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Note: Talk about editions of D&D prior to Third or after 3.5 here. Politely. Personal attacks or insults directed at other members of the Paizo community, or other companies in the industry, will not be tolerated.

D&D 4th Edition (and Beyond)

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Review - Blackdirge's Bargain Bestiaries: Baleful Bugs by Blackdirge Publishing

Ptolus and 4E Firearms

4e on Golarion


Review: Blackdirge’s Bargain Templates-Templar by Blackdirge Publishing


King of the Monsters Contest at Kobold Quarterly!

Mike Mearls on Game Balance

Core Books 4

Skill Challenge Advice

WotC have got to be kidding me...

Review: Beyond the Black Door by Black Death Publishing

How is 4E easier to GM?

The Book of the Righteous for 4E?

Keep on the Shadowfell = Evil Unearthed

Is It Just Me?

Getting Started

Age of Worms and Savage Tide for 4e

Character Builder Customization

Review: Nevermore by Expeditious Retreat Press

[Destiny Games] Sneak Peak Collection



NPCs and Surges

Review - Martial Flavor by Chaotic Shiny Productions

X-mas layoffs at WotC

Review: Corners of the Realm-The Myrddin by Fahrenheit Gaming

4e Monster Manuals White Space

Review: Blackdirge's Bargain Templates - Trollborn

4E Sci-Fi

House Rule Solicitations

A Holiday Gift for Those Who Miss Wealth by Level

Review: Buck-A-Batch Wondrous Items from Creation's Edge Games

Review: Heroic Encounters -Combat Mayhem by Black Death Publishing

Monster Builder Beta Live for Insider Subscribers Tomorrow! (7 / 30)

Wotc vs. Atari

Help me with my 4e campaign.

New SurfaceScapes Demo Video

Best Three Member Party

Multiclass feat - how does this work?

Dealing with a Powerful Invoker Power

Review - Corners of the Realms: The Tavari by Fahrenheit Gaming

Review - Blackdirge's Bargain Bestiary: Lesser Golems

Playing High Level D&D

Middle Earth Project

Review - Shrine Maiden

Review - Tikbalang: Guardians of Kalikasan

Assassin: Ki focus question

Review - Remarkable Races

Idiot's Guide to 4E

Review - Adventurer's Guide to Cthonia

WoTC Adventures

PFS modules for LFR MYRE??

4E Dragonlance?

New Monster Type (Goon) plus New "Monsters"

Roleplaying Mechanic - DMG2's "Distracted" state.

Need some Help with Random Encounters

Review - RISEN (Guide for Resurrected Characters)

4E is pretty good!

Creative Character Concepts in 4e

Wardens and marking targets - confused

Pre-Release Review - Azagar's Book of Rituals

Cthulhu is baaack!

Character Gen. Why no weight or height?

Review - Iron Gazetteer

Character Builder - A win for the newbie.

Various 4e House Rule Thoughts

Has the feel / style of your game changed since you started playing 4E?

Review - Combat Advantages #14

Draconomicon II

November 2009 Rules Updates

Speeding up 4e encounters?

Review - Medieval Bestiary: Orc Culture

The Battlemind

Primal power

2010 4e Catalog

4e epic adventures without gods or demon princes

Review - "The Goblin Hulk"

Scales of War

Greyhawk 4e?

Is D&D 4e still considered 'd20'?

New Monster - Draugr - a dwarven vampire

Daemons back in 4e


Pathfinder, here I come

Orium Dragon

4e Thieves' Guild

The Village of Hommlet 4E

Your Least Favorite Race

Penny Arcade / PvP Ep2

Microsoft Surface and D&D

D&D for 5th graders.

Revenge of the Giants--How is it?

KQ / Open Design: Court of the Shadow Fey

Ideas for exciting encounters

Scott Rouse leaving WotC

4E Forgotten Realm

4th edition DMG2 - Great resource for any edition

Halls of the Mountain King (for the 4E board)


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