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Say what?

Hearts of Iron IV


"Get Your Cape On!"

Samurai Jack

Name droppin!

101 reasons you missed

Going Pro

Iron Woman

Is there a market for recorded campaigns on youtube?

Shadowrun Returns

Wreck It Ralph 2

Leather GM journals found at origins game fair

Penny Dreadful

How to talk to girls at parties


[Forgotten Realms] Short Story: The Drow of Leth'ah'nal

Pitch a terrible movie...

Choo Choo - The Fine Art of Railroading

Achievement Unlocked! - How Many Do You Have?

Audible Audiobook suggestions

SIGGRAPH 2016 Conference

The Line between Disruptive and RP

Why is it OK to mess with divine casters?

Salt & Sanctuary

Kickstarter: Mystix Mapping System

What PF Tales Should I Read Next?

Campaign Cartographer - Anyone have some good resources?

The Makings of a Great GM

Community Use art request

Random Table: A Giant’s Poop Contents Chart

Developing Technology to Fight Aliens

Steam summer sale 2016!

3D Print Dungeon terrain- tutorial

The Witcher 3

Putting a Little Meat on Those Bones -Basics of Fleshing Out a Character

Temple of Elemental Evil Computer Game

I'll Draw your Pathfinder / RPG Magic Item

Mongoose Legend charity deal on Bundle of Holding!

Declare your actions, and then roll for initiative.

Darkest Dungeon Early Access

Orphan Black

Best way to hand out treasure to the party ?

PHOENIX POINT, a new strategy game from the creator of X-COM

What RPG news sites do you like to visit?

Campaign Calendar Generator?

D20 Starcraft PDF??

Free RPG / Pathfinder Resources

Sky Sharks:the Movie

Poll: Where do RPGs rank in how you enjoy spending your free time?


Horizon: Zero Dawn

Dark Souls 3 is here

Create custom D&D / pathfinder minis for cheap.....

"Devil We Know, Part I:" Pathfinder Game 3D Terrain in Action

So, who else has a Nintendo Wii U?

Ruminating on the Trouble Of Finding Long Term Online Games

How to deal with munchkinism

Final Fantasy 15: KingsGlaive

You get to choose one book to be adapted...

Top Ten Terrible Things In This Hobby: #0 Will Amaze You!

Help I think I've started an arms race with myself.

GM technology at the table - speaker

Agent Carter

Dishonored 2

The worst, most memorable puns you've seen at the gaming table

King Tut had a dagger made of starmetal!

Anyone have a good, free, RPG Android app?

Warcraft Movie Receives Update Patch to 1.0.1

X-Men: Apocalypse

Death of the Magic-User

How do you read your Paizo books?

Do you tolerate or punish Gamers for not roleplaying?

Shards Online - Steam Greenlight Campaign (UO & NWN 1 and 2 fans look here)

Noir Game / Setting

Anyone play Age of Conan?

True Detective

Hellboy has come to an end.

The Prince Of Nothing Trilogy by R. Scott Bakker

Discord for Pathfinder Society

Making first game ever, need one on one help

Attention Blue Blaze Irregulars.

Help identify book series I barely remember?

Any good TV shows for the Summer of 2016?

Pop Culture Monsters

Peak Pathfinder

Do you have that one friend that...

Have you ever done this?

Civil War

Pathfinder - what's after hollow mountain?

3D printing symbols for our game of Pathfinder

Deadpool test footage leaked

Things that bother you

Character Death High Score

20 questions & other character building ideas

At the begining of time why were the 'Adventuring Professions' called 'C!asses'?

Who is your favorite storyteller from literature?

The Final Frontier

Chronicles of Elyria

Playing an adventurer with no reason to adventure? An short tale

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