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Music & Audio

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What are you listening to as you browse the message boards?

Name that lyric!

Good covers of great songs

Classical Music

Erik Mona and Metal

I want my MTV!

What Songs Make You Cry?

The ONE metal album that reminds you of D&D / Pathfinder?

What Are Your Top 5 Bands?

The death knell of punk rock

So What's Your Theme Song?

Anyone write their own Music?

FAWTL Radio.

Music During Game Play?

Tearjerkers--The Most Bittersweet Songs in the World

Farwell, Ziggy Stardust (R.I.P. David Bowie)

Snakes & Arrows

The End of Silence Radio

What are the first five albums you ever owned?

Who's A Hippie?

Songs That Define Who You Are

Nicki minaj music video controversy (nsfw)

Favorite Lines from songs

Your tune / song of the moment (examples / samples too!)

People are still playing "Every Breath You Take" at weddings.

Recently Used Soundtracks

Your favorite Creepy Love Songs.

How many Prog fans do we have here at Paizo?

Good RPG Podcasts

Need music for the gaming table (what's your favorite?)

Top 10 Cowbell Songs

Do You Game To Music?

Guilty Pleasure Songs

Great Duets?

2014 First Year Without a Platinum Record

What Are Your Top 800+ Bands?

Really bad songs that you like anyway

The Most Annoying / Obnoxious Songs Every Produced!

Tinkergoth's Guide to Concert Etiquette

Lady Gaga = Lamashtu?

Creepy Music Suggestions

Creepiest Music Ever!!

Ronnie James Dio is sick....

R.I.P. Lemmy

Soundtrack to the Age of Worms (spoilers)

Read lyrics from cheesy fantasy-oriented metal.

Background Music for your Gaming Session.

Holy Diver lyrics

Weird Al has returned!

What's your personal theme song?

How old does a song have to be before it can be a Golden Oldie?

Tamora Pierce...

TAPP: A Pathfinder Podcast (KC and Gark are in it)

Legendary musician, Prince, dead at 57

I made you a mix!

This is the Anthem of all Pathfinder players

Dance Tonight

Old Ones, and their Funky Fresh Music

Remember when...

Chris Martin... plagiarist?

Your Guilty Pleasures

RIP Leonard Cohen

RIP Lou Reed

Finally!!!! Rush gets a Rock Hall nomination.

Rush - Clockwork Angels

Free Early MP3s

Songs and sound effects

Music while you game?

What Style of Music Is This? Is This Blues?

Shaky knees May 9-12 Atlanta, GA

Seeking the right inspiration. (Music)

Do you play music during games and if so, care to share your playlist ?

New Joe Satriani CD is out...

Anybody know Incubus?

Please Recommend...

Adding Music as Part of the Game

B B King died at age 89.

George Jones R.I.P.

Need Songs with Wintry Titles

Davy Jones - R.I.P.

Today is Freddie Mercury Day.

RIP Jerry Lieber

RPG soundtrack music. Favorites?

The Decemberists: The Hazards of Love

Sutter's new music video

RIP Pete Seeger

Snubbed by the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame AGAIN...

Nightwish's Endess Forms Most Beautiful

Background music for a steampunk campaign

Help with best of Rammstein compilation

Amy Winehouse

Trance Recommendations

Know Direction, the Fan-Generated Pathfinder RPG Podcast

Wes Needs a New Stereo

Looking for something a little new.

A little atmospheric question

Advice on buying a mic

How much does music influence your campaigns?

How much money do you spend on music?

Independent Music

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