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New Order of the Stick Strip Up

Legion of Super Heroes

DC Comics Reboot

Oh Marvel, you really are terrible now.

DC Comics To Relaunch Everything

How do you reboot Wonder Woman?

Any news on Thor?

Marvel Universe ends, new combined one starts May with Issue #2 of Secret Wars

Joe Quesada needs to go now.

Female Thor!! *Identity as yet unknown*

Dialogue you won't hear from the Hulk

Iron Woman

Aberzombie's Comic Book Reminiscing

What killed-off comic character do you most miss?

Top Ten Comicbook Super heroes.

Marvel is realizing straight white guys arent the only ones who can save the world...

this is why we should be offended by existing female superhero outfits

Is this... is this possibly as awful as it seems? Because, DC... ew.

Wonder Woman gets Pants! Oh, and a new history, too

Favorite Villain anyone?

The state of Giant in the Playground

Who are the X-Men?

Donald Glover talking about the response to him wanting to be Spider-Man...

Disney buys Marvel

Ok, it's official, I hate Rob Liefield

Geoff Johns versus Joe Quesada

Aside from Conan and James T Kirk, who could wup Lobo?

Amazing Spider-Man

Gail Simone fired from Batgirl by email!

Uncle!... No more Marvel for me.

DC post-Convergence (contains Spoilers)

Path of the Necromancer D&D web comic

Incoming! (Penny Arcade)

MS Paint Adventures

Cyclops: The Worst Leader (an interview)

Superman v. Captain Marvel (SHAZAM)!

Anyone reading the new Marvel reboots?

A vs. X

Is Steve Rodgers coming back from the DEAD?

RIP: Johnny Storm


The Jade and Hugo Solis’ new web strip!

Sam Wilson aka The Falcon is the New Captain America

Another D&D web comic! Yey!

Charles Xavier is a Jerk

What's wrong with DC Comics

They killed off Captain America!

Lady Thor

Batman R.I.P.

What comic book character(s) do you wish would stay dead?

HTML Comics Out Of Business?

Coming soon to Disneyland!

If you were to reboot DC comics

What's in your pull file? Why?

Who is your quintessential comic book fighter?

Rat Queens

Questions that need answers..

Favorite Writers / Artists

Dr. Strange v. Dr. Fate!!!

DC Comics Superman

My must read list

Young Justice News

What webcomics are you reading?

Batman 702 . . . Grant Morrison, I Call Shenanigans!

Best Team Leader Optimus Prime or Captain America (Steve Rodgers)

Top Ten Super Villains

Kids of Supervillians as heroes

The Justice League of America vs. The Avengers!

I Am a Sexy Shoeless God of War!!!

Captain America is back and he has a .....gun???

DC Comics Will Reveal The Joker's Identity

New Avengers

Watchmen - The Movie

Renee Montoya Returns. And Oracle. And Wally West. And...

Comic book question: The New 52

DC vs. Marvel!

Superheroine Art!

Marvel's new sorta mini-reboot...

101 Comics / Graphic Novels to read before you die

In Brightest Day, in Blackest Night...

What's your favorite storyline or story?

Red robin #15 and observations

Rob Liefield: Greatest Comicbook artist of all time!

The Karate Kid vs. Iron Fist!

Webcomics Anyone?

Pathfinder Worldscape - SPOILERS WITHIN!

Legion of Three Worlds, Conclusion

Scarlet Witch, The Ultimate Plot Hole

Howard the Duck vs. Detective Chimp!

Who is your favorite secondstringer character?

Catwoman vs. The Black Cat!

The Batman vs. Captain America!

Batman 700

Death Vigil

Captain Marvel movie

Death (DC) versus Death (Marvel)

Ma Kent vs. Aunt May!

Marvel Civil War

New Ms. Marvel

Black Canary vs Banshee in DC vs Marvel continues.

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