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Question on armor composition and weight

What are the odds, three 20s in one full attack!

Need Help making Pathfinder Society legal character!

Campaign at an End

Looking into next year or possibly next con... GM's worst nightmare..

Standard Killing Protocol! -What do you do?

GMing Discussion at PAX East

Store Blog: Grab That Cash With Both Hands and Make a Stash!

Role playing advice

New Plots and Plot Ideas

Halfling Luck

Anybody know some decent sites for amateur game designers?

Divinity Forge: Competitive World-Building

Dealing out negative XP for bad behaviour.

Some GM Advice requested

good rpg site for selling stuff

The Best / Favorite Villain You made / Faced Off Against

What RPG do you play to change it up between PF sessions?

Just talk it out man.

Your all time favorite PC

But I like “sexualized, scantily clad heroines” in my gaming entertainment.

GM Impartiality

How We Won the War

What are you looking for when participating in a living world?

Is that surreal enough for you?

Dungeon masters world building guide

Not leveling?

Best Pathfinder pbp?

Is it ok for a GM to mess with a PC's Character concept?

David A. Trampier, D&D Illustrator, has passed away

How do YOU prevent novas?

The Stormwind Fallacy Fallacy?

Monsterpalooza - Tom Baxa

Looking for some discussion on how best to run a game at a charity event.

David Trampier, artist of Wormy RIP

Disparity of GMing

Does your table have unspoken rules?

Dave Trampier RIP

DragonStrike 1993 VHS

Blind-accessible gaming Kickstarter

The crossing of realism & fantasy : the uncanny valley of gaming?

Help me come up with stupid alchemy jokes

the cleric

Worst PC, DM ever?

I think I see a serious difference

Stuff you never hear power gamers say...

"Is everybody happy?!"

This ad is for not for what you think it is for

...And you get transfered into a fantasy world. And wake up in an abandoned house.

Every Campaign Plot Ever

Adventurers are the gamers of the game's fantasy world

Reconciling differeing playstyles in a group

What are some of the most goofy / overpowered / broken / etc magic items you've allowed in your game because while they were goofy / etc they were kool?

Now I want to play an Archer / Acrobat

Depression and Writing - My Difficulties in Finishing Archmage

? for cosplayers: "Steel" armor advice and color coordination

Keeping the Party Interested / Frustrations with my fellow players

Dealing with Weird Group Dynamics

No Dinosaurs Allowed

Inspiring your muse for encounters, descriptions, and more

Two Game Masters for the same adventure

What's your favorite stat?

I’ve failed, and I need your help in getting over it.

Gamer, Know Thyself

Character Portrait Gallery

Favorite old D&D monsters

An optimizer's code

How do you make your adventures?

Adding my Pathfinder GMing experience to my Resume / CV

Who's YOUR favorite GM?

games workshop green stuff

Beginner GM with beginner players

Con Question: Is it worth it?

A different view on "meta-gaming"

What Do You Think the Paizo Golem is Made Out Of?

Richard Pett gets a fan letter folded into an origami crane and placed in a carved teak box depicting six trolls enjoying a picnic much.

Have you ever run into a situation where part of the party does something sucidal?

Gentlemen's Agreement

Looking for an old Thread that discussed ability scores, I think.

Looking for some kind of specific dice

OMG What a loss!

Item drops vs Purchased / Crafted: Which is more satisfying?

Messing with the PCs heads. In a good way!

Ok, this goes waaaay back

"Rocks Fall" and Other DM Tales

Yes, you can play that, BUT...

Fun self-invented things your characters had

The Oldest D20 Ever Discovered!

Staying Organized at the Table

some art for your d&d

Developers, Do you need them to run your game?

Whither Dark Mistress?

A paladin in my game will fall if ...

Has the Barbarian fallen?

Boxed Text

Monopoly as a simulation for a pubescent evil-aligned role-playing

Dice Mojo and You

Did this paladin fall?

A game derailment for the book of ages...

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