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The Witch (2016)

I am tired of Vancian casting!

Dex to Damage?

New blog needs article ideas

Worst PC Death Reaction?

Young Justice: Who is the mole?

1001 Stores / shops

JourneyQuest Season 3

Where can I get a decent Character Generator?

The Night Manager

Pete's Dragon


Things a DM can put in a dungeon to totally mess with players

The Wizards of Aus - Youtube Series

[Kobold Press] Interview with Dan Dillon

Character creation / management pathfinder app?

Crusader Kings 2: And I thought Total War was Hard!

Starcraft 2 - Legacy of the void

Your worst GM-ing experience / case of GM fatigue



Cheesgrinder-RPG Survival Tournament WINNERS!

100 things the villain is doing when 'scrying' is cast on him

looking for Aquatic Elves info in Golarion setting.

Things You Don't Want To Hear Your Apperentice Say

Ailson Kindler Book Covers

Young Justice News

Is there a Campaign Calendar App in existance?

My Pathfinder Roll 20 Pet Project Is Complete At Last...

How would you feel if your GM told you your character actually died a few levels ago...

Good covers of great songs

Pretty Little Miss

Agent Carter


Looking for some custom art work

I'm trying to locate an illo of a giant

Spaceballs The Search for More Money

Marvel's Iron Fist

The most frightening phrases spoken by a wizard's apprentice.

Gary Gygax Died 8 Years Ago Today

I'll Draw your Pathfinder / RPG Magic Item

Losing Interest In All The Superhero Shows

Constitution vs Charisma

Chainmail Dice Bags

Darkest Dungeon Early Access

Sons of Anarchy

South African Pathfinders on YouTube

Paladins: Insufferable do-gooders?

Your very favorite NPC

Kickstarter Judges Guild Deluxe Collector's Edition

What does Leveling Up Mean to You?

I've got bad players...

You fumbled that attack. Roll percentiles...

Far Cry Primal


Tablet questions...

Selling huge lot of D&D minis

Missing old style (hard edged, crystal see-through, multi colored dice)

Doctor Who - Series 9

So, there's a Man in the High Castle TV series

Captain Killjoy's Film Reviews [Here there be massive spoilers! YARRRR!]

What is the worst roleplaying / backstory you have ever seen?

Which program do you feel you need for your RPGs?

The Maptool Thread for Maptool People (MapFinders!)

The Guy Gavriel Kay Thread

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Esoteric Eccentricities and Occult fetishes.

Enlarge Person

Venture Bros.

What is Realm Works?

Ghostbusters Trailer

Stardew Valley

Those who use PDFs instead of books

digital game aids

New Indiana Jones in 2019

Proposed young Han Solo movie....

First Printing Rulebook signed by all the authors

Defining, Min-Maxer, Munchkin, Optimizer, Powergamer

Black Library is looking for authors

Real Life Character Sheet

How to tell if you have a pirated 3ds game or not?

Aberzombie's Comic Book Reminiscing

So, once in awhile I do a Fantasy RPG themed comic...

So who here is good at applied math? I want to fast is The Hulk?

Should optimization override fun?

And sometimes I even write stuff...

How do Drow measure the passing of time / seasons?

Severus Snape and the Marauders

Code 8

Magnetic Initiative Board and Depth Tracker

New Tick series

Doctor Strange

Dr. Fate

Patty Duke RIP

Secret Wars

Help finding a certain artwork...

What kind of a male are you?

Gygax article from long ago, questions and opinions


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