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Did you inherit a play-by-post?

If you are the GM for a play-by-post campaign but didn't start the thread, please email

We need:

  • A link to your profile page (click on your name at the top where it says "Welcome, your name!"
  • A link to the gameplay and discussion threads for the campaigns you have inherited.

Just copy and paste these links from the address bar in your browser, please.


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Topic Posts Last Post
The City of Arch: Arch Academy

[PBP GameDay V] GM Tarondor's PFS Scenario 7-11: Ancient's Anguish [Tier 7-8]

[GD5] GM Lari's Beyond Azlant Ridge (Core)

[Game Day V][PFS PBP]GM Z..D.. Honor's Echo Game play

GM_DBH's Scurvy swabs for the Shackles. The game.

GM Lari's Dead Man's Debt (Core)

Fjuri's PFS Season 2 PBP CORE "campaign"

Absalom Abberations - A Pathfinder Society Tale

GM Fuzzfoot's #3 Murder on the Silken Caravan [1-5] (CORE)

Crypt Of The Everflame

The Road to Minkai: Dragoncat's Jade Regent Gameplay Thread (Party 2)

GM Sethran's Gameday V - Silverhex Chronicles

The Song of Angry Men (GM Paladin's Hell's Rebels)

GM Haladir's Castle Ravenloft

Beyond Azlant Ridge Gameplay

Conquest of Ambervale (campaing)

IZ2.0: Ashes of Phoenix Gameplay

[PFS] GM Lithrac's evergreen trilogy gameplay thread

[AP] The Shackled City by GM Rutseg - Gameplay


Heralding the Coming of the Age of Worms (Alpha Team)

It all begins here......

Three Sheets to the Wind - a Piratical Jaunt

GM Knight's: Plunder and Peril!

[PFS] Teamwork Experiment Table 1

[PFS PbP Gameday V] The Ruby Phoenix Tournament

DM-Salsa Presents: The Jade Regent

Many Modules Campaign Gameplay

[PFS] Your Ward Asunder

[DM Elanmorin] Hell's Reberls PbP

Tales from the City of Opal

Tarondor's Trouble in Tamran (PFS Scenario 7-07) TABLE "A"

GM Merc's Savage Tides: Gameplay

GM Faelyn's Strange Aeon AP Gameplay

Emerald Spire Floor 1

Where good fears to tread

[PFS] #7-00 The Sky Key Solution (1–2) Gameday V — GM Crucible

Falcon's Hollow Gameplay Thread

PbP Gameday V #5-8 The Confirmation Gameplay Table 1

JZ's Reign of Winter (The Snows of Summer) Gameplay


Dream Sequences

DM Bloodgargler's Hell's Rebels

The Price of a Soul: A Night's Rest and beyond

Aubrey's Wrath of the Righteous Campaign

The Northlands Saga

Gameplay Open


GM Shady's The Dragon's Demand Gameplay

GM Kyshkumen's Carrion Hill

[PbP Gameday V] [PFS-CORE] We Be Goblins Free! (starts 27-08-2016) (lvl 4 pregens)


Variel's Reign of Winter

Draco Voodoo's To KoBoldly GO!

[PFS] GM kuey's The Wounded Wisp (#6-10) (CORE) - PbP Gameday 5

GM Endless Forms' PFS All For Immortality Series (1-3)

Divine Rise of the Runelords

DM B's PFS GD5 PbP: The Sky Key Solution GAME

Sigma and Co.'s Iron Gods Campaign

[PFS] bluedove's #5–19: The Horn of Aroden

Kingmaker [PbP] - Gameplay

Destiny Gameplay Thread

DM-Camris' CARRION CROWN Chapter 2: Trial of the Beast

GM Tektite's Mummy's Mask

Characters [PFS PbP Gameday V] GM Alias' 6-11: The Slave Master's Mirror Gameplay

Legacy of Fire : A Journey through the Sands Gameplay

Of The Dark and Strange

Legendary Planet - Goblins in Spaaaace!!! - Gameplay

To Prevent the Age of Worms!!!

GM Knight's Giantslayer

Clebsch GM Wrath of the Righteous Adventure: Book 1

The Trials of Ascension

JD's Giantslayer AP!

PFS Refuge of Time

The Faceless GM's Golarion Apocalypse Gameplay

GM Debug's PbP Gameday 5: PFS-RPG 07-00 The Sky Key Solution

Helikons Regular Wounded Wisp PbP V

Legendary Planet, an Adventure beyond this World - Gameplay

Chronicles of the Silver Rose Company

Anno Domini

DM Immortal's Blood Red Roses: A Skull & Shackles Campaign (Gameplay)

GM Sethran's Gameday Phantom Phenomena!

GMF's Shattered Star Gameplay

Bored Games (Gameplay)

The Secrets of the Sunderlands

[PFS PbP Gameday V] #1-35 Voice in the Void CORE (Tier 1-7) #2

[PFS] GM Lithrac's The Sky Key Solution (#7-00) - PbP Gameday 5 Gameplay thread

Kingmaker: The Stolen Lands

The Dragon Reborn

The Great Modron March

Tales of Agartha: the Avalon Chronicles

DM B's PFS GD5 PbP: Portent's Peril Game

[GD5] GM Lari's Serpent's Rise (Standard)

Heroes Tale

Kingmaker: Legacies Gameplay

[PFS] GM Brew's PFS Archons

DM Vord's Zeitgeist Act I - Portents of a Starry Sky

Red Rogue's Gameplay Thread: Knight of the Forgotten Festival

Into the Shadows- Solo Gameplay

PFS Port Godless

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