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Virtual Tabletop Digital Gaming Surface Kickstarter for Pathfinder Society

Hullabaloo- Steampunk by Disney Animators (Indiegogo)

You're The Worst

Good Local Multiplayer PC games?

101 ways to protect your house

What's The Absolute Worst PC You've Ever Seen?

Background music for a steampunk campaign

What do *you* want from virtual tabletop software?

Funny ideas for the silly GM

Lunge + Cleave

My wife made me post this...aka Steve Geddes is one cool cat!

murderhobos? what is it that makes them appealing?

The BEST Charsheet manager EVER (?)

Realms of Io: fantasy setting

The NPC: Leaving the Hamlet- Ani-Jam

Pathfinder in theory versus reality

Recent Favorite Character Moments?

Why do ugly people still exist?

Tokenlab: Herolabs -> Maptools converter

Do you favor female deities? (plz look ladies)

the adventure build project

Merry Mid-Year Mikaze-mas! (with a twist)

The Grassy Gnoll reviews "Pariah, Missouri" Vol 1: Answering The Call

megadungeons: thoughts?

Johnny Winter RIP

Day of the Doctor (50th anniversary special)

What do you hate about your favorite games, TV shows, and books?

Manipulating the video game industry to push an agenda

why npcs repeat themselves

Neat Article From Look Robot

I'm giving away some RPG books, if you would like some

Empire Today Issue 4

NSC Spellcaster uses dumb tactics to prevent TPK

Jim Butcher


Store Blog: Keep Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'!

An Embarrassment of Riches

Looking for recommendations

How much system mastery do you expect from your GM and / or players?

When Is Friendly Fire OK?

I am the captain of my soul

I'm mostly angry that I didn't think of it first

DnD dice boxes, market research, kickstarter

Poll: Star Trek vs. Star Wars?

High Elf Recipes - For Actual Eating - Any Ideas?

That Moment...: Best and Worst of Diplomacy

The Token Evil Teammate

Tabletop RPGs in the Canadian military?

[Marvel] Guardians of the Galaxy trailer for the trailer.

Five Nights at Freddy's

Dnd and Girls a Short documentary

What do you do to restore Luck to Dice

100 reasons why someone is a necromancer


Best one-liner that made the whole table laugh?

Looking for traditional-ish chinese or japanese music with a little "spice" on it

My group started an rpg game podcast


The most annoying gamer in the world.

The Legend of Korra Book 3: Change ***Spoilers***

The Paizo Community International Film Festival.

"GM's That Allow Cool Things" Appreciation

Dear god what have I done?

The 5th sentence of page 55...

Movie quotes...from any movie

1001 (or about) Ridiculous things due to a critical hit failure


Bringing Very Young Children to the Game Session

Rat Queens

Map Builder

Diablo 3 Clan - Pathfinder Society

In-game Epic Fails

Horror done right

Which is your favorite pantheon?

Godzilla (2014)

Best Character Name Ever?

Preferred play style.

DM says / DM means

knitting at the table?

The Attribute Roleplaying Problem

PLANESCAPE: TORMENT team working on a CRPG set in Monte Cook's new world

Pacific Rim: Del Toro was yanked from At the Mountains of Madness to do this?

D&D 3.5 compared to Pathfinder: Classes edition

Why use psionics?

Lem Pictures

doctor who alert!!

When you walk step into an Ogre city, what do you expect, and what do you want to see?

New Order of the Stick Strip Up

Microsoft buys Minecraft / Mojang for 2.5 BELLLION DOLLAS!

What is the worst roleplaying / backstory you have ever seen?

Destiny - Become Legend

Deadpool test footage leaked

Everquest: Project 1999 server

becmi dnd generator

Documentary Proves Girls Will Play D&D With Boys

so how does the economy in a fantasy world even WORK?

charisma isnt all ego and leadership

Douches in movie theaters.

The dice are having an evening off...

What does your Avatar say about you??

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