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Gamer Talk

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Weird, ridiculous campaign ideas that we all secretly want to do...

Hindsight is 20 / 20 (A thread of missed chances)

I've got bad players...

Favorite Quotes Of Your PCs

So I just found this Article. I think Paizo should take a look. I think there are some good ideas.

Ramblin Man Part Deux: Game Edition

Resources for every GM

Store Blog: Eight Days to go! ONWAAARD!

Characters acting against the Players interest.

101 Reasons to be booted from a table.

What makes a good fight?

Stupid decisions that saved the party.

A fun idea

The Many Things Adventurers Do That Are Really Weird

What is Role-Playing?

The 5 RPG Characters We Should Stop Playing

Best one-liner that made the whole table laugh?

new guy and lost

RPG books for Sale

The league of people okay with anime in their fantasy.

Racial Slurs in Game

Journey Quest Season 3 Kickstarter - $25 and up get pdf adventure path Nethadric's Pranks

Gaming gifts we gave, received, or plan to get

The LGBT Gamer Community Thread.

101 Superstitions

Please help a damsel in Distress! Where to purchase miniature dice

Old School Gaming ?

Looking for an evil adventure path

3D Terrain

Empire Today Issue 4

Help With Flavor Text, DnD 5e and Pathfinder

Why doesn't Drizzt have ranger spells?

We Are All Going to Die.

Things a DM can put in a dungeon to totally mess with players

Any Cases where you felt the "game mechanics" contradict our own world?

Just Some Quick Venting

If you took the Star Stone Test to become a god what type of god would you be?

Trick You Can Do With Money

Shadowrun 5e Matrix Cracking

The 5 Totally Useless Statements You See in Every RPG Discussion

Getting an RPG related book published

Pick up some hard-to-find RPG books. Donate money to an RPG focussed charity.

Need help remembering adventure

In search of CPA for FL non-profit

The Dungeons & Dragons experience ( complete)

The Greatest Pen and Paper RPGs


Dirty Pool for Gen Con Housing

Terrible Party Balance in Fantasy Movies

Creatures in Mythology that transform from human to take on Bestial aspects

101 Achievements for Playing an RPG

Funny Fantasy web series Jouney Quest kickstarting season 3

DM-less solo-play Adventure Module

What is the Golarion equivalent to your modern job?

105 Eccentric Dungeon Themes

Empire of Imagination

My wisdom teeth were removed. Any tips?

Pathfinder PODCAST

4th Annual 12 Days of Christmas

Pathfinder By Day...Fry Cook By Night?

Speedrunning Pathfinder

Why Are New Things Always Called Cheese?

101 Fantasy city locations

Pathfinder Puppy

50 Fantasy RPG Dungeon Gaming Maps

any must have 3rd party...

Another Metal Dice Kickstarter

1001 Small Treats for DMs to Grant During Character Creation

Steak: It's what's for dinner......

Fantasy Villains You Should Actually Be Rooting For

Mikazemas Giveaway II: Mikazemas Harder

101 problems with taking over a dungeon

Where to sell some Spellfire cards

I woke up today and found my 20 sided die was missing

The moment you were hooked on RPGs

DM moving to the U.S.

Now you can roll dice in the dark ...

Achievement Unlocked! - How Many Do You Have?

Where can I buy Greyhawk Ruins PDF

Sunday, January 26th: D20 for Charity

New Facebook group for selling & trading RPGs

Where can I download good background music for free?

Ironic Boons

Real Life Escape Rooms

Does Star Wars have Artificial Intelligence?

101 Things that make Shadowrun, Shadowrun?

“The scariest, most terrifying thing that I fear?"

Contract prices for marketing, writing, editing, art?

Ask an amateur

Chronicles Podcast Returns! Episode 20 The Dragon's Demand With Mike Shel

Urgently need a Pathfinder Christmas adventure

Good Non-Fantasy RPGs

Hello -

Gaahaaa ! ! ! Why do people complain about what they do to themselves?

How much would you pay for this?

GM Screens - Horizontal or Vertical?


Having Multiple DMs in one campaign

Wrath of the Righteous livestream!

What are your experiences with the Book of Vile Darkness

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