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So what's the deal with Alistair Reynolds?

LF online GM & thoughts about online play

Left 4 Dead 2 free on steam!

Do you like doing inventory?

Why video games will never replace the tabletop.

I hate roleplaying

Shelfbold and Her Unbelievable TPK

I Want To Adventure Here

Bringing preconceptions and baggage to reading a book.

Spread some Christmas Fear:Santa's Slay

Ideal PC Group for Your Tastes

A 3rd Edition Class that can cast Magic Missile AND CLW?

When players just do dumb things

Are there any good "Monster Tamer" tabletop RPGs out there?

Black Eyed Children

PCGen 6.02.00 Released!

Up coming movies / tv series about super hero-ish people and groups

The BBC has (apparently) found 'lots' of missing DOCTOR WHO episodes


who's out there

Die Wand (The Wall)


Pathfinder Spelldirectory for Android

Your new campaign and the new party

1001 Books To Read Before You Die


Your Favorite Improvised / Derailed Dungeon Stories

Homemade maps

Character Art Commissions Repoened!

Geoff Johns versus Joe Quesada

Dry Spell

Monarch of the Monsters Contest at Kobold Press needs voters!

Native American Fey and Spirits Question

Another Problem Player Topic

Gordon-Levitt and Goyer collaborating on SANDMAN movie

these gaming shirts are amazing. kickstarter gold!

Killing NPC's and monsters in games… Is it considered murder?

Idea for a wild west / fantasy RPG

Wasteland 2 Beta

DMs: Have you ever sanctioned a PC because you didn't him / her or the player?

Handling Alignment

Best zombie rpg / Shooter for XBOX360

One book, one weekend

Warcraft the Movie

I was having fun... Not anymore

The Conjuring

Pacific Rim: Del Toro was yanked from At the Mountains of Madness to do this?

Why is cannibalism evil, but slavery isn't?

A question of alignment

How much should a GM "coddle" the players?

The Princess and the Queen by George R.R. Martin

Giving Away Masks of the Living God, We Be Goblins too and Dawn of the Scarlet Sun (Hard Copies)

Looking for Advice on Best Apps and Tablet for Pathfinder & PFS gameplay

Drive Thru RPG; Is it PCI compliant?

"That is cheating!"

Digital Character Sheets?

Jupiter Ascending

12 (ish) days of Christmas - the return

I will buy Chronicle of the Righteous, Champions of Purity, Distant Worlds, or Cerulean Seas: Beasts of the Boundless Blue for the first twelve posters that want them

Dragonrealm Kickstarter

Tabletop Role-Playing Game Survey

How do you handle homosexuality in your campaigns?

Fallout 4

Grimm... the television series

How do you go about creating a character for play?

Campaign Settings, whoa, good gawd y’all, what are they good for…*

How Much of a Jerk Am I?

Do you fantasize of creating games?

World Of Darkness MMO in Development By the Makers of Eve Online

Free Fallout 1, 2 & Tactics

POLL: Which of These RPGs Have You Played in the Last Five Years ?

Venting / Am i being too upset about stuff GM did?


Designers & Dragons - History of TSR excerpt released

[Android APP] PFRPG RD


RPGs Are Great: A Really Cool & Unexpected Reward

Individual vs group "fun"

Battlestar Galactica is Ten Years Old

Fellow players disapprove of my class choosing method

Project Eternity

I need some mapmaking software.

[Bundle of Holding] Family-Friendly RPGs - Teach Your Kids Roleplaying

Amazing Spider Man II

Enjoying a Game That People Say Sucks

Jumping on the Mikazemas Bandwagon - Psionics Unleashed PDF

New Creation / Management Toolkit for Tabletop RP Games- Beginning Development

Mikazemas Giveaway

Merry Mikaze Madness: Six free copies of LRGG’s ‘Odyssey’ up for grabs!

Regional Differences in Play Styles

Assassin's Creed Black Flag

Best character death ever

Best way to read books with someone?

GM'ing with iPad, any tips?

Thor: The Dark World

Funniest roleplaying and out-of-game moments

What is "fluff"?

1920: America's Great War

Sexist at the table

POLL: Your Favorite Joss Whedon TV Series?

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