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Note: Talk about editions of D&D prior to Third or after 3.5 here. Politely. Personal attacks or insults directed at other members of the Paizo community, or other companies in the industry, will not be tolerated.

D&D 4th Edition (and Beyond)

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Fun With Large Objects

5e monster sources?

Is anyone else going through all their old 1st and 2nd stuff?

Bestiary Box or Beginner box?

Threatening reach vs zones / auras

What are your favorite CR 6 or less monsters?

Out of the Abyss Campaign (Spoilers!!!)

Why doesn't Drizzt have ranger spells?

Higher denomination coins

Any good DM's Guild recommendations?

4E Road of Chain's Campaign

Blind Spellcasters

Tyranny of Dragons Expanded: A Return to Skyreach Castle!

Do bonuses to speed apply on the Astral Plane?

Bounded Accuracy and +1 bonuses

5e Unearthed Arcana: Psionics and the Mystic – Take Two

Experience converting modules old and new

A couple of 5e homebrew ideas

Legendary Planet adventure path for 5E

Best Guess: How many quarters will D&D Next beat Pathfinder on the ICv2 list (if any)?

Necromancy Flavor Question

Wild Shape Questions

5th Edition languages

D&D 5th Edition OGL

A collection of 5E Resources

The Return of Ravenloft: Curse of Strahd Adventure

5E game tonight and my houserules.

Help with understanding tactics across editions.

New Troll Lord Kickstarter for 5e

SRD5 in Markdown and HTML

New Kickstarter 5th ed adventure

Any problem spells in 5e?

5th Edition Questions is now live!

Bookrat's Advice on Designing Background Features (5e)

5th edition reviews

[Legendary Games] 50% off 5E!

A Song About 4th Edition

5e Unearthed Arcana: Kits of Old

[Kort'thalis Publishing] EZG reviews The Purple-Haunted Islands of Putrescence (OSR)

Alternate to Wild Magic table?

Binding Issues with Core Books

13 Months of Adventure in the 2016 Kobold Press Calendar!

Homebrew Wizard Magical Tradition: The Artificer

What are the most fun magical trinkets in 5E?

Got the three 5E Core Rule Books: Now what should I buy?

(5e) How many undead can you have under your command?

3PP Adventure Roundup!

Storm Genasi and other homebrew races

5e pdfs

Out of the Abyss Resources (5e)

So what are your experiences with 5e regarding class balance?

How does 5e hold up level 10+?

5th Edition House Rules

C4, the Best Edition Never Published

A 5e adventure module kickstarter

What's your experience with D&D 5th Edition?

D&D 5th edition vs Pathfinder


5e Advice for Pathfinder Players

Balance as it applies (if it applies?) to different spells of the same level

Experience Points and Leveling

How would cities treat Teleportation Circle?

[Kobold Press] Tome of Beasts 5E Kickstarter - It's Alive!!!

5e Unearthed Arcana: That Old Black Magic

The 11th level barbarian cannot make it. Best Planar Ally?

5E Grappling Barbarian Advice

Help me homebrew a Time Domain (5e)

Monster Lore

New World Campaign Idea

Out of the Abyss Hard Labor

[Twitter Poll] What Level of Adventures Do You Want to See?

Starting a 5e campaign: where do I go online?

Good way to convert monster from Pathfinder to 5ed?

Two House Rules I am considering.

New Dragon, More to come

5e Message Boards

Rise of the Runelords in 5th ed

Rage of Demons (5e)

New Barbarian Archetypes

5E Sword and Board Barbarian Advice

Sidebar 1- Occult Ritual Magic

Has anyone got the Adventurer's Guide yet?

5e Life Domain Disciple of Life question

5e riding horses, etc

New 6th-level adventure for 5E: The Baleful Coven!

Would You Buy 5e PDFs Here?

[AD&D 1E / 2E] Bucknard's Everfull Purse

[Forgotten Realms] Sun-God Split?

5e Unearthed Arcana: Light, Dark, Underdark

[Legendary Games] 5E monsters and more coming in from out of the cold!

5E Lairs

5e - Two different types of Darkvision?

[Kobold Press] Southlands Heroes 5E Now Available !

Summoner 5E


5e Creature Knowledge

[Kobold Press] Lethal Lairs Contest!

New Blog Format, and a trap!

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