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Skills, do they need to be used?

Wait... You do what?...

Another Alignment Thread

Osirian temple of Cayden Cailean found!

Level 1 to Level 20 / Mythic - A vast campaign ends

This offends me...

Has anybody heard from Axel of Headless Hydra Games?

GM Pet Peeves

What's your rebellion point with your GM?

Design your own mini Kickstarter

Custom Chainmail Dicebags by VHD Kickstarter

Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor

Most incredible, or god-forsaken, dungeon map...

Highlander Mythology

Fun and Blood! Learning a New Class

Dwarf Female Art

A Player Entitlement Rant

Can Troglodyte stench be washed off?

Wrath of the Righteous Actual Play VTT

Alignment of Grumpy cat

Fantasy Race reboot.

Names for a Magic Sword and / or Pirate Ship

How many aliens to conquer the world?

Dice roller or real bones?

The "Murderhobo" slander...

That's NO WAY for a PC to die.

Comeliness / Charisma / Physical Looks which games have, which dont..

Paizo has a chance to be the first!

Another one bites the dust...

Livin'! After MIDNIGHT! d20 Campaign Setting

Could there be a galactic community out there?

Building an electronic Tabletop, looking for advice!

Born with power or fight for it

Turn your favourite movie into a Pathfinder Adventure..

Steve Kurtz

Non-human sports

Welcome To IT'SGRACE

"For the [campaign] is dark and full of terrors"

Pathfinder Carols

Your Spouse (or SO) and Gaming

Tools of the table

My jaw just hit the floor.

Longest game

Druid Adventures

Just got the Xmas card--what should I get with it?

I hate optimization

Dungeon Build: The Tunnel

Writing Native American cultures and mythologies for RPGs

Most unlikely BBEGs

DM disallows cool build

Medieval Industry

Am I the only one who....(loot-related)

The propriety of PC vs. PC: Never, *without* exception?

Use of Boggard Slaves

Gifts for the Community

Do you like doing inventory?

Why video games will never replace the tabletop.

I hate roleplaying

Shelfbold and Her Unbelievable TPK

I Want To Adventure Here

Ideal PC Group for Your Tastes

A 3rd Edition Class that can cast Magic Missile AND CLW?

When players just do dumb things

Are there any good "Monster Tamer" tabletop RPGs out there?

Black Eyed Children

who's out there

Your new campaign and the new party

Your Favorite Improvised / Derailed Dungeon Stories

Character Art Commissions Repoened!

Dry Spell

Monarch of the Monsters Contest at Kobold Press needs voters!

Native American Fey and Spirits Question

Another Problem Player Topic

these gaming shirts are amazing. kickstarter gold!

Killing NPC's and monsters in games… Is it considered murder?

Idea for a wild west / fantasy RPG

DMs: Have you ever sanctioned a PC because you didn't him / her or the player?

Handling Alignment

I was having fun... Not anymore

Why is cannibalism evil, but slavery isn't?

A question of alignment

How much should a GM "coddle" the players?

Giving Away Masks of the Living God, We Be Goblins too and Dawn of the Scarlet Sun (Hard Copies)

Drive Thru RPG; Is it PCI compliant?

"That is cheating!"

12 (ish) days of Christmas - the return

I will buy Chronicle of the Righteous, Champions of Purity, Distant Worlds, or Cerulean Seas: Beasts of the Boundless Blue for the first twelve posters that want them

Tabletop Role-Playing Game Survey

How do you handle homosexuality in your campaigns?

How do you go about creating a character for play?

Campaign Settings, whoa, good gawd y’all, what are they good for…*

How Much of a Jerk Am I?

Do you fantasize of creating games?

POLL: Which of These RPGs Have You Played in the Last Five Years ?

Venting / Am i being too upset about stuff GM did?


RPGs Are Great: A Really Cool & Unexpected Reward

Individual vs group "fun"

Fellow players disapprove of my class choosing method

[Bundle of Holding] Family-Friendly RPGs - Teach Your Kids Roleplaying

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