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What are your ability scores?

Sir Cristopher Lee dies at 93

Really, dice?

Store Blog: If This is About That Farmer, I Totally Thought He Was a Demon!

Avengers 2

And sometimes I even draw stuff...

The Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold

RIP Christopher Lee

How brutal should the GM be?

Doctor Strange

How do you feel about GMPCs?

Mad Max: Fury Road

John Carter.... I want a sequel!!!

Good covers of great songs

The cruelest thing your players have ever done.

ScyFy - Defiance

Your GM Kill Rate

Favorite Antagonists?

101 most absurd mounts

What do you gaming habits reveal about you?


Justice League Gods and Monsters

Neverwinter MMO


Star Wars Battlefront Trailer Reveal


The Wereduck Attacks; Roll for Initiative

Has the easy accessibility of shows via streaming, on demand etc, damaged our appreciation for film and other media?

Commission! Ambrus Valsin as Uncle Sam poster quality art

Commission! Ambrus Valsin as Uncle Sam poster quality art

L.A.R.P. - The Crowblade Chronicles.

Things a DM can put in a dungeon to totally mess with players

Marco Polo

Oh for Pete's sake!

Neil Gaiman's American Gods enters pre-production at HBO

Starting a PF Group for Teens at Local Library—Advice?

New Giantslayer Actual Play podcast!

Dishonored 2

Tommorrow Land

Favorite Books of the 20th Century and Beyond!!!!


South Park: The Fractured but Whole

Jason Bulmahn's Twitch Stream

Web Sites to meet players

Destiny - Become Legend

When talking to other DM / GM's what kinda things do you like to ask them about running games?

Final Fantasy 7 remake and Shenmue 3

Critical hit and miss dice

Tell me a story of your moment of glory

The truth behind cursed dice.

3D printing. How are you doing it?

Murderstrikes and Halfswording

Script Ideas! Which to whoose...


Horizon: Zero Dawn

Sean Bean heads cast for HBO's A Game of Thrones

Favorite moments as a GM

1001 Things to do to freak out and confuse players

Accidentally Becoming A God

A little rant & question on the "social" aspect of skills

150 Reasons for a tavern brawl

Fantasy Currency, is there a better way to handle it?

For you Greyhawk fans...

Help with an inattentive, interrupting player

Designers and Dragons Platinum appendix Aurania

I'll Draw your Pathfinder / RPG Magic Item

Overwatch - Blizzard's new venture

Need Jokes / Puns About Being Dead / Undead

Steam summer sale 2015!

Attack on titan live action movie confirmed

Opinions on PvP

Best Villains of All Time

RIP James Horner

And sometimes I even write stuff...

RIP Patrick Macnee

RIP John Steed

DragonReel, the fantasy movie podcast

1001 Small Treats for DMs to Grant During Character Creation

Classical Music

Speaking real world languages?

Rejecting the Grand Plot: Building the Sandbox.

Webcomics Anyone?

Warn players "don't be a cheater", don't tell them "don't cheat"

Wil Wheaton's Valkana

So you forgot your dice. . .

The Paizo Community International Film Festival.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Jurassic world

Disastrous Sessions

New Order of the Stick Strip Up

True Detective

Rest in Peace Nien Nunb

The new Spiderman

Best one-liner that made the whole table laugh?

Bond 24: Spectre


Terminator Genisys

New DM

Star Wars Rebels

Character Designer

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