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Gamer Talk

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Cantrips- A Web Series

Cthulhu D20

Famous Horror, Fantasy, and Scifi Authors Expressed as Playable Deities

Classes Begin! [Fall 2014]

Jason Bulmahn Interview!

Original Ptolus and more for sale

Why Aren't the Names of Spells Capitalized?

101 Battle Cries

Do Your Players Expect Treasure?

How do you manage time during a session?

Dark Heresy 2nd Edition- First Impressions

How did your players surprise you?

How to make a horror atmosphere?

Poll: What Is Your Alignment?

Kickstarter: Monsterwood Graphic Novel

Homemade Gaming Board

I Miss Cthulhu

Always Wanted To GM, But...

Most Creative PC's You've Seen?

Why computer gaming will never replace pen and paper RPGs

In Pathfinder, a Wizard has caused gravity to dissappear.

New Dwarven Artwork by me!

Inner Sea Campaign Idea Game

Issues, concerns, problems - old man rant

Classic Campaign Starts

one hundred red herrings to lure adventurers

Mythopoeic Rambling

Need Opinions Re: Wondrous Item Creation

Selling my Pathfinder Books--50% Off Cover!

So Cool to be a Hater

Weird feeling when loot gets downgraded between campaigns

KICKSTARTER - Infamy: Welcome to the Big Smoke (Steampunk Game / Setting and High Quality Resin Miniatures)

Real Life Adventures

Most interesting NPC you've ever seen

Tact Tiles?!?!?!?

Campaign settings you've always wanted to run...

How Did RPGA Handle Ambiguous Rules?

Ravenloft Atheists

My daughters first gaming group.

Funniest moments in combat

Dumbest Spells in the Book

Worst Criticals Ever

Those "OMG, you're about to get us killed" moments.

Classic Role Playing Games and Modules for sale on ebay

Arkansas Gamers...sound off!

New kid on the (writer's) block

What's In Your Haversack?

Pathfinder etiquette

Gaming T-Shirt - Crowd Funding

Some Genuine Advice for a struggling group

Magic vs. Martial

Someone good at art that likes drawing characters...?

The Old Timer Community Thread

3 best Pathfinder items you want IRL?

Distant Outposts Kickstarter

I'm unable to kill PCs

Any advice with trying to make PC's classless?

Magic-Psionics Transparency

Dungeon Mastering

The World of Darknoth....Campaign Idea for New D&D World

Waaaiiit a minute..."5-foot step???"

Ever have one player kill your whole campaign?

Plot ideas needed.

Thesis on pen and paper role playing games and education

does anyone know how tall the goblin and hobgoblin are?

The victories of intimidate

Creating "Characters" vs. Creating "Soldiers" - Discuss!

Reflecting on RL Vows, Precepts and What It May Mean for the Paladin (and monk?)

I'm not a powergamer, but I like powergamers and other things

Q WORKSHOP Dwarven Dice, bonus Kingsburg d6's and tokens For Sale :)

matb: the space industries shared setting

Interview on CBC: How Dungeons and Dragons fired up a generation of creative minds

I run a PG13 Game, but...

Avoiding "dump stats"

Character Comfort Levels

Playing monsters intelligently

No more heroes anymore

Getting tired of point buy

Alternative to PbP

Pathfinder vs. Pathfinder Society

House Rules vs Rules Lawyers

Shakespere would be a gamer

Group Skill Monkey?!?

Why don't people communicate?

Boosting the signal in regards to a felony theft

"official ruling" Why is it Necessary?

Player says, Player Means

How to help sub-optimal party members?

Pathfinder AP bookswap

Running new game, players rebelled because no other books.

Icky stuff and mature themes in your games

On Murder-Hobo-ing, a Cautionary Tale

Tell me your most epic moments

Dungeon final bosses

GM tools that weren't designed to be GM tools

good vs good

Pathfinder problem. Is it just me?

The future of Point Buy?

Gaming with Friends Gone Wrong (And How You Resolved It)

I've Gamed With These Guys Half My Life

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