defense Bonus OGL?

1000 Tiefling appearance quirks

Anyone still playing D&D 3.0?

Dead Gods Campaign GM reviews and story changes

Best Campaign Settings for 3.0 / 3.5 / Pathfinder


Gestalt Character?

Dungeon-based game, core books only, looking for multiclass ideas

What does the creature "marax" look like?

SpC and MiC PDFs are back!

Merging D20 Modern / Mutants & Masterminds

13th Age and Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path

Looking for Incursion Githyanki ship maps

1000 Aasimar traits

Invisibility Glitterdust Invisibility

Does have actual AD&D 2e rules?

Scarred Lands Pathfinder / 5th edition Kickstarter is live!

The Belmonts - a conversion guide for those of us who need a good whip (ing?)

Mob rules is now live!

Kuo-Toa Whips - Lightning Bolt

Need some help for an upcoming homebrew 3.5 game

New Magic System - Zelazny-Style Spellcasting

3.5 Warlocks and counterspelling

What are your experiences with the Book of Vile Darkness

[PDG] The Sighted Seeker

Can i legally use in a comic creatures, classes, items, etc. mentioned in the SRD?

PCGen 6.05.06 Beta Released!

Greatest Munchkin Moments?

Everything we have played in the 3rd edition era

1000 Resurrection Effects

Spiritualist in the Mists

1000 Freaky Occurrences

De-Tolkein-izing DnD?

[Rogue Genius Games] Super Powered Bestiary (M&M) Kickstarter coming Dec 4th!

D&D OGL Monsters

Bite Attacks

Unarmed Options

[Purple Duck Games] Cryptics of Porphyra

[Drangonlance] Orders of High Sorcery. How to do this in Pathfinder?

Bleeding Attack (Rogue Talent)

Looking For Advice: 3 Dragon Ante

Cost Formula for Metamagic Rods

Crazed idea! Converting Scales of War to 3.x!

1,001 Uses for Prestidigitation

New Free Adventure: The Tower of Horace Sharpcheeks.

Why are spell saves based on spell level?

5th Edition D&D

How to "Rogue Up" an Archer?

World's Largest Dungeon

Daelkyr Half-Bloods in Pathfinder!?!?!?

Goblins and nets - advice

Defend the Realm! The positive benefits of RPGs

Wemic--need stats--where located?

FOR SALE: My entire collection of Pathinder books

d20 Modern Core Rulebook (finally!) out in PDF form

Player's feel like they are too weak

Which Classic D&D product is the best out of this selection?

Question about magic devices

The most clever use of....

Delving into the Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde

Druid-Rogue multiclass?


Tower of Blood; Cairn of the Skeleton King; Original Bottle City Adventures (Robert J. Kuntz)

Simple question: can you planeshift into Ravenloft?

New Player Guide

Tiefling and Assimar Variants

Seeking Pathfinder Players in Christchurch, New Zealand

Limitless spellcasting needs testing

Point buy vs. Array vs. Rolling

Forgotten Realms Alternate Dimensions

Spell sheets?

Dungeon #151. Nic Logue's From Hell's Heart

Red Hand of Doom Prelude?

Woodland stride + Plant Growth?

advice 3.5 on human fighter archer core 25 point buy

D&D 3.5 Core Monk Build Advice

Doppelganger Adventure

Fantasy Font Forge: Elvish Scripts

Would a large Greataxe have reach?

Share your funny D&D stories here

The Dark Plea

Drake Companions and Progression - Book of Drakes

v.3.5 Stat Block Conversions for 4e Minis

D&D 1e Crash Course

Characters w / ECL gaining feats and ability advancement

Difference Between Pathfinder and 2e DnD

divine spells what do I say

Homebrew Eberron Feats

Looking for Pathfinder in Serbia or D&D 3.5 ?

Trying to Make a Leap Attack Build


Party Balance - Is It Metagaming?

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft: is it any good?

Retrain mythic feats

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