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Bringing Very Young Children to the Game Session


The LGBT Gamer Community Thread.

Dear god what have I done?

What is the worst roleplaying / backstory you have ever seen?

Documentary Proves Girls Will Play D&D With Boys

Which is your favorite pantheon?

"GM's That Allow Cool Things" Appreciation

In-game Epic Fails

Map Builder

The most annoying gamer in the world.


Preferred play style.

My group started an rpg game podcast

Best one-liner that made the whole table laugh?

Horror done right

Playing the other sex

D&D 3.5 compared to Pathfinder: Classes edition

GM's Wrath

100 reasons why someone is a necromancer

What do you do to restore Luck to Dice

Best Character Name Ever?

Dnd and Girls a Short documentary

Favorite Game Food?

The age old Debate: Charisma and Beauty.

Tabletop RPGs in the Canadian military?

The Token Evil Teammate

That Moment...: Best and Worst of Diplomacy

High Elf Recipes - For Actual Eating - Any Ideas?

Poll: Star Trek vs. Star Wars?

The Attribute Roleplaying Problem

DnD dice boxes, market research, kickstarter

What does your Avatar say about you??

I am the captain of my soul

When Is Friendly Fire OK?

How much system mastery do you expect from your GM and / or players?

Store Blog: Keep Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'!

NSC Spellcaster uses dumb tactics to prevent TPK

Empire Today Issue 4

I'm giving away some RPG books, if you would like some

Neat Article From Look Robot

What do you hate about your favorite games, TV shows, and books?

knitting at the table?

megadungeons: thoughts?

Merry Mid-Year Mikaze-mas! (with a twist)

the adventure build project

Do you favor female deities? (plz look ladies)

Why do ugly people still exist?

Recent Favorite Character Moments?

Funny character ideas

Pathfinder in theory versus reality

Realms of Io: fantasy setting

murderhobos? what is it that makes them appealing?

My wife made me post this...aka Steve Geddes is one cool cat!

Lunge + Cleave

Funny ideas for the silly GM

What's The Absolute Worst PC You've Ever Seen?

101 ways to protect your house

Looking for a group, and assistance.

Is it necrophilia?

How much do you hang w / your gaming friends?

D&D 3.5 Compared to Pathfinder: Races Edition

Geek Girl Con

alternate pantheons: Melanesian

Battle Cries!

popular arrays to use

The PC Group will Die if they don't Complete this Dungeon TONIGHT!

DM Kill Board

Suggested Mathfinder titles

Larry Correia cites Pathfinder for diversity in gaming.


Homemade maps

Another Paladin Question

Group Themes

DM says / DM means

Gary Gygax & Role Playing Mastery

Do you usually play similar PC's?

What are some of the worst rulings you've had to deal with in games?

Long ramblings of a step father

Commission! Ambrus Valsin as Uncle Sam poster quality art

Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King's Quest

For Auction: LOTR Statues and Red Cthulhu on ebay

101 Reasons You Are With Your Party

So, if you thought that the RPG market is big...

Non-Lethal Kills

Murderhobo Campfire Stories

How to find a character artist

Robert Downey Jr - "Pathfinders Unite" ?

1977 Asmodeus Drawing

Worm-like creature with legs and spikes

From Open Gaming to Free Culture: For a Third Golden Age of roleplay

Physical Dungeon Map Tokens

Kobold Press / Midgard Super Bundle!!!

Opinion: The Hobbit and LOTR films are examples of terrible, terrible campaign strategy.

Weirdest thing to happen at your gaming table.

A nice article about our favorite game system and our favorite gaming company.

Let's talk about magic

pathfinder actual play podcast

Cantrips- A Web Series

Cthulhu D20

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