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101 Battle Cries

Online RPG playing with a webcam setup?

Do Your Players Expect Treasure?

Could Obsidian Be Developing a Pathfinder Video Game?

How do you manage time during a session?


Dark Heresy 2nd Edition- First Impressions

How did your players surprise you?

Designers and Dragons kickstarter

Health Bars

How to make a horror atmosphere?

Longsword fighting in an octagon

Arlene "T'Pring" Martel Passes Away


Poll: What Is Your Alignment?

Kickstarter: Monsterwood Graphic Novel

Homemade Gaming Board

I Miss Cthulhu

Always Wanted To GM, But...

R.I.P, Lauren Bacall

Most Creative PC's You've Seen?

Is the Pathfinder Chronicles podcast dead?

Why computer gaming will never replace pen and paper RPGs


Hercules (2014)


The Boondock Saints

Robin Williams found dead...

In Pathfinder, a Wizard has caused gravity to dissappear.

Song Of The Sea - Animated Movie

New Dwarven Artwork by me!

Inner Sea Campaign Idea Game

Favorite video game?

Player Says, Player Means: The Gritty Reboot

Issues, concerns, problems - old man rant

Studio Ghibli Restructuring

Classic Campaign Starts

one hundred red herrings to lure adventurers

Mythopoeic Rambling

Stupidest TV Show Endings

this land animated music video

Need Opinions Re: Wondrous Item Creation

Selling my Pathfinder Books--50% Off Cover!

Weird Al has returned!

So Cool to be a Hater

Weird feeling when loot gets downgraded between campaigns

KICKSTARTER - Infamy: Welcome to the Big Smoke (Steampunk Game / Setting and High Quality Resin Miniatures)

OGL Monsters for Android :D

Treasure Generator from Ultimate Equipment?

Real Life Adventures

Most interesting NPC you've ever seen

What do you gaming habits reveal about you?

Tact Tiles?!?!?!?

Campaign settings you've always wanted to run...

How Did RPGA Handle Ambiguous Rules?

Ravenloft Atheists

lookin' for a bit of advice

My daughters first gaming group.

Funniest moments in combat

Dumbest Spells in the Book

Worst Criticals Ever

The Myth Prosaic by Georgia Z (a free-to-read online serialized story)

Those "OMG, you're about to get us killed" moments.

Classic Role Playing Games and Modules for sale on ebay

Arkansas Gamers...sound off!

Wizards, Sorcerers & Enchanters

New kid on the (writer's) block

What's In Your Haversack?

Pathfinder etiquette

Gaming T-Shirt - Crowd Funding

Some Genuine Advice for a struggling group

Magic vs. Martial

New Skype...

How do Paizo PDF look on a Kindle?

Someone good at art that likes drawing characters...?

The Old Timer Community Thread

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies Trailer

3 best Pathfinder items you want IRL?

Distant Outposts Kickstarter

I'm unable to kill PCs

Any advice with trying to make PC's classless?

Magic-Psionics Transparency

True Detective

Baldur's Gate 2 SoA : Did someone manage to beat the iron golem in De Arnyse quest ? And how ?

Mad Max Fury Road trailer

Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff Hardcover

Webcomics Anyone?

Dungeon Mastering

The World of Darknoth....Campaign Idea for New D&D World

Ture detective "possible spoilers"

Waaaiiit a minute..."5-foot step???"

Ever have one player kill your whole campaign?

Plot ideas needed.


How do you handle PDFs?

Thesis on pen and paper role playing games and education


the horror of multiple authors

does anyone know how tall the goblin and hobgoblin are?

Recommend me an Android tablet for Paizo PDFs.

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