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Did you inherit a play-by-post?

If you are the GM for a play-by-post campaign but didn't start the thread, please email

We need:

  • A link to your profile page (click on your name at the top where it says "Welcome, your name!"
  • A link to the gameplay and discussion threads for the campaigns you have inherited.

Just copy and paste these links from the address bar in your browser, please.


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Topic Posts Last Post
Aubrey's Wrath of the Righteous Campaign

DM B's PFS GD5 PbP: Thralls of the Shattered God GAME

[PFS PbP Gameday V] #7-00 The Sky Key Solution (Tier 5-6)

GM Redelia's Mask of the Mummy Gameplay

GM Niles Curse of Strahd

Dragon's Demand

[PbP Gameday V]#7-14 F'n'F Part 1: Let Bygones Be - GM Gothalo

" cover all the lands in a second darkness!"

CotCT Unchained - the Gameplay thread

GM Leinathan's Jade Regent Gameplay

Amazing Red's Feast of Ravenmoor

GM thunderspirit's PFS PbP Game Day 5: Beyond Azlant Ridge (high sub-tier) GAMEPLAY

Burnt Offerings

DM B's PFS GD5 PbP: The Sky Key Solution GAME

GM Redelia's Murder's Mark Gameplay

dm darkvision and a brave new world



GM ShadowLord's GIANTSLAYER Campaign

JZ's Stand Against the Darkness - Carrion Crown

Skull and Shackles: How to drown a Kobold

Kingmaker [PbP] - Gameplay

Strangers in a Stranger Land


PFS PbP Gameday 5: Feral's #4-12 Refuge of Time

[PFS / DMK / EMS] The Emerald Spire Superdungeon - Gameplay

Anno Domini

GM Frosty's Reign of Winter

[PFS] GM Iff's Murder's Mark Gameplay

To Judge a Soul Part 2

The Reaping Stone (Cassomir) Table 2

DM Talomyr's Serpent's Skull

Breakin Chains and Takin Names - A Skulls and Shackles Game

DungeonWorld Escape the Slave Pits! Gameplay

GM-Grenfax Curse of the Crimson Throne

Among the Remains Gameplay

Guardians of the Dungeon World

[PFS] Teamwork Experiment Table 1

Dungeon Master S's "All for Immortality" Trilogy

[PFS] PbP Gameday IV: GM Brew's 5-08 The Confirmation (Nubicon Arc)

Europe, circa 1430 AD....

The Ascribblation Strain

GM Red's Down the Blighted Path - Gameplay

DDEX 1-2: Secrets of Sokol Keep [5e Adventurers League] Gameplay Thread

Dragons Demand

Fallen Fortress, into the ruins.

[GD5] GM Lari's Confirmation Gameplay

Season 1, more adventure than even Indiana Jones can handle.

Dawn of Defiance, Gameplay

[PBP Gameday V] GM Zinou's Sky Key Solution [TIER 1-2]

The Worldwound Incursion

The Fiddleplayers Son

Whispers in the dark

It All Starts in a Stuffer Shack--CthulhuPunk Shadowrun Gameplay

To Prevent the Age of Worms!!!


Welch's Carrion Crown

DM Snider The Confirmation Game Play

Episode 1

Operation Typhoon- Spycraft2

Heralding the Coming of the Age of Worms (Alpha Team)

Jade Regent

GM Arkwright's Enduring Rise of the Runelords Gameplay thread

Quadrivium: Invasion of Feyeater's Timeless Garden

[GD5] GM Lari's Serpents Rise (Core)

Part 1: The Fall of Kenabres.

GM thunderspirit's Reign of Winter AP

GM Tektite's Spire

GM Silbeg's PFS #7-10: The Consortium Compact

GM Harker Presents: Carrion Crown Gameplay

The Half-Dead City and other Twisted Tales

PFS but not PFS Gameplay

Geoffrey's Finest

Consummate C's Reign of Winter

GM Ragged's Core Rules Souls for Smuggler's Shiv - Gameplay

[PFS] #7-10: The Consortium Compact, Table A Gameplay

Kingmaker: A New Hope Part 1 - GM Angel's Kingmaker Gameplay

{PFS} {PBP} {LVL 11 - 13} Tide of Honor (Jade Regent book 5, sanctioned portion)

Chronicles of the Silver Rose Company

GM Eddv's Shades of Ice Trilogy [PFS]

DM Fflash's Shackled City Campaign

#7-00: Sky Key Solution [Tier 10-11] Gameday V

Sfounder's Curse of the Crimson Throne PbP

[PFS CORE] 7-14 F and F Part 1: Let Bygones Be - low subtier

Motteditor's Rivers Run Red PBP

GM Knight's: Plunder and Peril!

Heroes of the Thunder Rift

The Haunting at Helorus Gameplay


GM Endless Forms' PFS All For Immortality Series (1-3)

The March of Kings

GameDay V: The Confirmation (Standard) Gameplay

Do Evil Deeds

[PFS PbP Gameday V] GM Karma's #7-17 Thralls of the Shattered God Gameplay

Glories of the Past Series

CSI: Golarion

The Ballad of the Stolen Lands - GM Helio's Kingmaker

GM Eddv's Daughters of Fury

PbP Gameday 5: PFS-CORE 05-12 A bitter bargain

The City of Arch: Arch Academy

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