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Gamer Talk

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How long should this take (tech re-discovery)

Examples of Paladins in literature, real world legend, movies etc.

Paizo F!~#ED UP Again

What's Your Most Commonly Played alignment?

The LGBT Gamer Community Thread.

Ever Game With the USA as Enemy?

Create a World Game

World Building Game...

150 Reasons for a tavern brawl - New Weekly Blog "Pen & Pixel"

Min-Maxing: Do you RP your high stats?

Fantasy portrait site?

Yet Another GM Complaining About Players

3D Printable d2 (not coin)

Worst things your GM has done to you?

Terrible Ideas that are Terrible

The Ebb and Flow of Play-by-Post Campaigns

Do bad players have the right to have fun?

Ten things you consider vital to a good scifi

+1 Weapons and other mood breakers

Unconventional Dragon Hoards

"I go into stealth." and Other Ways to Annoy Your GM

100 RPG setting ideas

Ways GMs can annoy their players

Character portraits

Making custom character portraits!

Place Your Rant Here

Best one-liner that made the whole table laugh?

Dm bots

Character Portraits.

PC vs Figurine

Does anybody name their weapons?

What do you want to see in an NPC love interest?

Typecast Players, what archetypes bind you?

Flavor Text: Casting Spells - How Do You Describe It?

Character gender, attractiveness, sexuality and player gender? A bit of a questionnaire

Give me cool things for my paladin to say!

Orientalism, Game Design, and Roleplay

Best Familiar / Pet names

Cannot find this item! ><

Playing a character instead of playing a class

Cleaning out corruption in a small town.

The Incorporation Of Real Skills Into The Game

What's more important to you, absolute or relative power?

Personal musings on the nature of Lawful Good

Store Blog: You Got Your Spell on Me, Baby!

Long-time DMs: How often were you a member of the avant garde?

How selective are you when gaming?

The Verbal / Visual Examples of Players / Problems in your Games

BBC coverage of D&D today

Question on armor composition and weight

If I used the word "Toon" rather than PC... (A discussion of terms)

What are the odds, three 20s in one full attack!

Need Help making Pathfinder Society legal character!

Campaign at an End

Looking into next year or possibly next con... GM's worst nightmare..

Standard Killing Protocol! -What do you do?

GMing Discussion at PAX East

Store Blog: Grab That Cash With Both Hands and Make a Stash!

When you are playing with a far inferior GM who won't take advice...

Role playing advice

New Plots and Plot Ideas

Halfling Luck

Anybody know some decent sites for amateur game designers?

Divinity Forge: Competitive World-Building

Dealing out negative XP for bad behaviour.

Some GM Advice requested

good rpg site for selling stuff

GM fudging save rolls

The Best / Favorite Villain You made / Faced Off Against

What RPG do you play to change it up between PF sessions?

Just talk it out man.

Good DMPCs?

I Have To Share

DM Kill Board

Your all time favorite PC

But I like “sexualized, scantily clad heroines” in my gaming entertainment.

GM Impartiality

Group Skill Monkey?!?

How We Won the War

What are you looking for when participating in a living world?

Is that surreal enough for you?

Dungeon masters world building guide

Not leveling?

Empire Today Issue 4

Best Pathfinder pbp?

Is it ok for a GM to mess with a PC's Character concept?

David A. Trampier, D&D Illustrator, has passed away

How do YOU prevent novas?

The Stormwind Fallacy Fallacy?

Monsterpalooza - Tom Baxa

Looking for some discussion on how best to run a game at a charity event.

David Trampier, artist of Wormy RIP

Disparity of GMing

Does your table have unspoken rules?

Dave Trampier RIP

DragonStrike 1993 VHS

Blind-accessible gaming Kickstarter

Gary Gygax & Role Playing Mastery

The crossing of realism & fantasy : the uncanny valley of gaming?

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