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Suggested thread title format

State or Nation, City - game or type of campaign.

For example:
WA, Seattle - Eberron
France, Paris - D&D Minis

Gamer Connection

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Topic Posts Last Post
Goodbye San-diego, Hello Richland Michigan

LFG Lynnwood Wa Friday or Saturday nights 7:30pm to Midnight

Looking to join or GM group south central Iowa

Mathematician Wanted

NC, Charlotte - Pathfinder

Two Pathfinder players looking for a game

A "Core Colleseum" of Our Own?

"Internet, Maptools - Golorian" Professional GM Seeks Players.

"Sandbox" game. Come join us. We need more.

"The Winding Way" PFRPG Homebrew PBP

"The Winding Way" PFRPG Homebrew PBP

"Type Cast" a homebrew PFRPG PbP

"Want to study around the World? How about in it?" Recruitment for Rules Light PBP

#paizo on TweetChat

(4E, Maptools) Scales of War starting TONIGHT!

(4E, Maptools) Want to try out this D&D thing...

(Birmingham, AL) Pathfinder AP: Reign of Winter Campaign Now Forming Looking For Players

(CA San Jose, Palo Alto, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Mountain View) Looking for games

(Online) Maptool Pathfinder + Ptolus game, Sundays

(Open Casting Call) From The Ashes: Kingmaker Reborn

(Open RPG / Skype) Phoenicia, city of Psionics recruiting. 5 Slots Open

(Open RPG / Skype) Pathfinder Carrion Crown Recruiting. 2 Slots Open

(PbW) Faith and Steel Recruiting

(Second Edition D&D, play by post) Seeking Players for the U-Series of Modules

(Seoul suburbs) Established RPG group always looking for new players

*Berekely*; San Francisco; Oakland East Bay; California; CA: I am looking for a group!

*PbP Player Submission Thread*

1 Slot open for existing Evil RotRL: "Longshank gank" (Undead Character only.)

1 sub-in needed for Kingmaker PbP campaign

1st level 3.Pbeta PBP

1st level generic adventure recruitment

2 Chicago Players Looking for Game

2 Looking for Pathfinder Beta PbP

2 Looking for Sunday Pathfinder Game in Portland, Oregon Area

2 new IRC games looking for players (Web chat client available)

2 New Players looking for Pathfinder RPG in Rockville, MD area

2 Pathfinders looking for group in the San Francisco Bay Area

2 PCs required for PbP group (4th Edition D&D)

2 players LFG

2 players looking for a game in central / northern RI area

2 players looking for a Pathfinder RPG game in San Francisco

2 Players looking for group - Las Vegas, NV

2 players looking for pathfinder game in or near Brighton UK

2 Players Looking for Pathfinder RPG in Omaha, NE

2 players looking to be adopted!

A 2nd game in Houston on Saturday's

3 people looking for a pathfinder game - Chicagoland area

3.5 Age of Worms and other games, Windsor Canada

3.5 D&D / Pathfinder gamer looking to join campaign in Modesto CA

3.5 Darkness over Faerun PBP

3.5 Expedition to Castle Ravenloft PBP

3.5 Forgotten Relms

3.5 / Pathfinder in Dublin, Ireland

3.5 / Pathfinder in the Boston area?

3.5 / PF Campaign. Players Needed.

3.5 / PF FR Homebrew. 1 Slot

3e M&M interest & recruiting

3rd Shift or Odd Hour gamers in CT, Mass, and RI

4E battle vs. hell.

4E campaign set in Golarian - Princeton NJ area

4e curious

4e Eberron PbP

4E Evil

4E FR PBP set in Impiltur

4E Golarion PBP - Repost

4e in the Midlands (UK)

4e Kingmaker PbP looking for one or two new players

4E PBP - looking for two replacement players for Keep on the Shadowfell

4E PBP - Wrath of the River King

4E Second Darkness PbP

4e Tomb of Horrors - advance warning and early recruitment

4e Tomb of Horrors - replacement needed

4e vacancy / ies in long-running FR campaign

4th ed game in CA Bay area- Tracy or San Jose

4th Edition Campaign, DM Required

4th Edition Paragon PbP: The Roads to Madness needs ONE more player

10 DEC 2012. Looking for a Pathfinder group (FORT HOOD / KILLEEN)

3000+ post Legacy of Fire PbP recruiting one player!

AARRGGHH! Just moved to a gaming Desert!

Abbotsford / Mission, BC - Pathfinder

ABQ, NM - Looking for a gaming group

abstract's ROTR Campaign - Recruiting for two replacements

AD&D 2e in Renton Washington

AD&D 2e in Southern California?

A call for some brave adventurers

A call to crusade (5th-level rotating DM PBP recruitment)

A character driven Eberron game anyone?

A Different Approach - Possible Pathfinder PbP

A DragonLance or Dark Sun PbP

A fairly new player looking to join a Pathfinder AP

A Forlorn Hope: Looking for players for a non-PBP online game (with voice)

A Game of Thrones Strategy Wargame

A Message for Joseph Caubo

A newbie PbP DM

A Proposal for ManPig

A question for PbP veterans

A relatively inexperienced player looking for an opening in a Pathfinder pbp (that does not require any material beyond the Core Rulebook and Bestiary)

A Rise with a Difference

A Run Thru GameMastery

A week after my birthday, I will be in St. Louis...

1 to 100 of 4,910 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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