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Note: Talk about editions of D&D prior to Third or after 3.5 here. Politely. Personal attacks or insults directed at other members of the Paizo community, or other companies in the industry, will not be tolerated.

D&D 4th Edition (and Beyond)

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WOTC and trust

Will you be switching to D&D Next when it comes out or will you stay with Pathfinder?

Isnt Hasbro the one in charge of WOTC and D&D now?

Now that you have access to the basic rules for 5th edition, what do you think?

The Return of Necromancer Games - Back to Support 5E

D&D in 5 of top 6 spots on Amazon but PF Core is still in spot 7

Dear WotC: D&D 5, Hero Lab, and the OGL

maps by yellowdingo: falgrave manor

5th Edition D&D Beginner's boxset live-stream event

Jonathan Tweet & Rob Heinsoo: Making their own 5th Edition?

5th edition

Monster Manual 5E gains 32 free pages (352 total)

4E Road of Chain's Campaign

Albnfeld Agricultural District

Converting AD&D AC To D&D 5e AC

D&D Next is here. Thoughts?

Mike Mearls L&L: Basic D&D

It's D&D, not 5E and not NEXT.

Basic D&D PDF is available

5th edition

D&D Starter set, I have it.

5th edition

D&D Next and the OGL

Wizard's Amulet plus some portents from FGG

Boredom on the lightning rail

D&D New Edition

Tiamat Tuesdays: Behind the Scenes of the Dragon Attack Art

D&D Adventurers League

Sell me on the Pathfinder Game World

101 Reasons why 4e DOESN'T suck

create your own d&d adventure

Yesterday's Anouncement by Mike Mearls at Hasbro Seems Troubling -- Here's Why

D&D 5E modules work with just free PDF--don't need 3 core books

Pretty Big Announcement from Kobold Press

Gamma World Xenogears

Mike Mearl's L&L about the OGL

shady dragon inn

Hoard of the Dragon Queen Autographed Edition

BECMI D&D Barbarian Class?

New D&D Covers

People who have been playtesting DnD Next, what are your opinions?

D&D 5e Starter set is on Amazon

Fairwell and Adieu, you Lady of Pain...

D&D 4th Edition compared to . . . EXALTED

D&D New Edition Clerics & Barbarians

Mystara: AC1020 and beyond

So D&D Next looks interesting. Is it?

Things Pathfinder does right and lessons D&D Next may have learned by watching

Monster Encounter Layouts for D&D Next

Mass combat for DDN

Threshold Magazine #3 Now Available!

Interest in 4e materials / adventures / resources?

Tell me about the warlord?

4E clone?

Discussion thread for the Sundering Adventures.

How could a new edition of D&D be designed to allow for all play styles?

Some Questions About First Edition AD&D

D&D Next Playtest

Best 4e WWW Sites

Next D&D edition officially announced for summer 2014

Animal Companion

A good forum to discuss 5E

D&D PDFs are back

Four Arms

Threshold: The Mystara Magazine #2 is live!

Savage Tide 4E Conversion

Warforged Dragonborn

Fzoul Chembryl

DDN using OGL?

Guardian - Essential Shapeshifter Druid

New World: The Final Colonies

Threshold: The Mystara Magazine #1 released

D&D campaign settings

DDN 9-19 packet is up at Wizards

Dragon and Dungeon are going away

5E Play Test Packet 8-2-2013

Evolution: A Third option for the Acquisition Engine?

D&D Next Playtest - and initial impressions

4e players wanted

[Demon Queen's Enclave] Questions

D&DNext - D&D 5th edition, a light version of PF in my humble opinion.

Why am I the only one?

The Advantage / Disadvantage system is very good - what do others think?

Finding Aberrant Menaces

Collectible DM Decks for 4th Edition

Godly Stats in 4E

D&D next Advantage / Disadvantage mechanic - thoughts?

Races of the Shroud: Apelords

Free 4E books for the 4E forum regulars

4th Edition Rise of the Runelords Conversion Blog

On the "4th Edition sucks, don't be like them!" argument.

4e Int Warlock Controller Concept or Int Martial Controller Concept

Looking for a new rulebook for Savage Tides - Advice?

What to Name a Fan-Written 'Pathfinder of 4e'?

Halfling Vampires: Do they enjoy food?

Converting 4th Edition Swordmage to 1st / 2nd Edition D&D

New DDN playtest packet 3-20-13

Where to download DnD Encounters?

4th Edition Curse of the Crimson Throne Conversion Blog

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