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Gaming the system versus imaginative creativity


Would Paizo Make a Better Steward of Our Hobby?

Why aren't gamers generally morning people?

Monster Names


Adventurers are Eccentric, keep it reasonable, don't let a character hog attention because of his race

Does anyone remember "The Bloodless Battle of the 1000 Demon Brothers"?

Weird West Campaign in the Works, Recommended Systems?

Time Wizards! A Game of Time, Wizards, and Time Wizards

Is this an example of a "restricted" or an "inclusive" campaign world?

Need a map of a House on a Hill?

"Saying No" (KQ article relevant to locked snowflake thread)

What is "The most important rule on the message boards"?

Seeking a Bored Artist

My GM is great, my players are awesome and the rules work for me. How about you?

Metric Conversion Reference Guide

Looking for a map of an inn in a module / AP

The Munchkin phase.

Is system mastery just another name for power gaming?

Why can't I care deeply about my character and accept arbitrary death?

Obsidian Portal

Solo Adventures for Players without GMs

Who here as played with a paizo staff member?

Your Last 5 Table Top Gaming Purchases . . .

Why some games just aren't for you? But hey, that's okay.

I blows my mind...

A Greedy Paladin

Confessions That Will Get You Shunned By The Members Of The Paizo Community

Professions in PF...why dont they have prerequisities?

The GM made this decision that annoyed me. With time to reflect, I believe they did the right thing and I was actually wrong.

When it comes to RPGs, how complex... is too complex?

Good alignments, challenges, and the differences between players.

What makes you so special that you get to play your snowflake anyway?

Fantasy Fashionista Thread

Pro Tabletop Gaming Audio Collection

Plight of the Tuatha is coming! (Kickstarter)

Character Art for as low as $3!

I AM GOD! and other signs you're playing with a bad GM

FREE Storytelling class - MOOC

Overloaded Beginners - Rant

well, if you hate your DM this is why... (fig it was worth a repost...)

Running games for people who choose concept over the numbers.

Loss of Fun

Looking for an article from an old rpg magazine.

Unexpected Story Twists

Things you don't want to hear the party necromancer say.

How would one join a 3PP company?

The Thread of Broken Dreams

One player games

Problems with Mayday orders?

Your definition of the Alignments

Halloween one-shots

Contentious Player Advice: "Colour inside the lines"

Train Wreck games, the DM's responsibility in them

How to read monster stat block

XP, Or Not XP? That Is The Question...

Stretching the Rules for the Sake of the Story

Would Paizo ever buy the rights to the DnD brand from Hasbro?

The message boards vs what actually goes on in real life games.

How you can solve 95% of the problems listed on the boards.

Bored - Campaign summaries / journals

Why is the word "dictator" being used in an over exaggerated way?

Ordering around the GM

Kitchen Sink vs Constrained setting

What Races Do You Allow?

[Serious Discussion] [That Guy With the Glasses]: The Dark Side of the Internet

Math can be fun!

The Roleplaying C-word

Is tabletop gaming serious business?

Games that could use more Cthulhu

The Wallara (an Indigenous people)

Free Dungeon: The Well

Monkeys or Bananas

Storytelling and Control

The Log Line

Agriculture, the growth of nation-states, and how these might be different in a fantasy world

Games, puzzles, and government

101 Reasons you LEFT your party

Pickup Gaming

Lying to Party?

Demon Hunter's Handbook & We Be Goblins Too!

Would you buy a game that did not come with an EXP mechanic?

Play by post or tabletop?

Would you accept a non-human-centric setting with humans?

The guy who annoys me

Are my players being inconsiderate, or am I overreacting?

Talk me down!

What makes a good roleplayer?

I need help finding a game

Real Life / Game Life Correlation Poll!

What's a Good System for Sci-Fi Military Adventure?

Character's 'Famous' Last Words

Reaper Minis Kickstarter pt 2 (ends Oct 26, 2013)

Tell us a rookie mistake you have made.

RPGs, Fairness and Fun

Fantasy Art

Favourite play by post (to read gameplay posts, not favourite AP)

Campaign Journals: How-To?

Pathfinder has a tvtropes page!

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