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Note: Talk about editions of D&D prior to Third or after 3.5 here. Politely. Personal attacks or insults directed at other members of the Paizo community, or other companies in the industry, will not be tolerated.

D&D 4th Edition (and Beyond)

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Topic Posts Last Post
Review - Corners of the Realms: The Tavari by Fahrenheit Gaming

Review - Blackdirge's Bargain Bestiary: Lesser Golems

Playing High Level D&D

Middle Earth Project

Review - Shrine Maiden

Review - Tikbalang: Guardians of Kalikasan

Assassin: Ki focus question

Review - Remarkable Races

Idiot's Guide to 4E

Review - Adventurer's Guide to Cthonia

WoTC Adventures

PFS modules for LFR MYRE??

4E Dragonlance?

New Monster Type (Goon) plus New "Monsters"

Roleplaying Mechanic - DMG2's "Distracted" state.

Need some Help with Random Encounters

Review - RISEN (Guide for Resurrected Characters)

4E is pretty good!

Creative Character Concepts in 4e

Wardens and marking targets - confused

Pre-Release Review - Azagar's Book of Rituals

Cthulhu is baaack!

Character Gen. Why no weight or height?

Review - Iron Gazetteer

Character Builder - A win for the newbie.

Various 4e House Rule Thoughts

Has the feel / style of your game changed since you started playing 4E?

Review - Combat Advantages #14

Draconomicon II

November 2009 Rules Updates

Speeding up 4e encounters?

Review - Medieval Bestiary: Orc Culture

The Battlemind

Primal power

2010 4e Catalog

4e epic adventures without gods or demon princes

Review - "The Goblin Hulk"

Scales of War

Greyhawk 4e?

Is D&D 4e still considered 'd20'?

New Monster - Draugr - a dwarven vampire

Daemons back in 4e


Pathfinder, here I come

Orium Dragon

4e Thieves' Guild

The Village of Hommlet 4E

Your Least Favorite Race

Penny Arcade / PvP Ep2

Microsoft Surface and D&D

D&D for 5th graders.

Revenge of the Giants--How is it?

KQ / Open Design: Court of the Shadow Fey

Ideas for exciting encounters

Scott Rouse leaving WotC

4E Forgotten Realm

4th edition DMG2 - Great resource for any edition

Halls of the Mountain King (for the 4E board)


DM Tip Example: Monster Re-"Stat"ting


Manual of the Planes

Game Mastery Critical Hit Deck - 4E Conversion

Worldwide D&D Game Day: September 19th, 2009

Cartoon: DMG2 and Sigil

Making your best group

One Bad Egg closes shop

Dragon Magazine Annual, Volume 1. Worth to purchase?

Suggestions for my 1st level dragonborn healbot?

Tips for 4E dms

Calling all Birthright fans and loyalists

Treasure Parcel Troubles

Is there a 4e Primer or Cliff Notes?

4E Critical Hit Table

Monster Design / Conversion Help

Darkmoon Vale in 4E

Short Rests?

Human Nature

Introducing: The Psion!

Because I have nothing better to do on Sunday morning...

D2: Seven Swords of Sin 4th Edition Conversion

Skill... Powers?

Minor quest - major quest - just a quest?

DM advice: mechanical support for 'in media res'

New Penny Arcade podcast in the works

A Question for your perusal

DMG2 Excerpts


4E commercial success

DMG2 Monster / NPC Customization / Creation: What do you want to see?

Defend Yourself in D&D!

D&D 5th edition starts here:

Half-Orc Furious Assault question

Mentalist ready to take control

Players Strategy Guide in the Works?

Utility Powers?

Set Pieces

Congrats to WotC

New Module: Temple of Outsiders

Skill Challenge Help?

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