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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Suggested thread title format

State or Nation, City - game or type of campaign.

For example:
WA, Seattle - Eberron
France, Paris - D&D Minis

Gamer Connection

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Topic Posts Last Post
[UGL - Uchronies Games Lodge - Paris, France] -

Western, MA or Northern,CT Hartford Area - Pathfinder RPG

Pathfinder gamer looking for an Online group

Pathfinder gamer looking for an Online group

looking for an RPG Near Crosby Liverpool (UK)

(LFP) [Wichita, Kansas] PFS in ICT PFS: 25 Scenarios - @ 12:00-12:00 am

Oregon, Salem - Pathfinder AP

Daytona Beach, FL Pathfinder LFP

Any gamers near Marshall MN

Ottawa, ON - Seeking group for anything RPG

UK - Newcastle / South Shields Area - Pathfinder

Sacramento, CA - 3-5 new players looking for a GM for any system

OR, Portland - Pathfinder AP Group

(LFP) [Indianapolis, IN] Pathfinder at Hero's Emporium PFS / Core: 584 Scenarios - @ 12:00-12:00 am

Gamers (of any sort) in Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Searching for Players In East County San Diego, CA

roleplaying in bozeman montana

NYC / Bronx [LFG] - New Player

NYC / Bronx [LFG] - New Player

[Online] PFS netgame PFS: Pathfinder Society Scenario #6–14: Scions of the Sky Key, Part 2: Kaava Quarry -

(LFP) [Milton, Canada] Araska – Monthly Halton PFS Gaming PFS: 165 Scenarios - @ 12:00-12:00 am

South West Connecticut, Pathfinder

[AnimeFest 2016 - Dallas, TX] AnimeFest 2016 PFS / ACG: 49 Scenarios - -Mon, Aug 15

Manchester / Cheshire Pathfinder AP campaign

[PBP] GM Baerlie's PbP 2016 PFS / Core: 128 Scenarios - -Mon, Aug 1

New group for West Palm Beach Florida

Wisconsin-Pathfinder GMs needed for Geek Kon

CA, Crescent City / OR, Brookings - Pathfinder GM looking for players

Seattle, Wa. Looking for a GM for Pathfinder!

Anyone from Flint or surrounding area Michigan?

Anyone from Flint or surrounding area Michigan?

Looking for players in Huntsville, Alabama

Monday PFS games in Clermont

Looking for a DM Online

Looking for a DM Online

Looking for Pathfinder gaming group near Richmond, VA!

Sarasota Florida

[Con Bravo! - Hamilton, Canada] ConBravo! 2016 – The Annual Festival of Everything Geek PFS: 3 Scenarios - -Sat, Jul 30

Looking to build new group Regina, Saskatchewan

South of Nashville, TN - Pathfinder and D&D 5e games

[5E] Re-Recruitment

looking for Pathfinder group near Watertown, NY

[Northeastern Michigan Gaming Group Thunder-Con P.F.S. - Alpena, Michigan] Northeastern Michigan Gaming Group Thunder-Con July 23-24 PFS / Core: 2 Scenarios - -Sun, Jul 24

Altoona PA

Looking for Player in the Fayetteville / Fort Bragg NC areas.

(LFP) [Scranton, PA] Betacon PFS: 9 Scenarios - -Sun, Sep 18

looking for Pathfinder group near Watertown, NY

looking for Pathfinder group near Watertown, NY

California, Rocklin - Pathfinder

Looking for Group in Seoul

Looking for F2F Games in NW PA

FL Tampa-- Looking for D&D Game

Looking for Player in the Fayetteville / Fort Bragg NC areas.

Looking for players in Victoria B.C.

AZ, Phoenix. Pathfinder Sword and Sorcery Hexcrawl

[Rosario, Argentina] The grand finale PFS / Core: 2 Scenarios -

Austin, TX - Friday Night Game

Calgary game

Calgary Alberta, Looking for a group.

LFG Albuquerque Pathfinder

Moving to Des Moines, IA

Houston Area - looking for 1 more for bi-weekly Pathfinder group

Seattle - Women's(?) Pathfinder group

Lincoln, NE area

Twin Cities area, MN: Looking for gaming group

[Online] PFS Online PFS: 3 Scenarios -

Adventure paths and Campaigns near Tri-Cities WA

Mooresville, NC

Looking For a Pathfinder Group in Central Ohio

looking for group in Dayton, Ohio

[St. Louis, MO]-Pathfinder Game

Northeast Indiana: Pathfinder - Seeking Group

Tucson, Arizona; looking for a group starting around august.

San Antonio Gamers

Seattle, WA - Looking for players

[Bucyrus, Ohio] Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Game - Heroes Haven ACG: 7 Scenarios -

Looking for Pathfinder Game in Northern Virginia

Greater Michigan City Indiana area.

Finding Games for Pathfinder?

Charlotte NC - LFP Pathfinder Adventure Paths

Anchorage Alaska - Pathfinder

Pathfinders in Central Illinois!

[Primeras Jornadas Sociedad Pathfinder Bakunin - Manacor, Spain] Introducción a la Sociedad! PFS / Core: 2 Scenarios -

San Antonio Gamers

Regina Pathfinder Society

[Roll20] S00 #4 The Frozen Fingers of midnight PFS: Pathfinder Society Scenario #4: The Frozen Fingers of Midnight -

Seattle, WA - Seeking players and / or DMs for a Pathfinder group

Colorado Looking For Group

New Player LFG Bradenton, Fl

Palmetto, Florida (Bradenton) Pathfinder

PbP Shattered Star Game!

Manchester, nh LFG pathfinder

Ca, Kelseyville - 5th Edition or Pathfinder

Gaming in Guymon

Westchester, New York area Looking for Players

LFM gamers in the DC / MD / NOVA area for homebrew campaign held in MD

[PaizoCon 2016] Blood in the Water - Friday morning, 8:00 am-1:00 pm

[PaizoCon 2016] Sci-Fi, 3rd Party Pathfinder, and You (Aethera, Hypercorps 2099) - Monday morning, 10:00-11:00 am

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