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Did you inherit a play-by-post?

If you are the GM for a play-by-post campaign but didn't start the thread, please email

We need:

  • A link to your profile page (click on your name at the top where it says "Welcome, your name!"
  • A link to the gameplay and discussion threads for the campaigns you have inherited.

Just copy and paste these links from the address bar in your browser, please.

Play-by-Post Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
GM Aneirin's Kingmaker Campaign Discussion

Hellscarred and War-torn Discussion

GM Blood's Age of Worms in Golarion Discussion

...and for your sins...discussion

Fang and Shackle Discussion

GM Bold Strider's Carrion Crown - Flaxseed Lodge Discussion

Tavern Tales - An Introduction Discussion

Star Wars Saga: Dawn of Defiance Discussion

Amazing Red's Risen From the Sands Discussion

Dungeon Runner -- The Social Experiment to Save the World Discussion

The Secrets of the Sunderlands

[PFS / PbP Gameday 3] Destiny of the Sands Trilogy - Discussion

Reign of Winter: DM Slyness Discussion

[PFS / DMK] We Be Goblins! Discussion

Motteditor's Fire Over Blackcrag 2 Discussion

DM B's PFS PbP Game Day 3: S0-13 The Prince of Augustana Discussion

GM Dak - RotRL AE (Group 2) Discussion

Save The City! Discussion

PFS PBP Gameday 3: #6-05 Slave Ships of Absalom - Table 4 Discussion

The Way to a Dusty Death

The Half Dead City (Mummy's Mask Part 1) Discussion

The Worldwound Incursion Discussion

Innocence Proves Nothing: A Dark Heresy Campaign Discussion

Absalom Abberations - A Pathfinder Society Tale Discussion

GM SpiderBeard's Wrath of the Righteous

DM Frogfoot's Shapeshifter Apocalypse Discussion

Gestalt Borderlands Discussion

Gauging Interest -- "Kirthfinder" PBP


The tales of Caldir the Rogue Discussion

Old Guy GM's Wrath of the Righteous Campaign Discussion

The Winter of Discontent Discussion (OOC)

Shadow Over Riddleport Discussion

The journey of a thousand miles

Lunar Sloth's Second Darkness Discussion

Dm Corerue's Iron god Adventure- Discussion

A World Apart (Full Group) Discussion

[OVA] I hope Mummy senpai notices me - Discussion

Wrath of the Righteous - Rise of the PCs! Discussion

The Confirmation Table 3 Discussion

[PFS] GM Kyshkumen's Destiny of the Sands Discussion

GM Bold Strider's PFS 00-27 Our Lady of Silver Discussion

OOC Discussion

BTOD Discussion

The Forgotten God (Table 4) Discussion

Motteditor's Savage Tide discussion thread

[PFS] #5–08: The Confirmation (Play-by-Post; Table 2) Discussion

GM Goldmyr's Nexus of Time Gameplay Thread Discussion

Leinathan's Rise of the Runelords Discussion

Motteditor's Rivers Run Red PBP Discussion

Rise of the New Runelords Discussion

GM Tektite's PFS #2-01 Before the Dawn (Bloodcove Disguise) Discussion

Kaer Maga and the Heresies at the Godsmouth Ossuary Discussion

GM Aarvid PFS PbP : The Devil We Know Series Discussion

The Goblin''s Gutbuster: DM-Salsa's Tower of Doom discussion

GM Helio's Ballad of the Stolen Lands Discussion

There be lootin' to do - Skulls & Shackles Discussion

DMummy's Mask Campaign

Way of the Wicked Discussion

GM Endless Forms' Rise of the Runelords Discussion

Lil"Eschie Crypt of the Everflame Discussion

GM BPChocobo's PbP Game Day - Thornkeep Level 2 Discussion

DM Feral's Player's Choice Discussion

Whispers in a Seaside Tavern, Discussion Thread

GM Aneirin's Second Darkness Campaign - Discussion

Serpent's Skull Discussion

DM Pendin Fust Wrath of the Righteous - Group A Discussion

Hephaistos Raising... An Iron Gods thread Discussion

DM AK's Sargavan Saga OOC Thread

The Gathering

DM Bloodgargler's Kingmaker OOC

DM Doctor Evil's ROTRL Group B Discussion

Control The City! Discussion

DM Rah's "The Merchant's Wake" Gameday 3 Discussion

Tales of Knights and Chivalry Discussion

Kingmaker [PbP] - Discussion

Seraphimpunk's Way of the Wicked Discussion

Shards of the Titanswar Discussion

DM Oladon's Second Darkness Discussion

Legacy of Old Sharptooth Discussion - Shared OOC

Shalafi's Rise of the Rune Lords Group II Discussion

BWatford's Mummy's Mask Table #1

[PFS - PbP Game Day 3] 5–08: The Confirmation - Table 2 (tier 1-2) Discussion

The Dark Lord Morgoth's Path of Damnation Discussion

The Loom of Fate Discussion

PFS pbp GD3 RoW The Shackled Hut Discussion

Kingmaker: A Brave New World table 2 Discussion

GM SpiderBeard's Untitled Campaign: Group Two Discussion

GM Tektite's PFS #6-06 Hall of the Flesh Eaters

Feral's Aspis - Loom of Fate Discussion

A Haunting at Perdition's Point Discussion

Carrion Crown AP: The Haunting of Harrowstone Discussion

[PFS] #6-04 Beacon Below Discussion

GM Ridge's "Throne of Night"

Grymp's Placeholder Discussion

The Dog-Men Cometh - Dungeon World / Funnel World

DM Dr Evil's Second Darkness Discussion

Supreme Being's Tyranny of Dragons (5E) Discussion

The Pyramid of Shadows Discussion


101 to 200 of 4,289 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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