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Suggested thread title format

State or Nation, City - game or type of campaign.

For example:
WA, Seattle - Eberron
France, Paris - D&D Minis

Gamer Connection

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Topic Posts Last Post
Gamers of Port Charlotte, Fl

Looking for players and DM's in N. VA DC Metro Area

Ellsworth area Comics Plus

Wisconsin - Lake Geneva Area - New Gamers Wanted

Players in NE Ohio (Lake County) -- 3.5 Greyhawk

Newark, DE - Player for D&D 3.5

Need Help. Dragon Magazine #20

Gamers in Richmond, VA

Illinois, Springfield D&D 3.5

Ohio, Knox County-- 3.5 Age of Worms

Looking for a new game in the Norfolk, Virgina Beach

Las Vegas, NV

Iraq, Balad

OH, Cleveland - mature player seeks D&D 3.5 / d20 group

PA, DuBois Area

Akron Cleveland Ohio - D&D, Iron Kingdoms, Conan - Looking for Players

Hot Springs, AR

Grand Rapids, MI D&D 3.5

FL, Orlando -- 3.5 Forgotten Realms.

Looking for D&D players in Beirut, Lebanon

Milton (Toronto), Canada - age of worms in new year

Wellington, New Zealand

Looking for Gamers - Lancaster, PA

TX, Austin, let's play

Looking for Players in Toronto

Ca. San Francisco

KY, Louisville - Weekend Eberron Game seeking players

Looking for a game in Moscow, Idaho

Looking for DnD Gamers in the Homestead / Miami / Keys

Players wanted Parma, Ohio

Orange County, CA-3.5 smorgasbord

Hong Kong - Players wanted

CA, Los Angeles - Looking for a game

Columbus, OH - looking for players

Shreveport, LA

Looking for a player in LA area

Looking to join a game in the nyc area......

SOLDIER looking for a group in SW badghdad

Starting up a New Gamers Group D&D 3.5- Greensboro / Winston-Salem, NC

Looking for AD&D 2e game grups in ogden Ut.

OH, Licking County - D&D 3.5 players needed

Mount Vernon, Ohio-AD&D 2nd ed. / Palladium (Rifts)- Gamers needed

NY, Syracuse - D&D

NY - Geneva / Rochester D&D 3.X, general gaming

Tacoma WA, looking for players

MI, Ann Arbor - Looking for players for 2e AD&D, possible other games as well

FL, North Tampa - need players for 3.5 conversion of RttToEE

MI, Grand Rapids - D&D 3.5 players wanted

MO, St. Louis - Shackled City Adventure Path

Deleware, Felton (or anywhere within an hour!)

AL, Foley area, exp. gamer looking for group

WI, Milwaukee d20

Delaware , Dover looking for anyone interested in d20 conan or Darkages vampire

VA, NoVA / DC / MD, Eberron

C / NNJ (Union County-Middlesex, Somerset, Morris) D&D-looking for group

Dayton, OH area - D&D 3.5

KS, Topeka - Seeking Gamers (d20 and Hero)

Galveston!! Texas City!! League City!! Pasedena!! All Points Southeast. . .

CA - San Diego

Looking for some

Shacked City Adventure Path in Eberron PBeM

PBP / PBC Age of Worms AP

Indianapolis, IN - DM desperate to just PLAY for a change.

Canada, London ON - D&D 2E group looking for players

looking for gamers in Leicester, England

WA, DuPont

MD, Baltimore: Looking for fellow D&D gamers.

Wa, Olympia Tumwater or Lacey player needs a group

Illinois D20 gamers

NJ, central - Looking to join a group

Northern Virginia, Fairfax-Vienna Metro 3.5 D&D game needs players

NY, Saratoga Springs / Capital District Area, D&D, Eberron, Forgotten Realms

PA, Altoona area, D&D 3.5

NY, Rochester Area - Forgotten Realms

Central Ohio game needs a few more players for TSC game...

North NY, new campaign starting in Forgotten Realms

Youngstown Ohio area

Ottawa, Ontario

3.5 Forgotten Relms

Central Maine Group Looking for Player(s)

CA - Palmdale / Lancaster / Antelope Valley area Eberron Campaign

Schererville / Merrillville Indiana

IL, Orland Park - Greyhawk, Eberron or other

OK, Tulsa - Age of Worms

FL, South Tampa-Age of Worms

TX - McKinney / Greenville

Pacifica / bay area

Online Game Seeking Players

IL, Champaign County, Forgotten Realms, DragonLance, D&D in general

Any Groups in Southern Maryland - D&D

is evanville gaming guild still around ?

UK - London - Islington: Need game / gamers!

Players needed in RI

Ca, Fontana Age of Worms Dnd group looking for player #6

Atlanta, GA PC looking to join D&D or AD&D campaign

Recruiting - Peoria, AZ - 2nd Ed. AD &D

Trying to find a group near Ft Hood, TX

LA, Shreveport / Bossier City – Forgotten Realms - D&D 3.5

NJ, Bridgeton area players wanted D&D 3.5

Have Dice RPG Club - UK, Dorset, Bournemouth, Blandford, Salisbury

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