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Open Call for PC Applications for APs! GMs stop on by to find applicants!

Mercenary Tales: The Capstone of Iteria

Hell's Rebels (theater of the mind) Recruitment!

DM Mathpro's Carrion Crown Game-Recruitment

lets give WotR a try

Interest Check for Gestalt Kingmaker (Looking for group and GM)

Recruiting Real-Time NPCs for New Campaign

What Makes a Princess? Gestalt, Third-Party Friendly.

[PFS / CtP] #6–12: Scions of the Sky Key, Part 1: On Sharrowsmith's Trail Recruitment

Interest Check: WoW Horde-esque game

MisterLurch's Legacy of Fire (open)

The Diva's Requiem - Homebrew PFRPG

Interest check for a (relativly) short 5E campagin

Looking for additional pax for a start from lvl 1 WOTW campaign

Shadowrun 5th Edition Recruitment

[Pathfinder Open Recruitment | 3PP-Friendly] On the Fourth Day, We Kill Them All

D20 Modern / Future Dark*Tapestry - check for interest

The Silver Shields need you!

Interest Check: Dragon's Demand

Recruiting: For The Orcs of Kara'Kar

Mouse Guard PbP (no prior experience needed)

Fallout 4 - Post Apocalyptic Twin Cities, MN - Apocalypse World Rules - free ruleset

[30k] The Istvaan III Atrocity

Shadowrun inspired d20 modern game - interest check.

Recruitment-The Cold-d20 modern homebrew

In The Darkest Corners

The Tion Cluster Gambit (Closed)

PFS Glass river rescue 5-01 Core

GM Shady's Iron Gods Recruitment

Looking for 2 or more players for a Giant Slayer Campaign

Matt's Iron Gods Campaign Recruitment

DMD - Rise of the Runelords Recruitment

Dance of Light and Shadow, high level Way of the Wicked recruitment

Last Light of a Dark Future.

GM Barrister's Serpent's Skull PbP Recruitment

anyone to run a 5E game?

Level 20 The dawn of the material plane.

The Northlands Saga Recruitment

GM Barrister's Serpent's Skull Gestalt PbP Recruitment

Wanted: GM for 2 player Fey-themed adventure.

MiniSix Dark Sun

Violet Clocksworth's Cthulhu by Gaslight

Homebrew Western Game Seeks Players!

PFS 5-01 Glass River Rescue

Wanted: Replacement healer for Pathfinder's Risen from the sands pbp (open recruitment)

IC testing houserules in semi random dungeons with some story.

Way of the Gestalted Wicked 2.0

Interest in Playtest for Priority System(Shadowrun 5th) in Pathfinder

Adventures in 'Ard Alqisma Interest Check

Pathfinder Single Encounters

(5e) Adventure League PBP

Hell's Rebels, Rise of the Silver Ravens

GM Arkwright's Curse of the Trimmed Sky

Bandits Attack Recruitment

Interest Check: Mouse Guard RPG (no prior experience required)

Homebrew Adventure: Festival of the Damned Official recruitment!

[PFS] Iron Gods -- You got your SciFi in my Fantasy!

Interest check - Skyrim with Pathfinder House Rules


Looking for a gamemaster for my players.

Hero's of Azalia, new homebrew campaign, Starting at level 4.

Mangroves in the Desert

A Little Trouble in the Big Rubble

Here be Dragons: Recruitment (Play as a Dragon!)

GM-Grenfax Curse of the Crimson Throne Recruitment

Recruitment for Trail of the Curseborn

Interest Check, AP For FATE CORE

Dalgar's Kingmaker

GM Arkwright's Theatre of the Mind Recruitment

(5e) Adventurers League DDEX #1-05 The Courting of Fire

"O Death" - GM Nightmare Knight's Carrion Crown

Yaara Ndor (10+ Years in the making- Open world)

Barmy in Sigil: High-Level Tristalt Pathfinder Campaign in D&D's Multiverse

Whispers of the Tyrant - A Homebrew Villainous Campaign

(LFP) [Avondale Estates, GA] My Parents' Basement PFS: 4 Scenarios - @ 12:00-12:00 am

The Nature of Ruling and of Reality: Amber Diceless

Shadowrun 5th ed Interest Check

Demonmoose Iron Gods AP Red

Any GMs willing to run Legacy of Fire?

GM Axolotl's The Snows of Summer

The Divinity War Project - An Epic Game [Closed recruitment]

Iron Gods ala Fabian

The Gauntlet of Demesne - Open Recruitment

DM B's PFS PbP GD4 The Lost Legacy (3-7) Camp Rec

[D&D 5e] DM Asmodeus's "Night Below" Recruitment

advenuters league season 1

[PFS] Iron Gods -- You got your SciFi in my Fantasy!

ETU: Degrees of Horror - Recruitment

Recruitment call for Homebrew seafaring campaign

(LFP) [Orlando, FL] Recon 2016 PFS / Core: 30 Scenarios - -Sun, May 1

5th edition Adventures League. Adventure Exchange

GM ShadowLord's PFS #7-07: Trouble in Tamran Recruitment

Way of the Wicked

[SyncRPG VTT + Google Hangouts] Open call for PCs for Captured by Adventure!

Death-Lok's Recruitment for Advanced Age of Worms - starting 12th level!

Intrest Check-The Cold-d20 modern homebrew campaign

interest check: modified vampire the masquerade Caitiff game

Recruitment for Beginners Box Adventures

Tears at Bitter Manor (Open recruitment)

Replacement Melee for Hombrew Greyhawk Campaign

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