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I'm trying to play Starcraft II, and something seems amiss....

Getting too emotionally invested as a player

Amusingly Paranoid Players

-6 Armor check penalty my Equus africanus asinus

Man of Steel

The Chaotic Bull@#$% Alignment

Pathfinder on Twitch

Need music for the gaming table (what's your favorite?)

Besides tabletop games, how else do you consume the Fantasy genre?

Dwarven Forge and 5 foot hallways?

[Moved] An RPG inspired Web series about Pathfinder players

Has anybody seen Liranys on the boards lately?

Not all PC´s plunder their friend´s corpses!!! About funerals and lengthy journeys to Resurrection


Spellcasters being to powerful....

Legends of tomorrow

PC Racial Quirks

How do you feel about out of character tactics?

B B King died at age 89.

Mote Virtual Tabletop

Which Virtual Tabletop?

1001 Stores / shops

The Grim Company by Luke Scull

Any tips for mapping?

Humm help ^^'

Times you aren't sure if the GM is losing it or not

So what exactly could a D&D movie bring to the screen that hasn't already been done?

Why do people do this? It baffles me.

I Acquired ZBrush

Finally unlocked Drizzt after 12 years!

What is the Future of Print Media? high is the ceiling?

What NPCs have you made for your campaigns?

Brad Bird Confirms The Incredibles 2 is his Next Movie

Love Triangles between PCs

Animated Pathfinder Episodes Complete

Favorite Power Rangers


Gaming Horror stories

Beamdog brings back Icewind Dale

101 things to find in a semi-civilized goblin settlement

Pillars of Eternity to be a tabletop RPG—Paizo?

BATTLEFLEET GOTHIC video game announced

So I have two players who have had a falling out

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

The objectively best thread about alignment

Complete this sentence, My character doesn't carry a ranged weapon because...

Beyond the Barrier - An RPG inspired web series

So, about those armour check penalties, and max dex bonuses...

Martin Freeman cast in Captain America: Civil War

RIP Grace Lee Whitney

From the makers of Goat Simulator

Awesomeness of Paizo

digital game aids

Uncooperative player, how to deal with?

So, there's a Man in the High Castle TV series

Captain America Civil War

What are your Moments of Awesome?

Superheroine Art!

FX's The Strain

Conflict / Issue Resolution with Your GM

Red Dwarf series XI and XII


Entering a sealed tomb via Phase Door

Researching Psylocke

Help to character design.

GWL's gamebook thread

Morality in pathfinder vs. the real world.

Super Showdown: Superman 1978 v. Superman 2013

Things you don't want to hear the party necromancer say.

Pathfinder in Uganda: One young man's cool project

Low magic campaign settings?

Is Necromancy inherently evil or not?

Scarlet Witch, The Ultimate Plot Hole

Warrior: The War Chronicles, Book I

A little atmospheric question

Ghost in the Shell movie begins shooting next year

The most frightening phrases spoken by a wizard's apprentice.

This is a real thing—Medieval Combat Meets UFC

Lightsaber hilts? Who cares! What about that freakin' soccer ball droid?!

Dungeons & Dickery - live action role playing web series with stop motion animated battles

I can't read my PDFs!

Star Wars - Episodes 1-3 Fall of the Republic Fan Re-Edit

How I use grammar in race words?

What would you like to see in a fantasy novel?

I have altered the fluff, pray I do not alter it further.

If you're an atheist, how can you have gods and religions in your setting?......

Cities: Skylines

Hear Ye! The collection of Epic D&D stories. Contribute!

Awesome Star Wars home theater setup.

Other RPGs I should try playing?

Any fans of Scott Lynch?

I will draw your characters when I get around to it!!!!

A good idea

I Made an Album for Your Campaign

Real-Life Crafting: Holy Symbols

Stopping Your Own Optimizing and Auto-Rules-Lawyering (or "What do I do when I know more than my GM and his lack of knowledge frustrates the hell out of me")

Matthew McConaughey's reaction to The Force Awakwens Trailer II

Furious 7

Dragon Age: Inqusistion anyone else picking it up?

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