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Pathfinder in Uganda: One young man's cool project

Low magic campaign settings?

Is Necromancy inherently evil or not?

Scarlet Witch, The Ultimate Plot Hole

Warrior: The War Chronicles, Book I

A little atmospheric question

Ghost in the Shell movie begins shooting next year

The most frightening phrases spoken by a wizard's apprentice.

This is a real thing—Medieval Combat Meets UFC

Lightsaber hilts? Who cares! What about that freakin' soccer ball droid?!

Dungeons & Dickery - live action role playing web series with stop motion animated battles

I can't read my PDFs!

Star Wars - Episodes 1-3 Fall of the Republic Fan Re-Edit

How I use grammar in race words?

Walking Dead TV Series - How you vex me! (spoilers)

What would you like to see in a fantasy novel?

I have altered the fluff, pray I do not alter it further.

If you're an atheist, how can you have gods and religions in your setting?......

Cities: Skylines

Hear Ye! The collection of Epic D&D stories. Contribute!

An Open API For Pathfinder RPG

Awesome Star Wars home theater setup.

Heroes Reborn

Other RPGs I should try playing?

Any fans of Scott Lynch?

I will draw your characters when I get around to it!!!!

A good idea

I Made an Album for Your Campaign

Real-Life Crafting: Holy Symbols

Stopping Your Own Optimizing and Auto-Rules-Lawyering (or "What do I do when I know more than my GM and his lack of knowledge frustrates the hell out of me")

Matthew McConaughey's reaction to The Force Awakwens Trailer II

Kung Fury

Furious 7

Dragon Age: Inqusistion anyone else picking it up?

LARP, do you play it?

Eagle Knights Recruitment Posters

What's the best pre-written adventure?

Vaughan and Staples' "Saga"

deceptive characters

Interested in Writing?

Too grognard for a grognard! Grrr...

GOG sale for D&D games

What Makes a Great DM?

What PF spells do you think are over-powered?

Are there any remakes that are *better* than the original?

What Makes Someone a Grognard?

Black Sails

Who's going to MegaCon?

The Hugo Award controversy

Alternative PDF readers for Android

Play-by-post addiction... How do you modulate yours?

History: Vikings

Looking for Artist for Commission Work

Random Table Wiki: New Kickstarter

I'll draw your OC's :0

I'll draw your OC's :0

Class based armor class

First look at Jason Momoa as Aquaman.....

1001(+) Bestow Curse variants

The Possible Tabletop RPG Series with Wil Wheaton and WHY we should get behind it!

Cartography questions

Campaign Calendar Generator?

So how long does someone has to be dead before it is considered archeology instead of grave robbing?

Good sequels

Selling Wrath of the Righteous complete AP, and a lot of map folios

George R.R. Martin

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope


Plugging my new podcast

What does RAI mean?

Dungeon Meshi, or hunting the wild slime

Inspirations for Writing Campaigns

Best Familiar / Pet names

Happy 80th birthday, Herb Alpert

I really need help with a Neverwinter Nights 2 bug

OGL Monsters for Android :D


Gen Con Threatens to move if Indiana Gov signs religious freedom bill

Need Good Vibes For Tonight

How Common Are Dragons In Your Worlds?

How much would a population grow?

Difference between a good rules lawyer and a bad one

Emerald City Comic Con 2015

Group quirks / least desired roles

Pillars of Eternity beta!

Yona of the Dawn

Lars Andersen explains why Archery dominates many Pathfinder tables!

Looking for a book I read in my youth


Best moments from your campaign

Was I guilty of being a bad guest?

Digital Character Sheet

Styles of games you could do without

Goodbye Terry Pratchett

Airmech - Spiritual Successor To Herzog Zwei

Game Room!!!

Did you back the Pathfinder Online Kickstarter without planning to play?

Ideas to connect ingame and real life experience

Would You Rather? Pathfinder Edition

The NPC Reviews: Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight (Film)

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