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Topic Posts Last Post
How to introduce someone to Pathfinder (or tabletop RPGs in general)

Something like red alert 2

Old, rare, beautiful Zelda artwork

Gender Offensive?

We are the gamers who don't play anything.

Efreeti bottle does / can / should he grant 3 wishes everytime you summon

She Makes Comics

When it finally happens to you, what are you going to do?

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

shortfilms: wtf?

Using Paizo content for books.


Short Films: R'ha

Wayfinder app for iPhone?

Noir Dice: Mystery and Crime Solving in Tabletop Games

I need advice on two characters (brothers)

fiction by yellowdingo: faith

fiction by yellowdingo: faith

Whats the best PC backstory / role play encoutered?

Classical Books That Could Inspire Interesting One Shot Pathfinder Modules

Player entitlement ... but not what you think

Epic Soundtracks II on Kickstarter!

The Cardinal Sins of Certain "Old School" DMs

Terrible luck ruining my fun as a GM

Civilization: Beyond Earth

paladin sex with half god is it wrong???

How do you honor past characters?

Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer leaked

Worst setting / homebrew world you have ever seen

1 man in a party with 8 women, HELP

Thoughts on this character backstory

Similar to Obsidian Portal

Local Store location

Beamdog brings back Icewind Dale

A new player has cast slow on my game

What’s a Dad to Do When His Daughter Wants to Dress as Han Solo?

How to Post a excel file in a thread

Creating a PathFinder Predator

Artificial Environment Help Wanted

What is the worst roleplaying / backstory you have ever seen?

Recommend good podcasts

Types of game styles you don't like

List of character motivations that split the party

Free website for uploading sound files? Please help.

avengers: infinity war pt 1 / pt 2

Ryse Son of Rome (for PC)

Dwarves in historical folklore


your chance to learn how to write that pathfinder script


Good group sites to organize gaming group?

How to cosplay an android?

Help a newbie out? Learning how to DM from scratch

Sunless Citadel Podcast

What are your games movie rated as?

PT (Silent Hills)

Store Blog: Are You Ready to Get Your Bard On?


Help Needed With Paper on Racial Representation in Gaming

Best Character Name Ever?

the block

This Sunday, EVERY Simpsons Treehouse of Horror

Tinkergoth's Guide to Concert Etiquette

Murdoch Mysteries and books


The Jazz Singer (1927)

Outlast (and Whistleblower DLC) Survival Horror

Help me print Flip Mats on Mac

Best / Coolest Game Accessories

I'm giving away...

About writing (RPG adventures) and crying

Why is it called Windows 10, and not Windows 9?

Female Thor!! *Identity as yet unknown*

Physical Dungeon Map Tokens

Best Books for A Cool, Crisp Autumn...


Mechanically strong character- all the time.

Baldurs Gate 1 & 2 Enhanced Editions just released on GOG 50% off

Gaming with Ebola, a Review

Is it necrophilia?

Adventures interdimensional

What is your favorite fantasy country?

It's Never Too Early For Cthulhu Christmas Carols!

Madame Mirage (how would you cast it?)

Need Names and Occupations for comedy...

WORMY'S WEDNESDAY WHAT? Using proper names in the game

Thoughts on possible Pathfinder games.

The Epic Character Death Thread

Crazy custom crafted items, what's yours?

What do authors owe fans?

The Half a King Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie

What do you do to restore Luck to Dice

What is Psionics?

Roleplaying XP, and why I avoid it.

Looking for an adventure

The Desolation of Smaug

A Pint Sized Mute Lolita Brags about her Victory at Weekly William's Table

Do you favor female deities? (plz look ladies)

Sunshine and Rainbows - Happyfinder Thread

Anyone play Age of Conan?

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