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Age of Worms in Golarion

I Have To Share

Multiplication is Addition: Generalized

Question to Fellow Parents

How much would a population grow?

Your character's impact on the world (stories)

RPG Character Art Commission

The Grassy Gnoll presents: Role-Playing 101

101 problems with elf adolescence

Ever Game With the USA as Enemy?

Pop Culture Monsters

Lego model work

Names, Names, Names! The Empress!

Ever Wonder What a Real Life Masterwork Weapon Looks Like?

Using all the Rules from Pathfinder.

Expanding John Kim's Article: Where is RPG Design Headed, Today?

the trading post

Musings on Alignment (And how a lot of people get it wrong)

GM fudging save rolls

Campaign Idea / Experiment / Interest Check / I don't even know...

Picked up Shadow run 5e...then I tried to decipher it :(

Best Class Slogans

Metal Dice!

I don't like it, but I keep doing it...

Playin' the Shoanti Name Game

How do you handle cell phone use and other distractions mid-session

In a fantasy setting what types of Governments

Reincarnation problems

Same Players, Same Characters, but Swapped

If you were a Golarion deity what would your domains be?

D&D '40 Years Later' (CNN, May 2014)

Makeup of a Psionic Army

How do your characters call their own classes?

Custom Figurines?

Youtube Videos of Pathfinder creators playing

Idea for a new blog: Pathfinder's Lounge

Man dressed as an elf attacks a BMW he thought was a balrog.

Raise Dead...are these limitations over board?

non-gaming sources for RPG development

Reusable Geomorph Dungeon Mapping Stickers!

What color is each alignment?

Reusable Geomorph Dungeon Mapping Stickers!

Wait, that isn't in the rules

Rping Low INT, high knowledge characters

Creating a homebrew setting. How many deities is enough?

A KS to make 100+ hero tokens for VTT's for $2

How long should this take (tech re-discovery)

What, Never Played Pathfinder?!

Are Bad DMs bad people?

101 Random Fantasy Headlines

Exploration Campaign...what recommended skills, etc

Excellent piece on being Black and Nerdy....

New to GenCon - Event Registration?

Will six players be alright? [Warning: convoluted]

Problems specific to online gaming?

Paladin and Half-orc fighter Artwork

GENCON 2014 - What events are you running?

Converting AD&D AC To D&D 5e AC

Dm bots

Personal Rant, You Don't Have to Read It

Come join us!

Are probabilities and projected statistics more important than actual gameplay data?

As a player / GM, do you ever let rule bending slide without saying anything?

How much miles of land would you need...

Need Advice Dealing with a bad DM

Wilderness and mapping - New Weekly Blog "Pen & Pixel"

Good DMPCs?

"I go into stealth." and Other Ways to Annoy Your GM

Inclusive Gaming in a Historical Setting

Player Driven Plots (instead of Plot Driven Players)

Free character art

New players filling 'necessary' party roles

Create a World Game

There's Talk Like A Pirate Day. Why isn't there a Talk Like A Goblin Day?

The Possible Tabletop RPG Series with Wil Wheaton and WHY we should get behind it!

Loner Players

101 Names for Halflings and Gnomes

Order of the Stick Books for Sale


What is 'High Adventure'?

axes evolve

The Big Bad Paladin Rage Fest

Do house rules ruin the game? The best and worst things you've encountered

Maure Castle Lower Levels (Warlock's Walk, etc.)

Dashing Rogues and Daredevils

Anyone know of free outlined portraits for use for NPC cards?

A player who almost always crits

What's Your Most Commonly Played alignment?

Visible distance? Question about how far you can see....

Larry Elmore / SnarfQuest 30th Anniversary

What is an 'Adventurer' and do all character classes fit the concept?

Favorite Dungeons, Delves, Crawls, and Caves

How would you react ...

The Straight Cissexual Gamer Community Thread.

Counter Culture Art Online Mag

Ways GMs can annoy their players

Equipment list, general gear, food...

Power Gamer vs. Optimizer

Character gender, attractiveness, sexuality and player gender? A bit of a questionnaire

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