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Open Call for PC Applications for APs! GMs stop on by to find applicants!

Heavy Metal Chivalry - [interest check]

[D&D 5e] Hoard of the Dragon Queen PbP interest check (+ possible recruitment)

Looking for GM for Jade Regent

Black Tom's Mummy's Mask

GM Leinathan: Open Recruitment for Jade Regent AP

Interest Check: The Tomb of Sigyfel OSR Labyrinth Lord / D&D Basic Intro Adventure

GM Grog's Reign of Winter

Iron Dragons (Iron Gods w / Kobolds!)

Planescape's The Great Modron March (5e)

Interest Check: D&D 5E, Western Style

GM Bird's Depths of War (Underwater Pathfinder Homebrew Game)

HERO System 'Alien Invasion / Superhero Battle High School'

Corsario's Kingmakers: Agents of the Kingdom

Life shaping,(homebrew intrest check)- Custom Races

GM Knight's Giantslayer IC Recruitment

GM Frosty's Reign of Winter

Interest Check - d20 modern / future - Orbiting Mutants

The Broken Age - [Homebrew Campaign] - [5 to 8 players needed.] - [Recruitment / Interest Check]

Storyteller Shadow's Multi Game Recruitment Thread

Gauging interest in an Apocalypse World campaign

The Legend of Dovrakuun (Dwarven Gestalt Kingmaker)

#7–15: The Deepmarket Deception Pbp (MKE group) Recruitment

Eberron - Echoes of the Past Recruitment (Closed)

Tales from the Great Bazaar Recruitment

A Night's Rest: homebrew open to new players only

Interest Check- Greek Hero Pathfinder Game

Razor Coast Texas Style! Recruitment

Rise of the Runelords Table 1 Recruitment

[PFS] The Flaxseed Pathfinder Lodge: Explore, Report, Cooperate! (ongoing PFS recruitment)

Recruiting: One Hour to Ascension Tristalt Mythic Not Traditional PbP

Methuselah 's Price (C.P.2020)

The Tion Cluster Gambit (Closed)

Looking for a GM for a ROTRL Campaign

V20 Caitiff campaign

Interest Check Only (40K RPG)

Interest Check: Amethyst Renaissance / Neurospasta

Against the Cycle, Ch. 1: Funfair - Pathfinder-style adventure at... a funfair

Interest Check: Gestalt Hell's Vengeance Game on Roll20

Getting The Band Back Together [CLOSED recruitment]

PF:Grand Heroes Needed

Interest Check: Shackled City AP Fantasy Grounds Sundays (Pathfinder)

Year of the Shadow Lodge Recruitment

Iron Gods Pbp, aka come play you got your sci fi in my fantasy

Planescape PbP 'Silver Rose' needs new players

El'Da'Vaughn, the Land of Memories Lost

Murder's Mark of Crows: A PFS Experiment

L5R- Tomb of Jade

Ongoing Seafaring home brew game seeks spellcaster

Recruiting 2-3 players for Gladiator game.

Recruiting thread: The Viridian Castle

Recruitment: Princes of the Apocalypse 5e,

Song of Ice and Fire: Dragons at War

The Lost Escort, a Star Wars Saga-edition campain

Wrath of the Righteous IC recruitment thread by Asmodina

Interest Check: El'Da'Vaughn, the Land of Memories Lost

GM Rednal's Cyclopean Deeps (10th Level, Gestalt)

One more Swab needed for the Shackles.

Dark Heresy 1e: Emperor's Apocrypha

GM Rednal's Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms (3rd Level, Gestalt)

Kingmaker open position, existing character

Path of Piece Recruitment

Wrath of the Righteous interest check with character gen info.

L5R- Interest Check and Possible Game

Drummer Available - Will Do Anything to Make It [Interest / Recruitment: Seeking 2+ Players]

Six Heads of Mayhem--The Hydra Campaign Recruitment

GM Infinity+1, Crypt of Everflame, Wizard Party

Savage Worlds / Interface Zero 2.0: Ashes of Phoenix (Recruitment)

The Tomb of Abysthor and The Slumbering Tsar! Recruitment

[PFS] The Ghenett Manor Gauntlet - Recruitment

Recruiting (Pathfinder Gestalt,Mythic): Solo Superhero in Magnimar's Shadow District

Against the Cycle, Ch. 1: Funfair - Pathfinder-style adventure at... a funfair

PFS: #7–19: The Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts Recruitment

Planescape 5e - Interest Check

Interest check: Only combats 5th edition

Interest Check: One Hour to Ascension

Star Wars Rebels - Classic Adventures Recruitment

[OPEN] Recruitment / Interest for Emerald Spire Module

PFS To Judge a Soul Part 2 Karma Reclaimed Recruitment Teir 3-4

PbP Iron Gods - PFS, need a fourth player partway through Fires of Creation

The Waxing Dark: A Savage Worlds Weird War I campaign


[DND 5E] [Online] [Xbox] - Looking for players

Looking for 1 player for Rise of the Runelords (Anniversary Edition)

IC: Fallout Equestria or a pony dungeon delve

Nebten's Dragon's Demand

Interest check - Active homebrew Game

[Primeras Jornadas Sociedad Pathfinder Bakunin - Manacor, Spain] Introducción a la Sociedad! PFS / Core: 2 Scenarios -

PbP Shattered Star Game!

A True Sandbox Home Brew Game [Pathfinder][Closed]

The World's Happiest Evil-Doers: Hell's Vengeance (Looking for Players and GM)

Dawn of Orcs Recruitment

[Iron Gods][Heavily House / Unchained Variant Ruled][Sunday Evenings PST]

Rise of the Runelords Re-Recruitment!

San Antonio Gamers

Interest check, Star Wars Saga-edition (Similar to 3rd edition D&D)

[PFS 6-16] Scions of the Sky Key - Part 3: The Golden Guardian (Tier 4-5)

Wondering the Silent Caverns. (Pathfinder)

The Grasp of Tyranny - a Homebrew Pathfinder Campaign

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