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Note: Talk about editions of D&D prior to Third or after 3.5 here. Politely. Personal attacks or insults directed at other members of the Paizo community, or other companies in the industry, will not be tolerated.

D&D 4th Edition (and Beyond)

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[Kobold Press] Tome of Beasts is Here!!!

Out of the Abyss Campaign (Spoilers!!!)

5e Planescape Conversion - Tales of the Infinite Staircase (WIP)

[Kobold Press] Sanctuary of Belches is Now Available

Next D and D Project

[Playground Adventures] EZG reviews After School Adventures: Adventures in Wonderland #2 - Down the Rabbit Hole (5e)

[Kobold Press] Demon Cults & Secret Societies Kickstarter is Live! (5E & Pathfinder RPG)

Volo’s Guide to Monsters (5E)

Otter-based magic item for 5th Edition

[5E] Please sanity-check my idea

D&D Podcast - Wolfgang Baur Talks Tome of Beasts

Text-only character sheets for 5E?

WOTC Hardcover 5th edition Modules

please help 5e Pandemonium encounter idea

Dead Gods - 5th Edition Conversion

Archons 5e?

Homebrew Grippli for Feedback (5e)

Free (5E) Equipment Cards

5e Unearthed Arcana: Ranger, Revised

Fun Multi-class Combos for 5th Edition?

Level 5 play experience: What am I missing?

Rethinking Damage Feats Once More!

Swarms in 5e

The Missing Bonus Damage Feat

[Kobold Press] Deep Magic 5: Ley Lines

5th Edition Melee rogue: Thief or Swashbuckler? And other build questions...

Low Level Legendary Encounter

[Dire Rugrat Publishing] Advantageous Abilities: Charismatic Abilities (5e)

[Dire Rugrat Publishing] Advantageous Abilities: Humanoid Special Abilities (5e)

Underwater and Aquatic rules / 3pp / homebrew? 5e

5th Edition: Rogue (Thief) Fast Hands suggestions???

[Raging Swan Press] EZG reviews Village Backdrop: Ashford (5e)

[Raging Swan Press] EZG reviews Village Backdrop: Coldwater (5e)

[Raging Swan Press] EZG reviews Village Backdrop: White Moon Cove (5e)

[Kobold Press] PREPARED! Now Available

[Raging Swan Press] EZG reviews Village Backdrop: Longbridge (5e)

[Raging Swan Press] EZG reviews Village Backdrop: Wellswood (5e)

[Dire Rugrat Publishing] Birthday Sale and Giveaway

Iconic Samurai Martial Archetype [5e]

Store Blog: What Happens to a Toad When it Gets Hit By Lightning?

[Raging Swan Press] EZG reviews Village Backdrop: Thornhill (5e)

[Dire Rugrat Publishing] EZG reviews Tangible Taverns: Trio of Taverns (5e)

[Fat Goblin Games] EZG reviews 5th Edition Racial Options: Aasimar (5e)

[Dire Rugrat Publishing] Tangible Taverns: The Hidden Oak (5e) Now Available

Best Guess: How many quarters will D&D Next beat Pathfinder on the ICv2 list (if any)?

How "dragony" should dragonborn look?

5th Edition Monster caster levels???

Class Feature Replacement

[Kobold Press] Macabre Substitutions in Barovia

Aquan, Auran, Ignan, Terran and Primordial

5e monster sources?

Kickstarter for Ponyfinder: Dawn of the Fifth Age

The Trinket Game (5e)

[JBE] Unleash Monsters the Forbidden Woods Upon Your Game

[Dire Rugrat Publishing] New Playable Race for 5e

4e Eyes of the Lich Queen?

5th Edition Renaissance Firearm Proficiency House Rule Idea

Spheres of Power for 5e?

Unearthed Arcana - The Non-Divine Faithful

Ultimate Bestiary - Revenge of the Horde for 5E

[Kobold Press] Kobold Guide to Plots and Campaigns is Now Available

Affect of Streamed Games on New Players

[Kobold Press] Deep Magic is coming to 5th Edition!

[Dark Naga Adventures / Fat Goblin Games] The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil (D&D 5e / OSR)

Dark Woods; a homebrew setting for 5e

What pathfinder rules would you like to see in 5th Ed

[Tribality Publishing] EZG reviews teh Gunfighter Class (5e)

D&D 5E / Classes / Zendikar / MTG

Polymorph and subtle spell. 5e

Smite dice

[Tribality Publishing] EZG reviews the Alchemist (5e) (Revised Edition)

[Dire Rugrat Publishing] EZG reviews Tuffy's Good Time Palace (5e)

Another 5e MTG setting thread: color alignment and magic

Feat walls (a rant)

Rogue Archetype - Swashbuckler - Thoughts?

[Tool] TOS FIVE for D&D 5th edition!

[Kobold Press] Tome of Beasts 5E Kickstarter - It's Alive!!!

Unearthed Arcana - Feats

Simplifying my Cosmology.

Zendikar (MtG) as a 5e Setting

[Kobold Press] Unlikely Heroes for 5th Edition is Now Available !

[Interjection Games] Strange Magic 2 - Non-Vancian Magic Systems for 5e

5E: Party of 6 with no tanks. Concerns?

Bookrat's Advice on Designing Background Features (5e)

5th Edition Background Generator PDF

[Kobold Press] 5e Deep Magic Interview!

[Tribality Publishing] EZG reviews the Alchemist (5e)

5th edition Ranger for curse of sthrad

5th Edition encounter design

5th Edition Action Economy

Converting 5th Ed Princes of The Apocalypse to Golarion

[Dire Rugrat Publishing] Rest easy, GMs - We've got your 5e prep covered!

5th Edition Trap XP?

Comparitive length of the 5E AP

Homebrew Rogue, Sorcerer and Barbarian archetypes for a modern / futuristic setting

New Feat Idea: Shield Block

Dexterity and Strength in 5e - how each is viable for combat

Color codes in hardcover books?

DM Guild hits 1000 products milestone (also, Ravenloft)

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