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Rat Queens

Google failed me now I need your help....

Empire Today Issue 4

Dungeon final bosses

Best Android Apps

Tell me your most epic moments

Is the Pathfinder Chronicles podcast dead?

On Murder-Hobo-ing, a Cautionary Tale

Technobabes: Joining the Cupertino Children's Choir

[Marvel] Guardians of the Galaxy trailer for the trailer.

Icky stuff and mature themes in your games

The Expanse by J.A Corey to be picked up by Syfy

Running new game, players rebelled because no other books.

Gravity Falls S2 Coming Out August 1st!

Pathfinder AP bookswap

How to help sub-optimal party members?

The NPC Reviews: W.I.T.C.H.

Player says, Player Means

Darkest Dungeon by Red Hook Studios [Kickstarter - funded]

"official ruling" Why is it Necessary?

City of Heroes Shutting Down. WTH?!

Boosting the signal in regards to a felony theft

Massive Chalice Bloodline ideas

Star Wars VII

Classical Music

Why don't people communicate?

Group Skill Monkey?!?

Johnny Winter RIP

Non-Lethal Kills

Whats the name?

Powers: Deena Pilgrim cast...

Shakespere would be a gamer

Heroes Reborn

House Rules vs Rules Lawyers

Flavor VS Mechanics

transformers 4

Pathfinder vs. Pathfinder Society

First look "Pixels" With Peter Dinklage

Favorite video game?

Sean Bean heads cast for HBO's A Game of Thrones

Has anyone gone paperless?

Alternative to PbP

Divinity: Original Sin: Getting started

Getting tired of point buy

No more heroes anymore

Playing monsters intelligently

Digital Character Sheets?

Some Genuine Advice for a struggling group

Character Comfort Levels

Avoiding "dump stats"

I run a PG13 Game, but...

Dialogue you won't hear from the Hulk

Death Vigil

Those "OMG, you're about to get us killed" moments.

Original Sins?

Interview on CBC: How Dungeons and Dragons fired up a generation of creative minds

Paizo has guilds on World of Warcraft

matb: the space industries shared setting


Can't Get Rid of Rocket Search Virus

Q WORKSHOP Dwarven Dice, bonus Kingsburg d6's and tokens For Sale :)

I'm not a powergamer, but I like powergamers and other things

I Wake Up (Warning: Horror Themes)

Day of the Doctor (50th anniversary special)

Reflecting on RL Vows, Precepts and What It May Mean for the Paladin (and monk?)

Harry Potter And the Money Grabbers (a trillogy)

Creating "Characters" vs. Creating "Soldiers" - Discuss!

Looking for an old story from Analog Magazine

Michael Talbot

Getting the R18+ rating for games didn't help as much as we hoped...

The Avengers 2

The victories of intimidate

Marvel Avengers Alliance: Tactics

101 Cockatrice braggart taunts

KICKSTARTER - Infamy: Welcome to the Big Smoke (Steampunk Game / Setting and High Quality Resin Miniatures)

the free realms [community build setting]

your 2014 reading list

Gaming Table Tablets


Marvel is realizing straight white guys arent the only ones who can save the world...

Good covers of great songs

X-Men: Magneto Testament

Recommend me an Android tablet for Paizo PDFs.

New Dwarven Artwork by me!

Let's Talk About Anime

Mythopoeic Rambling

does anyone know how tall the goblin and hobgoblin are?

the horror of multiple authors


How do Paizo PDF look on a Kindle?

Online RPG playing with a webcam setup?

DM says / DM means

New Order of the Stick Strip Up

Thesis on pen and paper role playing games and education

I'm giving away some RPG books, if you would like some

How do you handle PDFs?

Worst Criticals Ever


Player Says, Player Means: The Gritty Reboot

Weird Al has returned!

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