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How do you handle homosexuality and transgenderism in your campaigns?

Classes, what was the inspiration for each class

HUGE collection of 59 very cool Q-Workshop Dice!

Tyrese Gibson in talks for new Green Lantern.

The LGBT Gamer Community Thread.

100 Things to happen on a critical Hit

101 Ideas for 101 threads!

Dawn of Justice Trailer Leaked

your first time

What are you listening to as you browse the message boards?

Movie quotes...from any movie

Advice on cleaning mats

I'll Draw your Pathfinder / RPG Magic Item

I am tired of Vancian casting!

Ant Man trailer

Diablo 3 Clan - Pathfinder Society

101 Reasons to be booted from a table.

Best one-liner that made the whole table laugh?

Aberzombie's Comic Book Reminiscing

Conversion of BBEG into PF, who would you?

Oddest Encounter Ever

Gravity Falls

What books are you currently reading?

What if a spellcaster had these abilities?

Pathfinder Confessional

Bond 24: Spectre

And sometimes I even write stuff...

Pathfinder Characters for 1 Shot Game at a Con

Let's Talk About Anime

Resources for every GM

Who's excited for GenCon?

Sick of players planning out their characters

Where to sell some Spellfire cards

Good hard science fiction authors

Kill Six Billion Demons

Tell me a story of your moment of glory

Need Jokes / Puns About Being Dead / Undead

Free RPG / Pathfinder Resources

Pathfinder #25 Council of Thieves #1 Bastards of Erebus on eBay $5 starting bid.

Five Nights at Freddy's

Classical Music

Space Jam 2 - LeBron James to star?

101 ways to misspell "Rogue"

"Original Gamer" argument annoying?

On the nature of Evil


Good covers of great songs


Best Pathfinder Character Name Generator

Your favorite Creepy Love Songs.

How to make high quality dice

Deadpool test footage leaked

Any Robert Harris fans out there?

Inside Out

The cruelest thing your players have ever done.

My Cartography

Forum Problems that don't occur at your Table

New Order of the Stick Strip Up

Justice League Gods and Monsters

Justice League Gods and Monsters

1000 ways to kill a goblin


The new Joker in Suicide Squad

GoG to re-release 30 LucasArts games, starting with X-WING / TIE FIGHTER today!


Kids in movie theatres.

Daniel Abraham

The first few pages of Star Wars: Aftermath

Ash vs. Evil Dead

Favorite Antagonists?

The Many Things Adventurers Do That Are Really Weird

Respect. Do we have any!?

One Time, At D&D Camp ...

Pros and Cons of Psionics

So you forgot your dice. . .

The Eight Primary Game Design Fallacies

What is leveling to you?

What is the fantasy “Standard” for role playing games today?

Applying Common Sense to Game Mechanics - Good Idea or Bad?

Confessions That Will Get You Shunned By The Members Of The Paizo Community

Yes, there really was a D&D Summer Camp!

D&D Camp :)

Terminator Genisys

Reading advice

Anime recommendations for a beginner

Getting into APs

The Paizo Community International Film Festival.

CES 2012 - ePawn Arena - Digital board game tabletop

True Detective

Han Solo 2018 Solo Movie

Pathfinder Pawns Database

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Pathfinder Character Backstory

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

The Expanse by J.A Corey to be picked up by Syfy

87 Reasons to Ask New People to Join Your Game

Store Blog: Sweet! What Does Mine Say?

The Shannara Chronicles first trailer.

SYNDICATE successor SATELLITE REIGN launches on Kickstarter

Disastrous Sessions

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