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King Tut had a dagger made of starmetal!

Anyone have a good, free, RPG Android app?

Warcraft Movie Receives Update Patch to 1.0.1

X-Men: Apocalypse

Death of the Magic-User

How do you read your Paizo books?

Do you tolerate or punish Gamers for not roleplaying?

Shards Online - Steam Greenlight Campaign (UO & NWN 1 and 2 fans look here)

Noir Game / Setting

Anyone play Age of Conan?

True Detective

Hellboy has come to an end.

The Prince Of Nothing Trilogy by R. Scott Bakker

Discord for Pathfinder Society

Making first game ever, need one on one help

Attention Blue Blaze Irregulars.

Help identify book series I barely remember?

Any good TV shows for the Summer of 2016?

Pop Culture Monsters

Peak Pathfinder

Do you have that one friend that...

Have you ever done this?

Civil War

Pathfinder - what's after hollow mountain?

3D printing symbols for our game of Pathfinder

Deadpool test footage leaked

Things that bother you

Character Death High Score

20 questions & other character building ideas

At the begining of time why were the 'Adventuring Professions' called 'C!asses'?

Who is your favorite storyteller from literature?

The Final Frontier

Chronicles of Elyria

Playing an adventurer with no reason to adventure? An short tale

So who here is good at applied math? I want to fast is The Hulk?

Pathfinder Comics - available in pdf (or other digital format)?

This is hard to do

Enter the Gungeon

China Mieville & three moments of an explosion

Doom 4 music video!

Legion of Super Heroes

The Wolf in the Attic by Paul Kearney

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

So, I cancelled my Asheron's Call subscription after 13 years...

IRL Regional Flavor, AKA stereotypes in campaigns.

Grossout Gamer Stories

A member of FGG needs our help.

Quotes to use in game: Threats, insults, and diplomacy.

Could anyone point me towards a large battlefield grid map?

Star Trek Axanar

Father's Day gift for a GM

Star Wars Episode VIII

I've Always Thought That The Flail Was Rather Unwieldy

To what standard do you expect GMs to live up to?

DC Comics Will Reveal The Joker's Identity

Must-visit game stores in Seattle area?

BuXia Tactics [Amora Game]

What's the best thing that ever happened at your table?

Gen Con Advice Needed (Maximizing My Experience)

Marvel's Jessica Jones

How and with whom do you game with? Poll

The Weapon That Probably Didn't Exist

Clever ways to derail your game and annoy your GM

Roleplaying tattoos

Okanta Drawing

Paizo WoW Guild

Undead Darlings (Dungeon Crawler / Visual Novel) [Kickstarter / PC / PS4]


Wheel of Time TV series officially in development

Gen Con 2016: Advice & tips for last minute travel arrangements?

The Kushiel Re-Read Thread

Who's going to Comic-Con International this year?

Worst things your GM has done to you?

Lady of the Shard

Character creator software other than Herolab / PC Gen?

Adam Driver is a driver. Named Paterson. In Paterson.

Darwyn Cooke...

How to cope with PCs finding fun in breaking game immersion?

Kobold Press D&D Podcast

Civilization VI


Character Caught stealing threatened to be killed / kicked from party [Help]

Music for the Table - Skull & Shackles

Darth Vader

Campaign Level Mechanics

Assassin's creed movie trailer.

ELITE 4 announced via Kickstarter

How often do you get "ah ha!" RP moments as a PC?

Post Apocalyptic Survival Game.....which is best system

Player versus player combat

Characters acting against the Players interest.

Pathfinder or Local clique mindsets?

Cold in July

Pathfinder Tales recommendation for a book snob?

Is the classic fantasy setting dead?

Free Comic Book Day

How to Handle A Min-Maxer

The DC Multiversity

Free Humble Bundle to first taker

Battlefield 1

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