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Across the Universe

Robert Jordan: Dying as he's writing (WoT)



Iron Man

Knocked Up

Clover Field

The Dresden Files - Coming to Sci-Fi Channel!

What would you like to see in a brand new Star Trek Series?

The Zombie Diaries

Space : 1999

I need some advice on World of Darkness and Eberron books.


Pirates of the Carribean: At Worlds End ( Major Spoilers! )

Fantasy / Sci Fi series for very young readers

Frank Castle: Captain America

"....No Evil Shall Escape The Green Lantern's Sight."

D&D PSA's on YouTube


Thundarr the barbarian

Comic Site Messageboards

Best. Movie. Ever.

Symphony X--Paradise Lost

Harry Potter

Searching for book

Thrud the Barbarian

What? That's what it says we can use it for...

What's this book called?

Have you seen Gary Gygax on Futurama?

Goon #19

Masters of Science Fiction


Knights of the Silver Dragon

Dragon 355's Music list?

War of the Worlds on the Air

We Are All Frail Vessels

Ratatouille.....anyone seen this?

Music During Game Play?


Could someone explain Sandman to me?

Summer is over, all is not well. -Optimus Prime has lips....

Need the name of a old Sci-Fi movie from the 80's

The Flash

CLERKS II was awesome.

Just because I can....

The Golden Compass

Live Free or Die Hard

Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: Grassroots Rebellion!

Speculating about Severus Snape

What web comics do you read?

Dance Tonight

The Batman (Animated Series)

Ghostrider :)

FR novel question -- help

Rise of the Silver Surfer

Art Out Loud 2007 at the Society of Illustrators NYC!

Ain't he cool?

Lolth, Billy & Mandy

Rise of the Silver Surfer

Black Gate Magazine

Stay away from Spiderman 3.


From Hell


Sopranos finale (Spoilers, sort of...)

Death in Atlantis

Shrek 3

Gunslinger Girl Redux!

CSI: Vegas -- Is Grissom the Doll House Killer?


H.P Lovecraft

Korgoth of Babaria?

Stargate SG-1

Asia's Finest Films as of late.


Lloyd Alexander

Wheel of Fortune

28 Weeks Later!

Battlestar Galactica... (3rd season spoilers)

The Dangerous Book for Boys

Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser Trade Paperback


An extreme longshot, but I'll try...

Suggestions for good Urban Fantasy

Hot Fuzz

Trippin' the Rift?

Jericho TV Show

Thou shalt not miss this movie.

Gamers:The Movie

My must read list


Dragons of the Dwarven Depths

I heard there were comics made based on Dragonlance Chronicles and the Darkelf trilogy

Eberron: The Dreaming Dark Series by Keith Baker

Jason McElwain on

Did you see Starwreck alredy? Soon coming with a new movie!

Anybody reading the "Season 8" Buffy comics?


Is no one else on the board watching The Riches?

Favorite Cult Movies

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