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World Building Game...

What happens to Adventurers who don't prepare?

Wolfenstein - The New Order or "Nuclear Nazi-bots, Stan Lee as a Timelord, and Fascist Rock'n'Roll"

DC movie roll-out over the next couple of years

Dragon Height & Length

Solar Roadways. One of those "If this works...." ideas.

Goodbye, Lord Flashheart

Dark Skinned People in Fantasy

Neutrality and Firaxis: Your Advice

D&D Podcast Feedback

An Adventurer's Safe Haven; the Local Tavern, the Local Inn! Looping Music

Age of Worms in Golarion

I Have To Share

Multiplication is Addition: Generalized

Question to Fellow Parents

A pathfinder movie-How would you do it?

When will they can it with the zombies already?


How much would a population grow?

Among the Sleep

Your character's impact on the world (stories)

Favorite Lines from songs

kid gets hands on portal gun

Hatoful Boyfriend remake comin g!

RPG Character Art Commission

X-men Days of Future past trailer


World Of Darkness MMO in Development By the Makers of Eve Online

The Grassy Gnoll presents: Role-Playing 101

American Ninja Warrior Season 6

101 problems with elf adolescence

Ever Game With the USA as Enemy?

Win 8.0 / 1 App: Crafting Station

Pop Culture Monsters

Hugh jackman gets bounce on

Lego model work

Names, Names, Names! The Empress!

Old Ones, and their Funky Fresh Music

Role playing and Technology (A Masters Project)

Goat simulator this April!

Battlefield 3 Free on Origin

house husbands

Ever Wonder What a Real Life Masterwork Weapon Looks Like?

Using all the Rules from Pathfinder.

Pathfinder APPS

Expanding John Kim's Article: Where is RPG Design Headed, Today?

the trading post

Stargate reboot as three movies

I interview F. Paul Wilson

Musings on Alignment (And how a lot of people get it wrong)

Looking for a book I read in my youth

startrek: enterprise

GM fudging save rolls

Campaign Idea / Experiment / Interest Check / I don't even know...

Picked up Shadow run 5e...then I tried to decipher it :(

Android App - Pathfinder Assistant

Watchdogs. Out tomorrow.


Best Class Slogans

Bob Hoskins dies age 71

Reading Rainbow Kickstarter

Pathfinder type Video Games

Reading Rainbow Kickstarter

Metal Dice!

Pathfinder Products / Tools / Resources for the Vision-Impaired?

I don't like it, but I keep doing it...

Playin' the Shoanti Name Game

How do you handle cell phone use and other distractions mid-session

The Grand Theme Music Challenge!

In a fantasy setting what types of Governments

Shaky knees May 9-12 Atlanta, GA

Reincarnation problems

The Elder Scrolls Online beta

Same Players, Same Characters, but Swapped

Has anyone used `Gamer Printshop` before?

professor x and magneto have a chat about the future

If you were a Golarion deity what would your domains be?

Robocop trailer has arrived...

Any fans of Scott Lynch?

Where is my live-action magical fantasy series?

The Grassy Gnoll interviews Wendy N. Wagner

Burn Notice

D&D '40 Years Later' (CNN, May 2014)

Makeup of a Psionic Army

CCP halts devlopment on WOD MMO

The Secret World

How do your characters call their own classes?

Custom Figurines?

Map Making tools: Best Options?

Youtube Videos of Pathfinder creators playing

Idea for a new blog: Pathfinder's Lounge

Man dressed as an elf attacks a BMW he thought was a balrog.

Raise Dead...are these limitations over board?

XBox One. Now with 100% less Kinect

Talk About Your Collection

non-gaming sources for RPG development

Galavant. A musical fantasy comedy show.

Best Pathfinder Character Name Generator

Reusable Geomorph Dungeon Mapping Stickers!

What color is each alignment?

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