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Need Actors for school Project

help im board and i dont want to let my party down

Odds the same rolling a d20 or d6 d10

[Trade / Sell] USA (lower 48) -> Have: AD&D 1ed, 2ed (including a lot of Dark Sun), 3.5ed, Cyberpunk - Want: PF Battle Miniatures or Cash

"Are you sure you want to do that?"

"Bard-Barian" Again

"Can't Miss" attractions for gamer nerds in Atlanta?

"Classic" Encounter

"Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress"

"Devil We Know, Part I:" Pathfinder Game 3D Terrain in Action

"Did WotC underestimate the Paizo effect on 4E?" thread on Enworld

"Don't bother coming tonight" - how can I say it nicely?

"Empire of Imagination" book review podcast

"Evil dialogue" suggestions needed

"Fluff" and "Crunch" vs "Role-playing" and "Mechanics".

"For the [campaign] is dark and full of terrors"

"Forced" to ROLE-play. Opinions?

"Game Over" and what it means at your table

"Gamer Girl": Thoughts on This Label?

"Gamist" vs "Simulationist"... FIGHT!

"GM's That Allow Cool Things" Appreciation

"Houses And Humans"

"I go into stealth." and Other Ways to Annoy Your GM

"I invited you over for brownies, not a cheese danish." Why no DM style is right or wrong.

"Is everybody happy?!"

"My Name is Ray and I'm a..."

"official ruling" Why is it Necessary?

"Old School" vs visual aids

"Original Gamer" argument annoying?

"Pads" at the table

"Please Don't Pull My Geek Card!" - Confessions

"Rocks Fall" and Other DM Tales

"Saying No" (KQ article relevant to locked snowflake thread)

"Stop Liking What I Don't Like"

"Tech"nically speaking, PbP

"That is cheating!"

"The Friends that Game Together" academic article

"We Do a Full Body Cavity Search on the Demoness"

"Weak Lameness"?!

"Your Ki is weak! You need to do more Ki lifts." Advice from a Sensei.

#1 Reason I would rather play live online than in person....

#017 - CoT 4 & 5 with Clinton Boomer & Greg Vaughan


'Embarrassing' Gaming Confessions

'Forgotten Realms Syndrome'

'Lost' products

'Retro' Game Auction

'Unable to Conceive'? Heresy!

(San Francisco / Daly City) Anybody looking for players?

(Semi)Official News on WotC developing 5e

(Silly) I would have gotten away with it too if it hadn't be for...

(UK only) Who would like my Dragon magazines?

(You Have To) Punish Your Dice

*POOF* You're an archmage. What's the first thing you do?

*Rant* New Game - Annoying GM

*yawn* Cliche... but fun!

+1 - player's girlfriend or friend ”that just came to hang”

+1 Weapons and other mood breakers

+5 Vorpal Umbrella

+10 to Escape T-Rex Mouth?

-6 Armor check penalty my Equus africanus asinus

....really grinds my gears...

...And you get transfered into a fantasy world. And wake up in an abandoned house.

1 man in a party with 8 women, HELP

1,001 Times The Players Missed The Clue

10 Habits of Charisma

10 most Popular Dungeon Builds

10 years with the same group (well mostly)

100 reasons why someone is a necromancer

100 RPG setting ideas

100 things the villain is doing when 'scrying' is cast on him

100 Things to happen on a critical Hit

100 urban scenes (need more local color for my current campaign)

100+ books: Help me build a library

100+ uses for the wizards familiar

101 (or more) Reasons to be an Adventurer!

101 Achievements for Playing an RPG

101 Battle Cries

101 BBEG backstories

1000 Dice-Rolls to add to your PHB

1000 ways to kill a goblin

1000 Ways To Legally Kill PCs

1001 (or about) Ridiculous things due to a critical hit failure

1001 Buildings you may find in a Fantasy Town

1001 Dirty yet Player Friendly DMing tricks

1001 glitches with todays gamers.

1001 Insults for the Insulting Doll

1001 Outrageously silly characters we threatened our DM's with.

1001 Silly and Stupid GM Tricks

1001 Small Treats for DMs to Grant During Character Creation

1001 Stores / shops

1001 suggestions

1001 Things I Am No Longer Allowed To Say / Do At the Gaming Table

1001 Things To Break Your Player's Will To Live

1001 Things to do to freak out and confuse players

1001 uses for the portable hole

1001 Ways to Annoy Your DM

1001 ways to recognize adventurers

1001(+) Bestow Curse variants

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