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Gamer Talk

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War Pig Radio: Internet Radio for the Gamerati

Total Con 2015 Who is in?

Flavor VS Mechanics

What games / entertainment do well at inclusive worldbuilding?

Character Backgrounds - Off Limits to GMs, or Fair Game?

Creative Uses For Spells

My Game For Tonight Is Cancelled

I will draw your characters when I get around to it!!!!

1001 suggestions

CHAINMAIL Co-Author Jeff Perrin Needs Your Help!

I need help dealing with new parents and a small child while trying to game.

Tarrasque Killing

A complicated situation, requesting assistance!

What kind of stuff have you done to NPCs?

Take your Time: How long is your campaign?

What do you call a group of bards?

What variant rules do you like to implement?


GenCon 2015 Rooms

Whats your favorite fight songs

How do you play bad will save characters?



Gaaah! Sometimes I really get to not liking people very much!

What is the best roleplaying / backstory you have ever seen?

730 Report - D&D

Is the Pathfinder Chronicles podcast dead?

I wanna blog too!

*Rant* New Game - Annoying GM

I wanna be the very best DM there ever was

1001 Buildings you may find in a Fantasy Town

Son of ... frazzin ... razzin ...

Dedicated Pathfinder Room

Weird Character Ideas, Realistic or Otherwise

Advice: How to handle a player that does and doesn't want to play

Wild Beast Chase

Memorable Campaign Twists Your Players Never Saw Coming

Increasing Female Participation

Lawful Neutrality, somehow more of a pain then Chaotic Neutrality?

How do dragons fly- internally consistent physics enhanced by magic

Dear Santa,

Other minorities we can try to make RPGs more welcoming to.

Flavours of Time Travel in Games

Where do you look for fantasy art?

So who else makes pc with no group?

What is the “Sweet-Spot” of Play by Post Gaming, for You?

Tactics 101 Blog: Does having good tactics make you better at roleplaying?

power gamers

Making Your Own Fate (Or Why It's A Bad Idea For Chaotic Good Characters To Rear Black Dragons)

Roleplaying Murderhobos

Fluff vs crunch: Do you need crunch to play certain flavor?

Need Help Naming a Big Bad...

Why Inapplicable PCs?

What is the most fun in-game thing you've ever experienced or done?

What is metagaming, by definition?

Some of your house rules that you like best

I Wake Up (Warning: Horror Themes)

Pets in RPGs

Setting for gritty, low fantasy / intrigue / noir

Monday night Pathfinder Streaming on Twitch!!!

Player Says, Player Means: The Gritty Reboot

1001 Silly and Stupid GM Tricks

Other gamers with young kids

The "World's End" and 101 Other Foreshadowing Taverns...

DM says / DM means

You know the GM is out to get you when -...

Most worthless spells

Looking for a cool fantasy font / icons

The History Behind The Paladin

Odds the same rolling a d20 or d6 d10

A Story About How A Cheating Player Got His Comeuppance From A Cyclops

Suggest some good Sci-Fi Settings and / or Systems

A New Character Has Been Rolled: Gamer Babies!

Ever regretted not TPKing?

How do you use alignment? Do you?

What if a Thunder Behemoth were spawned in Game of Thrones

Golarion Gods converted to Lost Lands / Rappan Athuk.

Random Table: A Giant’s Poop Contents Chart

Proud Arrogance as a playstyle

Virtual tabletop?

Goofy / Cool uses for some magic item.....

Do dice have a use by date?

Mikazemas 2014: Interjection Holiday Bundle Edition

Poll: Star Trek vs. Star Wars?

Transgender PCs

The unbearable lightness of Candyland

Paladin detects evil

If you could have one mid-level super power....

design your own dungeons and dragons module

Time Wizards! A Game of Time, Wizards, and Time Wizards

Our bad table habits

Exploring these forums has taught me one very important thing

So, is there an example of a Lawful Good Society on earth?

More examples of 2+ good guys fight 1 bad guy??? (Moved)

A good site / forums for a campaign

Dndtools is dead...

Art Contest! Steam Games and Art as Prizes.

RPG System for kids?

An explanation why some people don't like playing around optimization

The unlikeliest thing

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