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[Trailer] Zombeavers

What is with the hate on humanocentricisty?

Animal Archive & Pathfinder Society Primer on eBay


Great oneliners in games

Help me find a site for a weekend-long gaming party!

dungeons and dragons: a review

1970's magazine article titled "That Damned Gnome" ...anyone got a copy?

What's in your pull file? Why?

Happy 20th Birthday BABYLON 5

So Captain Picard Killed Baba Yaga...

Another Golden Age Star flickers out

The Worldbuilding resources thread

The Reaper Eldritch Demon

Does anyone here use 3d architecture / mapping programs?

death valley

Editable Character Sheets with Uploadable Portraits

Is my GM being a jerk?

Stats for characters from the Hobbit

I Miss Cthulhu

Surprising the GM

still writing my ever expanding tome of bad poetry and abortive short fiction

Dungeon Keeper Reboot

Is it OK to read "Red Country" before reading "The Heroes?"

New Gamer Vlog

Must-Have Board Games

An informal survey: Parents and PC Mercy...

Xbox One--hands on first impressions

Hero loses weapon...examples from book or movies. Sundered or Disarmed

PREACHER pilot picked up by Sony and AMC

The After

101 Reasons You Are With Your Party

Batman: Arkham Origins

Philip seymour Hoffman dies at 46

Ice T records DnD audio book.

Drakenfeld by Mark Charan Newton

Shaky knees May 9-12 Atlanta, GA

Having the gaming talk with a religious parent.

got a vivo tv and no universal remote code

Good covers of great songs

Ice T does a podcast / talks about DnD audio book

The Secret World

What does RAI mean?

What doesn't get used enough in fantasy?

How Your Character's Gender Affects Gameplay

[KODT] Knights of the Dinner Table Live-Action Kickstarter

Which scifi / fantasy novels do you think should be made into movies or not?

You never forget your first Doctor...

How Difficult do you like your Campaigns to be?

Kalibak of the New Gods

Anyone still playing EVE Online?


The Elder Scrolls Online announced

"Please Don't Pull My Geek Card!" - Confessions

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen MMO Kickstarter

[KICKSTARTER] Potion Tokens 3.0 - The third Kickstarter campaign for Potion Tokens

Adventure Time

1000 Ways To Legally Kill PCs

Rise of the Guardians

[Abandoned Arts] "Early Beta" for a Free Play-By-Post Game...

I would like to hire someone to complete a drawing for me....

There Can Be Only One...TV Show

The Horse of Course....What happened to you?

Comic Book based on my Pathfinder gaming setting

Monster Hunt 4 Ultimate: Coming to the US in 2015

Gaming Books to Unload (Toronto Area)

Hugo award voter packet - how reliable is it?

Reign - they're from scottish accents?

Happy 30th Birthday Apple Macintosh!!!

RIP Pete Seeger

Black Mesa how you vex me!

Angry Rant: Don't really need responses, just ranting

PLANESCAPE: TORMENT team working on a CRPG set in Monte Cook's new world

Happy 40th anniversary Dungeons and Dragons

Elven Government

100 things the villain is doing when 'scrying' is cast on him


What if any is the BEST free character generator?

Has anyone made a not-bad sex rulebook?

[Puzzles] Your Party May Have Been Infiltrated by a Doppelganger

Ability Scores...what are they used for in RPGs.

How mature do you like your games to be?

Random Drunken Encounter Table


Looking for free PDF Creator

Confessions That Will Get You Shunned by Darn Near Everyone in Gaming

Do modern values have place in fantasy game?

You get One 1st Level Wizard Spell in Real Life, What do you Take?

Alien Resurrection

Makers of CANDY CRUSH successfully trademark word 'candy'

Trailers, oh my!


This movie was mistitled.

Helix (SyFy)

Let's go Chaotic - Things that a chaotic character would do and what they wouldn't.

Looking for Art

dawn of the planet of the apes?

Getting revenge on my GM

Advanced Readings in Dungeons and Dragons

GM's Make Horrible Players - Rant

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