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Morality, an Omniverse, and Exiles and Sojourns

Is quilted cloth armor underrated?

Debuffing Necromancer Cleric build

Gaming Styles and tips to Make them work well together.

Essential Conceits of Pathfinder / D&D / Roleplaying

The next D&D movie...

New Race Idea for Peer Review


Pun Names and other Quasi-Jokes for Characters

Weapon illustration artist

Over a decade of playing / running games, never done online before, how do I get started?

Extra Life 2015 and Pathfinder

Brandon Sanderson is certifiably insane

Dragon Age: Inqusistion anyone else picking it up?

Spidey comes home to Marvel Studios

Sword Coast Legends

Would you rather be called...

Death Vigil

Interested in Writing?

Tony DiTerlizzi is a Guest of Honor at Gencon 2015!

Legend of Zelda: rumor, truth, hope, or despair?

Why do newbies always want to play druids?

Coming Full Circle With Characters

Are the Star Wars novels about the Yuuzhan Vong invasion good?


Grimm... the television series

VALKYRIA CHRONICLES arriving on PC on 11 November

Tell me about the Pokemon Games

Would you want this type of character in your party?

The Wheel of Time debacle

Commission! Ambrus Valsin as Uncle Sam poster quality art

My Gaming Pet Peeves

Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) vs Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch)

The Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold

1001 Small Treats for DMs to Grant During Character Creation

deceptive characters

Remote gaming

100+ uses for the wizards familiar

Short stories in Varisia??? high is the ceiling?

Pathfinder Character

American Sniper

What your party are comfortable killing: I'm not a Murderhobo but...

MS Paint Adventures

Halfsies Dice Kickstarter

Kill Six Billion Demons

[] Epic Hero and Villain Cards Kickstarter

Gravity Falls S2 Coming Out August 1st!

Syfy's 12 Monkeys

Diversity in Gaming: Sharing Some Thoughts On This Important Discussion

Diablo 3 Clan - Pathfinder Society

The Token Evil Teammate

Looking for Artist for Commission Work

Jupiter Ascending

Clash of Clans

Inspiration sought:: Bestiaries NOT specifically written for RPGs

an end to post apocalyptic scifi

Looking for Artist for Commission Work

Grant Morrison's Multiversity: Thunderworld

First look at Jason Momoa as Aquaman.....

Request for a simple mecha paperdoll, if anyone would mind helping me?

Request for a simple mecha paperdoll, if anyone would mind helping me?

Lady Thor

Light-Hearted vs. Serious: DM Preference

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Anyone using Hex / City / Dungeon-ographer?

Looking For Cyberpunk Inspiration

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Party / Group you name yours?

New HOMEWORLD game announced

Alien: Isolation

Funny character ideas

New Order of the Stick Strip Up

Underworld Ascendant Kickstarter

Getting rid of Perception

Lars Andersen explains why Archery dominates many Pathfinder tables!

The Flash trailer

Boldly going...

Old School, Roguelikes and You: What do you think about this?

Your GM Kill Rate

And sometimes I even write stuff...

Recommendation for Novel featuring a Paladin

The FCC's Decision Today About Net Neutrality

Pathfinder random weather generator on

Table-Top Gaming and Market Share

Agent Carter

Worst PC, DM ever?

Webcomics Anyone?

Head of Vecna: Would You Do It?

The Fluff Veto: GMs Controlling the PC "Why"

Now it's time to say good-bye...

One of the PCs is actively trying to be a murderhobo, help me stop them.

Darkest Dungeon Early Access

"Your Ki is weak! You need to do more Ki lifts." Advice from a Sensei.

Best one-liner that made the whole table laugh?

GM Rogue Problem

A little System Help, Please

Character sheet Ranting

Digital Character Sheet

Where do you look for fantasy art?

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