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Topic Posts Last Post
Story time

artefacts of the immortals

shortfilm: time trap

yellowdingo reviews: snowpiercer, transformers 4: age of extinction, dawn of the planet of the apes

Time to Rock!!

WTB: Dungeons & Dragons Play More: Free D&D v3.5 Accessory Update

wtf: two hours of scenes cut from starwars trilogy

The Tough GM

Numerian Troubleshooter (Fan-Made Slayer Archetype)

Far Cry 4

Do you pull called shots on your players?

2 players vs: Second Darkness

Star Wars the Force Awakens ... in LEGOS!

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Leaked Star Wars Trailer!

Jurassic world

Using Disney Animated Fantasy Heroes

independence day 2

The Star Wars

Marvel's Avengers (The Infinity War - Parts 1 and 2)!

The Dog Ate My Adventure

To the Pathfinder LGBT community

On silly or odd advice threads.

How can anyone stand for it?

Obsidian Portal, similar sites

Shards Online Kickstarter (Neverwinter Nights meets Ultima Online...)

Want Revenge on Party

Things I learned from Games that apply to real life

scifi / fantasy world building

Preparing for an adventure from PDF, what's important.

firefly: animated

Gaming sessions that made you angry

Awesome villain that you made yourself

Lost Ark

Obscure games that we think deserve more attention


Campaign Calendar Generator?

Directx 12 not supporting Windows 7

On reflection, have you overcome bad tendencies as a DM?

2014 First Year Without a Platinum Record

My Character art sketch book

Guardians of ... Dance Off!

Any of you playing games in a registered association?

Anonymous Releases Statement Through Hacked KKK Twitter Account Promising This is Just the Beginning

Can some one draw my OC

This War of Mine

Poll: How did you learn to game?

another backstory

Deadpool test footage leaked

Snack Recipes for Game Night

Have an account on and don't have the Witcher 2?

What plot twist got you WTH?

Web comic: shortpacked

Adding children to the group

Glen Larson passed away

Big Hero 6

Raise your game to an artform!

Renee Montoya Returns. And Oracle. And Wally West. And...

i need help developing character concepts during the next 8 weeks

renaissance cosplay

Finding Time to Game?

choose your own adventure

Wizard Duels on film

Do you play one race and / or class to the virtual or actual exclusion of any others?

Games that could use more Cthulhu

Dungeon, Underground, and Underdark Lighting

Jaw dropping moments as a DM

Nicki minaj music video controversy (nsfw)

Character Backgrounds: What's your habits and why?

You've got to Reason with the Sky and the Clouds

Trying to recreate Howl from Howl's moving castle, but i cant decide on a class. Help!

Has anyone ever used hurdy gurdies in their pathfinder campaigns?

Dire croc antics

"Old School" vs visual aids

shortfilm: megaman

big bang theory: howard's mom has died

Birthday Gifts for me and you!

the village of lower burkwart

find your real dnd stats


It just occurred to me....

Searching for a Multitrack Player App

listen up you primitive screwheads....

New Sailor Moon Series

Problematic PC's (not players)

Overwatch - Blizzard's new venture

Going old school tomorrow.

iron sky 2: the coming race

1001 Insults for the Insulting Doll

That anoying rogue in the party...

Oops, seems i've just......

Prometheus 2: This Time It Makes Sense

John Wick

Warcraft the Movie

Double Dare (2005) - Stuntwoman documentary. Contains Xena and Wonder Woman.

The Next Six Years of Superhero Movies

Making the new player feel welcome

The Hobbit:: The Battle of the 5 armies final trailer

Store Blog: I'm Gonna Wreck It!

What if your players are, well... stupid?

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