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Gamer Talk

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Best / Coolest Game Accessories

I'm giving away...

About writing (RPG adventures) and crying

Physical Dungeon Map Tokens


Mechanically strong character- all the time.

Gaming with Ebola, a Review

Is it necrophilia?

Adventures interdimensional

What is your favorite fantasy country?

It's Never Too Early For Cthulhu Christmas Carols!

Need Names and Occupations for comedy...

WORMY'S WEDNESDAY WHAT? Using proper names in the game

The Epic Character Death Thread

Crazy custom crafted items, what's yours?

What do you do to restore Luck to Dice

Roleplaying XP, and why I avoid it.

Looking for an adventure

A Pint Sized Mute Lolita Brags about her Victory at Weekly William's Table

Do you favor female deities? (plz look ladies)

Sunshine and Rainbows - Happyfinder Thread

So I had some time while on a bus...

Bah! Problem 'Adventurers'

D&D 3.5 compared to Pathfinder: Classes edition

Preferred play style.

Because Gamer Funk is a Serious Issue...

What are your two favorite ability scores?

Percy Jackson costume

Searching for Gygax in The Samarkand Solution

Advice Please: Best Gundum Epyon Figure

Warhammer fantasy & pathfinder?

Share the ideology of your True Neutral hero

How to Build An Effective Character Every, Single Time

(Silly) I would have gotten away with it too if it hadn't be for...

What's the craziest stunt your party has ever pulled off?

100 things the villain is doing when 'scrying' is cast on him

I'm a graduate student conducting a study on technologies in tabletop gaming. I'm looking for information from designers and players like you!

Worst encounters with rules lawyers

Playing a class that you don't want to give away

We would have gotten away with it if.....

How much do you hang w / your gaming friends?

101 (or more) Reasons to be an Adventurer!

technology with primative tools

Building an interactive gaming table (flat screen embedded in table) - how I did it

100 reasons why someone is a necromancer

Who is the direct or creative inspiration for your character?

What was it like growing up through the anti RPG hysteria of the 70s and 80s?

charisma isnt all ego and leadership

The Attribute Roleplaying Problem

Books....Basements.....and Fear

Playing the other sex

Amazing Adventures Kickstarter campaign....Pulp gaming at its finest.

Interesting Coin Weight Math

The age old Debate: Charisma and Beauty.

GM's Wrath

The dice are having an evening off...

Question for the Community in Regards to Being a GM

101 Cockatrice braggart taunts

GM prep for One shot games at conventions

Which is your favorite pantheon?

What makes a successful play-by post game...successful?

return from Rose City Comicon


Favorite Game Food?

I'm giving away some RPG books, if you would like some

Code Monkey Publishing

Ancient d20 discovered in Egypt

What does your Avatar say about you??

so how does the economy in a fantasy world even WORK?

Documentary Proves Girls Will Play D&D With Boys

When you walk step into an Ogre city, what do you expect, and what do you want to see?

Lem Pictures

Why use psionics?

knitting at the table?

Horror done right

In-game Epic Fails

Map Builder

Bringing Very Young Children to the Game Session

1001 (or about) Ridiculous things due to a critical hit failure

Dear god what have I done?

"GM's That Allow Cool Things" Appreciation

The most annoying gamer in the world.


My group started an rpg game podcast

Dnd and Girls a Short documentary

Tabletop RPGs in the Canadian military?

That Moment...: Best and Worst of Diplomacy

High Elf Recipes - For Actual Eating - Any Ideas?

DnD dice boxes, market research, kickstarter

I am the captain of my soul

When Is Friendly Fire OK?

How much system mastery do you expect from your GM and / or players?

Store Blog: Keep Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'!

NSC Spellcaster uses dumb tactics to prevent TPK

Neat Article From Look Robot

What do you hate about your favorite games, TV shows, and books?

megadungeons: thoughts?

Merry Mid-Year Mikaze-mas! (with a twist)

the adventure build project

Why do ugly people still exist?

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