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DM says / DM means

Jim Butcher

Diablo 3 Clan - Pathfinder Society

What is the worst roleplaying / backstory you have ever seen?

101 Achievements for Playing an RPG

Types of game styles you don't like

Random Table: A Giant’s Poop Contents Chart

How do you honor past characters?

Things a DM can put in a dungeon to totally mess with players

150 Reasons for a tavern brawl

Tinkergoth's Guide to Concert Etiquette

What are your games movie rated as?

The LGBT Gamer Community Thread.

What would you like to see in a fantasy novel?

What books are you currently reading?

What are you listening to as you browse the message boards?

2014 First Year Without a Platinum Record

New Order of the Stick Strip Up


The Jazz Singer (1927)

paladin sex with half god is it wrong???

Terrible luck ruining my fun as a GM

Outlast (and Whistleblower DLC) Survival Horror

The Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance ***Spoilers***

Marvel is realizing straight white guys arent the only ones who can save the world...

Help me print Flip Mats on Mac

The Cardinal Sins of Certain "Old School" DMs

An explanation why some people don't like playing around optimization

Best / Coolest Game Accessories

Problematic PC's (not players)

I'm giving away...

Best one-liner that made the whole table laugh?

Worst setting / homebrew world you have ever seen

The 5th sentence of page 55...

About writing (RPG adventures) and crying

doctor who alert!!

Pathfinder on Twitch

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

MS Paint Adventures

Why is it called Windows 10, and not Windows 9?

Star Trek Fan Films

Funny character ideas

Female Thor!! *Identity as yet unknown*

Good covers of great songs

A New Character Has Been Rolled: Gamer Babies!

Rat Queens

Finding Time to Game?

Physical Dungeon Map Tokens


Best Books for A Cool, Crisp Autumn...

Which online campaigns do you follow?


Help Needed With Paper on Racial Representation in Gaming

Best Character Name Ever?

Mechanically strong character- all the time.

Baldurs Gate 1 & 2 Enhanced Editions just released on GOG 50% off

Gaming with Ebola, a Review

Is it necrophilia?

Adventures interdimensional

What is your favorite fantasy country?

Dwarves in historical folklore

It's Never Too Early For Cthulhu Christmas Carols!

The Paizo Community International Film Festival.

Paizo has guilds on World of Warcraft

Madame Mirage (how would you cast it?)

Need Names and Occupations for comedy...

Agents of Shield

WORMY'S WEDNESDAY WHAT? Using proper names in the game

What if your players are, well... stupid?

Thoughts on possible Pathfinder games.

The Epic Character Death Thread

Virtual tabletop?

Crazy custom crafted items, what's yours?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Flash trailer

1 man in a party with 8 women, HELP

Death Vigil

What do authors owe fans?

The Half a King Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie

What do you do to restore Luck to Dice

What is Psionics?

Roleplaying XP, and why I avoid it.

Let's Talk About Anime

Looking for an adventure

We are the gamers who don't play anything.

The Desolation of Smaug

A Pint Sized Mute Lolita Brags about her Victory at Weekly William's Table

You fumbled that attack. Roll percentiles...

Walking Dead TV Series - How you vex me! (spoilers)

Do you favor female deities? (plz look ladies)

Star Wars REBELS

Sunshine and Rainbows - Happyfinder Thread

Anyone play Age of Conan?

So I had some time while on a bus...

Bah! Problem 'Adventurers'

Twin Peaks returns!

D&D 3.5 compared to Pathfinder: Classes edition

FX's The Strain

Alien: Isolation

Preferred play style.

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