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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel


Question on armor composition and weight

BBC coverage of D&D today

Dark Souls 2

The Verbal / Visual Examples of Players / Problems in your Games

How selective are you when gaming?

The Expanse by J.A Corey to be picked up by Syfy

Long-time DMs: How often were you a member of the avant garde?

The Raid 2: Berandal

Store Blog: You Got Your Spell on Me, Baby!

Master of Magic Sale

Stargate universe season 3

I want to see a Kickstarter for a Silent Running Remake

That mechwarrior round-based game / platform (not MW: Tactics), also MW-like games in general

Personal musings on the nature of Lawful Good

The Black Company series by Glen Cook

Where are all the heroes.

Civilization: Beyond Earth

What's more important to you, absolute or relative power?

The Incorporation Of Real Skills Into The Game

Cleaning out corruption in a small town.

Tablet troubles

SAS Zombie Assault 3

Worst Remake Ever - Best and Worst Car Chase

Playing a character instead of playing a class

Cannot find this item! ><

Best Familiar / Pet names

Orientalism, Game Design, and Roleplay

Give me cool things for my paladin to say!

Proxima run

Character gender, attractiveness, sexuality and player gender? A bit of a questionnaire

Disappointing Books (warning spoilers allowed)

Flavor Text: Casting Spells - How Do You Describe It?

The Paizo Community International Film Festival.

When will they can it with the zombies already?

Typecast Players, what archetypes bind you?

What do you want to see in an NPC love interest?

Let's Talk About Anime

Does anybody name their weapons?


PC vs Figurine

Character Portraits.

Dm bots

Best one-liner that made the whole table laugh?

Place Your Rant Here

CCP halts devlopment on WOD MMO

Making custom character portraits!

Character portraits

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

Any Chevelle fans here?

Ways GMs can annoy their players

Mr. Peabody and Sherman

100 RPG setting ideas

The Elder Scrolls Online beta

"I go into stealth." and Other Ways to Annoy Your GM

From Dusk Till Dawn

Ever Game With the USA as Enemy?

Unconventional Dragon Hoards

Top Ten Comicbook Super heroes.

+1 Weapons and other mood breakers

X-men Days of Future past trailer

X-COM: Enemy Unknown (Normal / Ironman)

Top Ten Super Villains

Ten things you consider vital to a good scifi

The LGBT Gamer Community Thread.

150 Reasons for a tavern brawl

Do bad players have the right to have fun?

The Ebb and Flow of Play-by-Post Campaigns

Agents of Shield

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The 5th sentence of page 55...

Terrible Ideas that are Terrible


Worst things your GM has done to you?

RIP Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Bryan singer accused of evil things

How long should this take (tech re-discovery)

What are you listening to as you browse the message boards?

Diablo 3 Clan - Pathfinder Society

Card Hunter....try it, you'll love it.

Role playing and Technology (A Masters Project)

3D Printable d2 (not coin)

Movie quotes...from any movie

Yet Another GM Complaining About Players

Wild Cards, edited by George R.R. Martin

Fantasy portrait site?

New Order of the Stick Strip Up

Where is my live-action magical fantasy series?

Min-Maxing: Do you RP your high stats?

Create a World Game

World Building Game...

Examples of Paladins in literature, real world legend, movies etc.

Sean Bean heads cast for HBO's A Game of Thrones

What books are you currently reading?

LoL or DotA?

What's Your Most Commonly Played alignment? - New Weekly Blog "Pen & Pixel"

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