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Pun Names and other Quasi-Jokes for Characters

12 days of Christmas - Part 3!

The LGBT Gamer Community Thread.

Dear Santa,

Empire Today Issue 4

What if a Thunder Behemoth were spawned in Game of Thrones

Suggest some good Sci-Fi Settings and / or Systems

You know the GM is out to get you when -...

Golarion Gods converted to Lost Lands / Rappan Athuk.

Random Table: A Giant’s Poop Contents Chart

How do you use alignment? Do you?

Proud Arrogance as a playstyle

Fluff vs crunch: Do you need crunch to play certain flavor?

Party / Group you name yours?

Virtual tabletop?

Goofy / Cool uses for some magic item.....

Would Your Rather? Pathfinder Edition

Ever regretted not TPKing?

Do dice have a use by date?

Mikazemas 2014: Interjection Holiday Bundle Edition

Poll: Star Trek vs. Star Wars?

Transgender PCs

The unbearable lightness of Candyland

101 Achievements for Playing an RPG

I'll draw your OC's :0

Paladin detects evil

If you could have one mid-level super power....

My Gaming Pet Peeves

design your own dungeons and dragons module

Things a DM can put in a dungeon to totally mess with players

Time Wizards! A Game of Time, Wizards, and Time Wizards

Best one-liner that made the whole table laugh?

Our bad table habits

Exploring these forums has taught me one very important thing

....really grinds my gears...

So, is there an example of a Lawful Good Society on earth?

More examples of 2+ good guys fight 1 bad guy??? (Moved)

1001 Buildings you may find in a Fantasy Town

A good site / forums for a campaign

Table-Top Gaming and Market Share

Dndtools is dead...

Art Contest! Steam Games and Art as Prizes.

RPG System for kids?

An explanation why some people don't like playing around optimization

The unlikeliest thing

Evil Hat Games gets GamerGate card game pulled from OBS with boycott threat

Other gamers with young kids

Villain Pulp or Cool: What's In A Name?

Holiday Gifts for the Players

Which online campaigns do you follow?

Paladin Morality Debate (that is totally unrelated to other existing threads)

Story time

artefacts of the immortals

Time to Rock!!

WTB: Dungeons & Dragons Play More: Free D&D v3.5 Accessory Update

The Tough GM

Numerian Troubleshooter (Fan-Made Slayer Archetype)

Do you pull called shots on your players?

2 players vs: Second Darkness

Using Disney Animated Fantasy Heroes

Funny character ideas

The Dog Ate My Adventure

To the Pathfinder LGBT community

On silly or odd advice threads.

How can anyone stand for it?

Obsidian Portal, similar sites

Want Revenge on Party

Things I learned from Games that apply to real life

scifi / fantasy world building

Preparing for an adventure from PDF, what's important.

Gaming sessions that made you angry

Awesome villain that you made yourself

On reflection, have you overcome bad tendencies as a DM?

My Character art sketch book

Any of you playing games in a registered association?

Can some one draw my OC

Poll: How did you learn to game?

another backstory

Snack Recipes for Game Night

What plot twist got you WTH?

Adding children to the group

Raise your game to an artform!

i need help developing character concepts during the next 8 weeks

renaissance cosplay

Finding Time to Game?

Do you play one race and / or class to the virtual or actual exclusion of any others?

Games that could use more Cthulhu

Dungeon, Underground, and Underdark Lighting

Jaw dropping moments as a DM

Character Backgrounds: What's your habits and why?

You've got to Reason with the Sky and the Clouds

Trying to recreate Howl from Howl's moving castle, but i cant decide on a class. Help!

Has anyone ever used hurdy gurdies in their pathfinder campaigns?

Dire croc antics

"Old School" vs visual aids

Birthday Gifts for me and you!

the village of lower burkwart

find your real dnd stats

Problematic PC's (not players)

Going old school tomorrow.

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