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RIP Grace Lee Whitney

Martin Freeman cast in Captain America: Civil War

So, about those armour check penalties, and max dex bonuses...

Beyond the Barrier - An RPG inspired web series

101 Things to Say to Mess with Your Players

Complete this sentence, My character doesn't carry a ranged weapon because...

Ant Man trailer

The new Joker in Suicide Squad

Fallout 4


The objectively best thread about alignment

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

DragonReel, the fantasy movie podcast

So I have two players who have had a falling out


BATTLEFLEET GOTHIC video game announced

Pillars of Eternity to be a tabletop RPG—Paizo?

101 things to find in a semi-civilized goblin settlement

Beamdog brings back Icewind Dale

Gaming Horror stories


Five Nights at Freddy's

Favorite Power Rangers

Animated Pathfinder Episodes Complete

Love Triangles between PCs

Brad Bird Confirms The Incredibles 2 is his Next Movie

What NPCs have you made for your campaigns? high is the ceiling?

What is the Future of Print Media?

Finally unlocked Drizzt after 12 years!

Avengers 2

I Acquired ZBrush

Why do people do this? It baffles me.

So what exactly could a D&D movie bring to the screen that hasn't already been done?

Times you aren't sure if the GM is losing it or not


1001 Things to do to freak out and confuse players

Humm help ^^'

Any tips for mapping?

The Grim Company by Luke Scull

1001 Stores / shops

Which Virtual Tabletop?

Mote Virtual Tabletop

B B King died at age 89.

How do you feel about out of character tactics?

Lady Thor

PC Racial Quirks

Legends of tomorrow

Spellcasters being to powerful....


Not all PC´s plunder their friend´s corpses!!! About funerals and lengthy journeys to Resurrection

Has anybody seen Liranys on the boards lately?

[Moved] An RPG inspired Web series about Pathfinder players

ELITE 4 announced via Kickstarter

Dwarven Forge and 5 foot hallways?

Besides tabletop games, how else do you consume the Fantasy genre?

Need music for the gaming table (what's your favorite?)

Pathfinder on Twitch

The Chaotic Bull@#$% Alignment

Classical Music

Man of Steel

-6 Armor check penalty my Equus africanus asinus

Amusingly Paranoid Players

Getting too emotionally invested as a player

I'm trying to play Starcraft II, and something seems amiss....

Agents of Shield

Death Vigil

Angelina Jolie to direct Captain Marvel

Legends of Tomorrow

Some character art I've made!

Losing My Edge

This is what rolling a 1 on survival gets you.

Population density in your setting

Adventures that take place entirely in a city


What's the best pre-written adventure?

Disney considering a Marvel and Star Wars TV channel

Fun use of RW tech

Best Villains of All Time


Make The Writing Game of Your Dreams

Combat slowness

Making HP = Meat Points Work

Favorite underrated fantasy films

The Witcher 3

Am I too soft as a GM?

The Flash trailer

Buddy Invite to Pathfinder Online - 15 days to try PFO

101 Fantasy city locations

Funny character ideas

Dice app for RPGs

Thinking about stats...

Is player conflict inevitable?

I Hate Drawing Maps!

Things a DM can put in a dungeon to totally mess with players

101 Achievements for Playing an RPG

Travel to the Dragon Empires - Tian Xia Travel Posters


If We Did in Real Life What We Do In Pathfinder

The next D&D movie...

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