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Suggested thread title format

State or Nation, City - game or type of campaign.

For example:
WA, Seattle - Eberron
France, Paris - D&D Minis

Gamer Connection

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Topic Posts Last Post
Looking to DM game near Cambridge,ON, Canada (New players welcome)

LFG near Dorchester, MA

Looking to start playing Tulsa Area

PFS FAYETTEVILLE, GA- Looking for a game!!

PFS FAYETTEVILLE, GA- Looking for a game!!

Okinawa, Japan. Looking for a Game

Lets talk Twin Cities Paizo board meetup

LFG near Toronto,ON

Player LFG near Acworth GA

Celebration, Florida Pathfinder RPG

Vero Beach, FL - Looking for 5e or PF Enthusiasts

Player LFG Scranton, Pa area

Player moving to the Albuquerque area

NC, Lillington / Harnett County — Kingmaker

Looking for a game / group in Madison, WI

Looking for game in Madison WI area!!!!

Fort Wayne / Angola, IN - Pathfinder

Looking for a Pathfinder group near Ocean Springs, MS

Sydney, Australia - looking for RPG group

Springfield, Illinois looking for a gaming group, pathfinder, D&D preferred

Rochester, NY Gamer LFG

Millstone, NJ - Pathfinder

PFS - Upstate New York (Buffalo)

Smyrna, GA Area Looking to Start RPG group

Lubbock, Texas - 2 Players Looking for Group - Pathfinder, D&D, etc.

PFS near Erie, PA?

St. Cloud MN - Pathfinder / D&D / Shadowrun / Something!

Looking for players in St Cloud MN area

West Central Minnesota

Avondale, AZ, Gamers

Bradenton, FL - Pathfinder

UK based messageboard members

[Pathfinder] Cape Cod, MA.

Located in Baton Rouge - any groups in the New Orleans or Lafayette area?

[Redmond, WA] Reign of Winter

Looking for Pathfinder Players in the San Fernando Valley

Looking for Pathfinder Players in the San Fernando Valley

Any Pathfinder Players in Southern Utah

Gamers in Kitchener-Waterloo?

Online (Roll20) Saturday 7:00AM China Time-Friday 18:00EST-P6 homebrew

Looking For Players or Group near Gangelt, Germany

Looking Des Moines, IA

Canada, Alberta, Red Deer area - Any D&D games

Looking for Players / DM Near Seymour / Columbus IN

Nashua NH - Various games and such

Modesto, CA - Pathfinder

Looking for players / Dm in Bogota Colombia


Pathfinder / Bogota, Colombia

Charlotte, NC Pathfinder game

Possible Pathfinder game in Santa Rosa

Sonoma county CA - Planescape Pathfinder Mythic

Looking for group - Northern Rhode Island / Mass Border

Gauging interest in d20pro game

Want to Play Pathfinder in Chicago


PFS / Pathfinder AP / DnD 3.5 group for Fort Campbell KY

Looking for Players, New Jersey (Burlington, 08016)

WA, Renton / Bellevue / Kent area - Pathfinder

Midland / Odessa, TX

looking for players to do weekly game in chicago IL

Marietta, GA: Pathfinder, possibly other editions or classic World of Darkness

Atlanta GA 2 Players Looking for Game

Dallas, GA Pathfinder group

Scottsdale, Arizona - Pathfinder

Pathfinder / recruiting IN San Luis obispo ca.

Pathfinder / recruiting IN San Luis obispo ca.

Lincoln, NE area

Pathfinder Pandas: Heed My Call!

Saskatchewan, Regina - D&D / Pathfinder Group

LFG in wilsonville or

Adventure Path - Oregon Recruitment

[Westchester Co., NY] Dwarven Kingmaker-inspired Homebrew Recruitment

Looking for a GM for Skull and Shackles campaign in Lillington, NC

Newberg / McMinnville, OR - Pathfinder Adventure Path

Woodstock, GA - Looking to start group or join existing group

GA, Atlanta - Looking for Players

New Group - Chicago North Side - Pathfinder

Huntsville, AL - Looking for PFS / Pathfinder / 3.5 Group

Holland, MI

Glendive, Montana

Nearest PFS Lodge

Pathfinder homebrew campaign near or in Portland Oregon

Dallas, TX - Pathfinder Adventure Path

Haywood county NC - Looking for Pathfinder Group

Denton, TX -- Pathfinder or D&D 3.5

South East Missouri Pathfinder Society

Southern Arizona, D&D 3.5 with minor Pathfinder simplifications

Toronto Canada - Rise of the Runelords

Looking For a Pathfinder Group in Central Ohio

Sedalia / Pettis County MO Tabletop Community Meetup

Rock Springs Wyoming

looking for a pathfinder group in Quincy, MA

PFS Play in Beaumont Texas

Any groups in Victoria, BC?

Red Deer Alberta

Baltimore Area / MD Group

Ottawa, Ontario Canada. New GM looking to start a Pathfinder Adventure Path

Looking for pathfinder gamers in Anaconda, MT area

Newbie looking for a group in northern Chicago suburbs

1 to 100 of 4,709 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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