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Did you inherit a play-by-post?

If you are the GM for a play-by-post campaign but didn't start the thread, please email

We need:

  • A link to your profile page (click on your name at the top where it says "Welcome, your name!"
  • A link to the gameplay and discussion threads for the campaigns you have inherited.

Just copy and paste these links from the address bar in your browser, please.

Play-by-Post Discussion

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Topic Posts Last Post
On PBPs, a general discussion for all PBPers

Demonmoose's Fires of Creation (Orange) Discussion

Half-Porc's Council of Thieves OOC

The Once & Future KingMaker Discussion

Core Module - The Master of the Fallen Fortress [Tier 1] by GM Rutseg - Discussion

Tavern Tales Discussion

Dragon's Demand Discussion

Big OM's Way of the Wicked Discussion

The Dark Ones Discussion

[PFS / PbP Gameday 3] Destiny of the Sands Trilogy - Discussion

Discussion for Sellswords and scoundrels. Heros and hopefuls.

DM Dr Evil's Reign of Winter AP (with PFS Credit) Discussion

Dark Sun ala Fabian - To Save a Dying World Discussion

Climbing the Rainbow Bridge - GM Behind the Curtain

Rhea's Serpent Skull Discussion

[PFS] 6-10 The Wounded Wisp - table 3 Discussion

DM B's PbP Game Day 3: Decline of Glory (1-7) Discussion

PFS 02-17 Shades of Ice Part II : Exiles of Winter

DM Thron's Kingmaker Campaign Joint Group Discussion

Gardens of the Moon

Shadowed Futures

Sigma and Co.'s Iron Gods Discussion

The Gathering

Nightmarish Campaign Redux Discussion

PFS PbP Gameday 3 GM Rutseg's #4–21: Way of the Kirin [Tier 3-7] - Discussion

Demonmoose's Iron Gods AP Green Discussion


Temple of Elemental Evil Discussion

[PFS] 6-10 The Wounded Wisp Discussion

Deathwatch: The Shadow War Discussion

Absalom in Shadow: An InnRoads Campaign Discussion

To Rule the Razor Discussion

The Cemean Strangers Discussion

The Flaxseed Lodge Core Campaign

GM Rednal's Rise of the Runelords: AE Discussion

The Dragon's Carrion Crown Discussion

Yet Another ... Rise of the Runelords PBP Discussion

Golarion Adventure League Discussion

PbP GameDay 3: PFS #23: Tide of Morning Discussion

Reign of Winter: DM Slyness Discussion

The Forgotten God (Table 2) Discussion

Crya's Twilight

Tales of Agartha: The Avalon Chronicles Discussion Thread

GMTrex's PFS (Standard) 05-21 The Merchant's Wake Discussion

Black Tom's Age of Worms

PbP PFS - The Forgotten Laboratory (the others) lvl 3-5 Discussion

Carrion Crown Blues Discussion

Rivers Run Red Discussion

Salty GM's Serpent's Skull Discussion

[GM Striker] Wrath of the Righteous 2 Discussion

Demonmoose's Iron Gods AP Discussion

DM Twilight - Carrion Crown Game Thread Discussion

Harrowed Ruins Discussion

Variel's Reign of Winter Discussion

GD3 - Fangwood Discussion

PbP GameDay 3: PFS 05-04 The Stolen Heir (1-5) Discussion

GM Tektite's Mummy's Mask Discussion

Geoffrey's Finest Discussion

Korvosan Knights Discussion

[PFS] GM Harker Presents: #6-06 Hall of the Flesh Eaters Discussion

the darkness comes Discussion

Rise of the Black Numenoreans Discussion

The Bogshark Fiasco Discussion

Curse of the Crimson Throne Discussion

PFS 6-02: The Silver Mount Collection (3-7) Discussion

DM Frogfoot's Shapeshifter Apocalypse Discussion

DM Doctor Evil's ROTRL Group B Discussion

PbP GameDay 3: PFS #5-99 Paths we Choose (3-4)

(PFS / PBP / Roll20) The Sarkorian Prophecy [10-11 Tier] Discussion

In Search of Power, Fame, and Knowledge Discussion

Dawn of Worlds and Beyond! Discussion

Tales of the Nalbrin (Table 2) Discussion

Thron's Rise of the Runelords Campaign Discussion

GM Fateweaver's Charnel Crown PbP Discussion

Demonmoose's Iron Gods AP Red Discussion

Pathfinder Endless Encounters Thread Discussion

Iobaria: The Fallen Empire

[PFS] PbP Gameday 3: #5-08: The Confirmation Discussion

For The Glory of Icathia Discussion

The Emerald Spire Discussion

(PFS / PBP / Roll20) Before the Dawn - Part 1: The Bloodcove Disguise Discussion

Ascension - Mageocracy Discussion

DM Asmodeus's WotW: Book One: Knot of Thorns Discussion

"The Meat Grinder:" DM Norv's The Tomb of Horrors Discussion

Where It All Began: Dragoncat's Rise of the Runelords Discussion

Iron lords OOC ( Narator Prime)

Wrath of The Rightous Wise Fox -

The Turning Wheel - a Zeitgeist PbP Discussion

Megan's Curse of the Crimson Throne OOC Thread

Legacy of Fire Discussion

DM Pendin Fust Wrath of the Righteous - Group B Discussion

The Wizard's Amulet Discussion

Rise, Oh All Powerful Runelords! It's your Anniversary! Discussion

GM Tektite's PFS #2-01 Before the Dawn (Bloodcove Disguise) Discussion

The Tales of the 7 Crystals Discussion

Citadel of Flame T3 Discussion

DM Variel's WotR Discussion thread

Welch's Carrion Crown Discussion

Death and Taxes - GM Budd the C.H.U.D.'s Feast of Ravenmoor Discussion

The Wolftooth Tribe Discussion

1 to 100 of 4,649 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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