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Apple iPad Due Spring 2010

Apple Products and their Business Model

HeroLab vs RPGXplorer vs PCGen

Anything better than the iPad out there?

it's not supposed to work, but apparently it does ... the EM Drive

Advice for a Tablet Virgin?

80s & 90s Tech, games & other stuff you loved back then.

The Maptool Thread for Maptool People (MapFinders!)

[Android APP] Summoner

Virtual war, Wizards on the move

[iPhone APP] Summoner

Man Could Face Ten Years for Modding XBoxs (Serious)

Developing Technology to Fight Aliens

Kindle died today

Tech Thread - Cool stuff, etc.

How many other DM’s run modules etc from their PC or Laptop? Can Technology play a greater role in table RPG.

Pathfinder Tablet

The Faults of Hero Lab

What if any is the BEST free character generator?

I'm Making Pathfinder App for Android / iOS / PC / Mac / Web (will be free for non-mobile)

So, Microsoft wants to unify all platforms...

[Android APP] PFRPG RD

Fantasy Grounds and Pathfinder?

Treasure Generator from Ultimate Equipment?

[iPhone / iPad APP] PF Battle

Paizo - Please Look at the NookColor

Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux

Kindle Fire from Amazon

Net Neutrality

Why is it called Windows 10, and not Windows 9?

How do you think a UFO works?

[Android APP] PF Battle

Hero Lab, how does that work?

[iPhone / iPad APP] PFRPG rd

Best VTT for online games?

AT&T to change their unlimited iPad plan

How Many Lines Of Code Did You Write Today ?

Tokenlab: Herolabs -> Maptools converter

Hp Touchpad $99

Popular VTT Programs?

Has anyone gone paperless?

LISA Pathfinder

Anybody else use Hero Labs to create NPC's for their game?

Best PDF reader for Paizo? Long battery life for cons needed

Pathfinder on Kindle?

A Pathfinder character builder like no other!

Virtual Table Tops?

Is there a character generator that can handle archetypes?

GM'ing with iPad, any tips?

The Death of Television

Technology at the Table

Best free virtual tabletop for Pathfinder?

Thinking of getting a tablet. Can someone give me some opinions?

What is Realm Works?

Hero Lab - iPad Status?

Android App

What's the best VTT to use with Pathfinder?

Programming (C++) Beginner

Why Geeks Hate The iPad

Vista Vs. Windows 7: FIGHT!

Best Pathfinder Character Name Generator

Your favorite Virtual Game Table?

[iPhone APP] iSpellCaster

Essential Android apps

Can anyone suggest a character builder for Gestalt characters?

Well, I'm glad I didn't accept that Google+ Invitation

Facebook attempts to pull a fast one.

[Win8 App] Grimoire

Alternatives to HeroLab?

Solar Roadways. One of those "If this works...." ideas.


Campaign Calendar Generator?

Share your Code Snippets

Good Anti-Virus Program?

Help with copying images out of PDFs

Best way to view PDFs on ipad?

iPad advice (yes Pathfinder related.)

PDFs and Wills, Trusts

Pathfinder Open Reference Android Tablet App: Looking for feedback

Trouble Accessing Pyromancers.Com (Please Advise)

What is a good tablet for viewing Paizo .pdfs?

Are there Pathfinder iPad apps?

An Open API For Pathfinder RPG

Loving my Asus Transformer plus Aldiko

Digital Character Sheets?

Latest state of Pathfinder apps?

I need a laptop.

Advice on purchasing a tablet?

InKarnate RPG Toolset - new character creator / VTT / map maker / campaign organizer

Advice on Which Projector to Buy to Display Paizo's PDF Maps?

Using a Flat Screen as a Mat

How many years will it be before PDFs become the release priority?

free unzip program

Gaming over Skype

Best portable device for gaming

Virtual Table Tops – Which for Pathfinder (Pros / Cons)?

Artificial Life?

Has Google become big brother??

Tablet questions...

Can't Get Rid of Rocket Search Virus

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