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Did you inherit a play-by-post?

If you are the GM for a play-by-post campaign but didn't start the thread, please email

We need:

  • A link to your profile page (click on your name at the top where it says "Welcome, your name!"
  • A link to the gameplay and discussion threads for the campaigns you have inherited.

Just copy and paste these links from the address bar in your browser, please.


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Topic Posts Last Post
[PBP Game Day V] GM Z..D.. To Judge a Soul Part : the lost legacy: Gameplay

The Confirmation Table 2

Stirrings in the Deep

GM Arkwright's Curse of the Trimmed Sky Gameplay Thread

[PFS PbP Gameday V] #8-02 Ward Asunder (tier 6-7)

East Sommweir Avengers

The Frozen Fingers of Midnight

GDV: Consortium Compact

Of The Dark and Strange


GM ShadowLord's PFS #7–00: The Sky Key Solution

The Emerald Spire


Conquest of Ambervale (campaing)

The Forgotten God (private)

GM Frosty's Reign of Winter

[GD5] GM Lari's Serpents Rise (Core)

GM Aeon's The Wounded Wisp (Table 2)

[PFS] #7-00 The Sky Key Solution (1–2) Gameday V — GM Crucible

Nevermore: Heroes of the Great Unkindness

Father of Waters Gameplay Thread

GM_DBH's Scurvy swabs for the Shackles. The game.

GM Evil's Scions of the Sky Key (High Tier)

Biff! Bam! Pow!

GM Kiora's Wrath of the Righteous

[PFS PbP Gameday V] #7-00 The Sky Key Solution (tier 5-6)

Europe, circa 1430 AD....


[PFS] #7-10 Trouble in Tamran (T3–5) Gameday V — GM Crucible

[PFS PbP Gameday V] #7-00 The Sky Key Solution (Tier 5-6)

Another RotRL Campaign by DM Crispy - Gameplay

PbP Gameday V New Character? No Problem! Confirmation!

DM Carbide's The Dragon's Demand

[GD5] GM Lari's Serpent's Rise (Standard)

DM Jesse's Temple of Elemental Evil PbP, Pathfinder style

Old Foofelah's We B4 Goblins! Gameplay Thread

GM Shady's The Dragon's Demand Gameplay

[PbP Gameday V] 7-00 The Sky Key Solution (Tier 1-2) - GM Red - Gameplay thread

For the Glory of Icathia Gameplay

Welcome to Erith

GM Budd the C.H.U.D.'s "Price of Immortality" Trilogy - Gameplay Thread

[PFS Core] GM Harker Presents: The Emerald Spire Gameplay

Skull and Shackles: How to drown a Kobold

The 260th MS Team

From Breland Forth-- Gameplay

[PBP GameDay V] GM Ragged's 2-01 The Bloodcove Disguise (Tier 3-4) - Gameplay

Out of the Abyss (Pathfinder Conversion)

Second Darkness

Tales of Agartha: the Avalon Chronicles

WR Murk Water Misfits (DW)

The Forgotten God (Table 5)

PFS PbP Gameday V - #7-00 The Sky Key Solution (tier 1-2 OR 3-4)

GM Black Powder Chocobo's PbP Gameday V Gameplay

GM Ragged's Keep on the Borderlands - B

GM Thing's Strange Aeons

DM FFlash's Iron Gods Campaign Reboot

DM-Salsa Presents: The Jade Regent

" cover all the lands in a second darkness!"

DM Loopy's Deranged Dungeon World - Strom's Six


Chaosorbit's PFS PbP Gameday V - #6–23: The Darkest Abduction Gameplay

GM Aarvid PFS #3-09: The Quest for Perfection - CORE

Feast of Ravenmoor [July 2016]

GM Shady's Hell's Rebels Gameplay

[PFS] Season 0 run, mixed with Dragon's Demand Gameplay

[PFS] PbP Gameday IV: GM Brew's 5-08 The Confirmation (Nubicon Arc)

GM ShadowLord's PFS #4–01: Rise of the Goblin Guild

Chronicles of Arcania: Gameplay

Infamous Inquisitor IC

Wardens of the Righteous

GM Ragged's Core Rules Souls for Smuggler's Shiv - Gameplay

Samnell's Barbaric, Gestalt Iron Gods Gameplay

Motteditor's Rivers Run Red PBP

Curse of the Crimson Throne by The Wicked GM Gameplay

[DM Elanmorin] Hell's Reberls PbP

The Secrets of the Sunderlands

PFS PbP Gameday 5: 6-02 The Silver Mount Collection [3-7]

Lunar Sloth's Second Darkness

JZ's Reign of Winter (The Snows of Summer) Gameplay

GM Jiggy's Adventures in Avonali [5E]

PbP Gameday V - #0-04: The Frozen Fingers of Midnight (CORE)

Welcome aboard the Wormwood.

Dragons Demand

[PFS] Abducted in Aether Gameplay thread

Song of Ice and Fire: Dragons at War

DM Talomyr's Serpent's Skull

Burnt Offerings

[GM Striker] Wrath of the Righteous 3

GM Sethran's Gameday V - Silverhex Chronicles

Here Be Tryants: A Kingmaker saga.

GM Tyranius House on Hook Street

The story begins!

Kingmaker: Stolen Lands

GM Shady's Midgard Campaign Setting - Table 3 Gameplay

Honor´s Echo Regular for PBP V

Adventures in Darkmoon Vale Gameplay

GMDQ's Skull and Shackles

Legacy of Fire Gameplay thread

Kingmaker: Lords of the Stolen Lands Gameplay

[PFS / Mars] Eyes of the Ten Gameplay

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