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D&D 3.5/d20/OGL

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Monsters of the Force

Favorite Armor Enchantment

Strategy Mini-game Possibilities

Lightsabers in D&D

1,001 Uses for Prestidigitation

Two-Weapon Fighting

Obtain Familiar & Improved Familiar Requirement Question

Pathfinder: New GM looking to make campaign / adventure for son (8yrs)

Pendant of Ashaba, Shadowdale: The Scouring of the Land, Question

1000 Freaky Occurrences


Resurrecting Dark Sun for 3.5

Ravenloft - Paladin's Mount

Opinions on "Lands of the Linnorm Kings"

Arcane Nexus: The New Magic Item

The Black Cauldron

Pseudonatural Template and Undead

Do Shapechange, Polymorph work with the wild bonus on a armor or shield?

is this spell ignored by a tarrasque carapace?

Returning Gamer

Armor Spikes and Enchantments

Question: What is this about lesser and greater magic items?

Arcane Duelist (Bard) Shield build where shield is Arcane Bound weapon?

The 24 most embarrassing D&D classes

New Magic System - Zelazny-Style Spellcasting

1000 Aasimar traits

1000 Tiefling appearance quirks

Ravenloft Darklords

Elfy McElfington and his partner, Strom Thurmond?

Pathfinder crystal ball, activation question.

Grapple - Tie Up

Does anyone still have the 3.5 Monster Manual 3?

Arcane Schools of Magic Combined

Need new eyes for a homebrewn class.

Anyone Know How to Build an Ardent Healbot?

Greyhawk? don't really care about it

Summoner and Witch help

3.5 Shadar-Kai Help

Hero Lab - anyone use it?

1000 Resurrection Effects

Looking for Space or Scifi RPG recommendations.

[OGL] Blueholme: A Simulacrum

PCGen 6.02.00 Released!

Maure Castle questions

Ride by Attack, Pounce and Rake.

How to draw 'aggro'

Worst character names

Help building a BBEG encounter?

Massive Damage Rules, Yes or No?

Advice: Build Concept - Help Please?

Beholder; Githyanki; Mind Flayer


Store Blog: Good(man) Things Come in Threes!

Possible Inspiration for the Aboleth?

The Spellthief's Steal Spell Effect ability

4e style minions in 3.5 / Pathfinder?

Primeval: Frostburn Power House

Is it Legal to Use open Game Content in Fiction?

Everything we have played in the 3rd edition era

RPG Products You Wish You Had, Yet Never Did

Warlords of the Accordlands

Raise Familiar

the Flying Pincushion free PF compatible content and crunch with a literary bent

Help with paragon creatures SR with Class levels


Eberron Bestiary

New types of arrows?

Am I the only Delawarean on the boards?

3.5 Cleric Build advice? Best 3.5 feats and spells?

Improved Metamagic [Epic] Question

The Tauric Template...anyone?

Grell vs. Carrion Crawler


Trade routes in Ultimate Campaign (questions)

v.3.5 Stat Block Conversions for 4e Minis

Party Balance - Is It Metagaming?

It's the end of the world!

Web Spell Questions

Historical Traps

Street Racing?

trying to build a polarm dervish threw pathfinder and 3.5

io9's 10 Most Memorable D&D Monsters

City Quarters overview?

Daelkyr Half-Bloods in Pathfinder!?!?!?

Creating Undead and Libris Mortis Question

Need some assistance building a blaster sorcerer for upcoming game

Rogue feat question.

Antimagic Field, I just don't get it

Licensing, general legal questions, advice

Maps of Torkeep in the Shield Lands

Searching for Dungeon Mag Module

Who's Playing D&D This Weekend And What Are You Playing?

The Ghost of Golarion or the Forgotten Realms A Campaign Setting Idea

Orcus vs. Asmodeus

Your favorite character

Trying to determine a charge vs disarm ruling in Pathfinder

Maure Castle

Price of Renting a Forge

What is an enemy?

Prime Directive D20 / Prime Directive D20 Modern

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