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Wings of Ruin

The Shadow Under Sandpoint

Weekly Grind - The Order of the Brazen Harlot

Rob McCreary's Skull & Shackles Campaign (Spoilers!)

The Path of the Nefarious: My Way of the Wicked Journal

Journal of a Spell-less Ranger (probably the 100th journal telling a RotRL campaign)

NobodysHome's RotRL Campaign

Velcro Zipper presents AEG's - The World's Largest Dungeon!

Wandering Swordsman, the journal of Arashi Minoko

Mage's End

Travels on an Unroofed Sea: a Skull & Shackles journal (presumably contains spoilers)

A Madman GM's the Shattered Star AP

DM organized's Kingmaker

The Adventures of Brother Fen & Co. ( Pathfinder Mythic Adventure Podcast)

Hornswoggling Hobgoblins (hobgoblin PCs in Skull & Shackles) [Major Spoilers]

Master of the House: Kingmaker in Finiens

Pygon runs Serpent's Skull

Carrion Crown [Major Spoilers]

PH_Dungeon runs Rise of the Runelords

Curse of the Crimson Throne In K-zoo

Hoist the Colours—a Skull & Shackles / Freeport / Razor Coast Pirate Campaign

On the Making of Kings

With a Single Step: Jade Regent Campaign Journal

Mister Vergee's Curse of the Crimson Throne

Shadows of Golarion

For The Eleventh Time, It's NOT Magic!!!

An American wizard's journey through RotRL

The Greenstar Chronicles *WotR Journal (SPOILERS)*

Five More Souls to the Call - A Wrath of the Righteous Journal

Meomwt's SR2 Hopefully Harlequin Campaign.

Dear Pino--Kingmaker

Olondir's Korvosan Saga Thread [CotCT Spoilers and more!]

The story of a fetching

DiceStormers videos

A Bard's Tale (A Shattered Star Campaign) **Spoilers**

PH Dungeon's Age of Worms

Age de la Mort Rampante (AoW in french and in Greyhawk, Hero System)

Champions of Old Korvosa

Flayleaf Visions and The Never Dead [Age of Worms in Finiens]

Emerald Spire - The Elemental Heroes

Genie Wars part I: The Legacy of Fire

A Conspiracy of Snakes ~ A modern, dual-world mashup of Serpent's Skull and anything else I can find

Pygon runs Red Hand of Doom

Geomancer's Dungeon: Jade Regent - The Brinewall Legacy

Team Sutekh in the Tomb of the Mud Sorcerer, with spoilers

DM KenderKins Top Secret and totally insane play-by-post coding test thread

A Magus in Magnimar - Shatter Star AP

Radiance RPG Playtest - Rise of the Runelords

RCW's Rise of the Runelords - Players Forum

Andrew's RotRL

PH Dungeon plays Edge of the Empire

LG Reign of Winter Journal

KILLER GM's 2014 Pathfinder Campaign

The Shivering Abyss

"Ship of Fools" - Lillian's Diary as she experiences Serpent's Skull

Skull and Shackles Campaign (by Moonbeam)

A Madman GM's the 2nd Half of Jade Regent

The Jadeite Seven - A Mummy's Mask Journal

Age of Worms Adventure Path playtest: Tyralandi Scrimm

Jade Regent AP Bk 4 Ch1

The Endless Hunger: Journal of a Feared Freecaptain

Campaña "Las Memorias de los Ciclos"

Niklas Solo-Kingmaker

Mummy's Mask (Savage Worlds - GMPC group)

Skull & Sharkles

Dudemeister's Caravan of Courage: Jade Regent Journal

(Savage) Rise of the Runelords AP

Useplanb's Shattered Star Campaign Journal (Spoilers included)

Trail Rations, why do we need them

Mordulin's Mummy's Mask Campaign

The Journal of Thalia Velerin -- A Jade Regent Campaign Journal

Vignettes from "The Spires of Xin-Shalast"

Age of Worms - Deree's Diary - A Halfling's Story from the very beginning

Fringe of the Age

Rise of the Runelord a tale

Kingmaker BR

[BCRPS] Andrek runs Carrion Crown

Castoff Tools in an Empty Lifeboat

KILLER GM RETURNS: with Campaign Classics & Character Carnage

In Darkest Paziou, a Runelord Rises

Olwen's Way of the Wicked campaign

My Bi-weekly campaign to sway the non believers

d20 Firefly

Shadows over the Sunderland

It Started With a Chicken

Updated... Google Sites Pathfinder Campaign Template

Yeah, Yeah, Aroden, Whatever (PCs from 4601 in Council of Thieves) [Major Spoilers]

Allansia Campaign, Winds A.C. 285

KILLER GM's 2011 Return to the Tomb of Horrors Pathfinder Campaign!

The Vanderbilt Files: Council of Thieves in Finiens

Rise of the Ramblings

Olwen's Shattered Star campaign

Colonies of the Salt Coast - Kingmaker - Spoilers - RAYOR


Skull and Shackles In character log - No spoilers please

El Ascenso de los Señores de las Runas.

Relics, Reliquaries, and Remembrance (An Ustalav / Amaans Campaign)

Moonbeam's Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign

Soul Dragon's RotRL Campaign

GM Reshar Presents: The Ruby Phoenix Tournament!

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