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Kate O'Mara RIP

How We Won the War

Australian scifi series: phoenix five

What are you looking for when participating in a living world?

BBC's The Musketeers

Is that surreal enough for you?

Building a Dyson sphere

Dungeon masters world building guide

Not leveling?

Best Pathfinder pbp?

Is it ok for a GM to mess with a PC's Character concept?

David A. Trampier, D&D Illustrator, has passed away

How do YOU prevent novas?

The Stormwind Fallacy Fallacy?

The Walking Deadpool

Monsterpalooza - Tom Baxa

Looking for some discussion on how best to run a game at a charity event.

Question: Best way to get my Paizo PDFs onto an iPad 1?

Tablet problem when typing and posting

David Trampier, artist of Wormy RIP

Ebook reader for iphone 5 - need to import my own without shennanigans

Disparity of GMing

Does your table have unspoken rules?

Dave Trampier RIP

DragonStrike 1993 VHS

Black Sails

World's End, First Trailer

Blind-accessible gaming Kickstarter

FRONTIERS: Elder Scrolls inspired exploration game on Kickstarter

The crossing of realism & fantasy : the uncanny valley of gaming?

Help me come up with stupid alchemy jokes

the cleric

writing Stargate the movie reboot 100 ideas at a time

Dave Brockie R.I.P.

Worst PC, DM ever?

I think I see a serious difference

Stuff you never hear power gamers say...

Making a game: What program?

Diablo 3

"Is everybody happy?!"

This ad is for not for what you think it is for

Rewatched Stargate

...And you get transfered into a fantasy world. And wake up in an abandoned house.

Brandon Sanderson

Every Campaign Plot Ever

Pathfinder Movie Wish(ful Thinking)list

Slower Than Light - A 4X game with no FTL - Kickstarter

Everquest: Project 1999 server

Adventurers are the gamers of the game's fantasy world

Reconciling differeing playstyles in a group

What are some of the most goofy / overpowered / broken / etc magic items you've allowed in your game because while they were goofy / etc they were kool?

Community is making another Dungeons & Dragons episode, huzzah!!!


Stargate reboot

Jack Chicks Dark Dungeons, the movie. First trailer.

Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence

Now I want to play an Archer / Acrobat

Terra Nova

Baulders Gate Style Kickstarter By Obsidian

blakes seven

Sons of Anarchy - Any fans?

Samsung galaxy tablet common issues and fixes

Depression and Writing - My Difficulties in Finishing Archmage

? for cosplayers: "Steel" armor advice and color coordination

Keeping the Party Interested / Frustrations with my fellow players

Dealing with Weird Group Dynamics

X:Com Enemy Within Classic

epic character and token generator for tabletop gamers

Always Wanted To GM, But...

Surround sound, and looping

Hero Lab... issues?

Looking for audio solution for online play

No Dinosaurs Allowed

Inspiring your muse for encounters, descriptions, and more

Two Game Masters for the same adventure

Question the Forgotten

one hundred ideas for a superhero comic

What's your favorite stat?

SYNDICATE successor SATELLITE REIGN launches on Kickstarter

Adventure Path Inspirational Reading

I’ve failed, and I need your help in getting over it.

Gamer, Know Thyself

pokemon conversational

The Lego Movie

Shadowrun Returns

After Forever

Might and Magic X

Character Portrait Gallery

Favorite old D&D monsters

Split Enz versus Crowded House

Free Pathfinder RPG NPC Generator

An optimizer's code

How do you make your adventures?

Adventure Time - Pathfinder Style

Irrational Games - Bioshock Infinite Developer - to close.

Adding my Pathfinder GMing experience to my Resume / CV

Who's YOUR favorite GM?

games workshop green stuff

South Park: The Stick of Truth Debut Trailer - E3 2012

Beginner GM with beginner players

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