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Did you inherit a play-by-post?

If you are the GM for a play-by-post campaign but didn't start the thread, please email

We need:

  • A link to your profile page (click on your name at the top where it says "Welcome, your name!"
  • A link to the gameplay and discussion threads for the campaigns you have inherited.

Just copy and paste these links from the address bar in your browser, please.


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Topic Posts Last Post
Corsario's Murder Mark

Chillblame's iron gods game

Darkland Archivist's Armageddon Echo

GM Endless Forms' Jade Regent Gameplay

Toys to the Rescue!

Legend of the Elder Souls - Group B

Crya's Twilight


Beware the Snow (aka Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?)

Seraphimpunk's Way of the Wicked

Thron's Rise of the Runelords Campaign

The Daemon King

Lunar Sloth's Second Darkness

[PFS PbP] CORE #0-04 Frozen Fingers of Midnight - GM Deussu

Way of the Wicked-Evil Ascends!

GM Endless Forms' Plunder & Peril

GM Kiora's Wrath of the Righteous

A Glorious Thing - Gameplay

GURPS Gameplay

Call Forth Darkness.

DM NomadSage's Curse of the Crimson Throne

PFS 6-08 The Segang Expedition - GM Lamplighter - gameplay

The Laughing Wolf Inn

And so our adventure begins...

Gm Aest's Kingmaker: To Forge a Kingdom

DM Terquem's "Palace of the Vampire Queen"

GM Endless Forms' Rise of the Runelords

The Beast & the Harlot: Dragoncat's Curse of the Crimson Throne Gameplay

Kingmaker: A New Hope Part 1 - GM Angel's Kingmaker Gameplay

Reign of Winter Gameplay (group two)

The Mystery of Loch Feinn

GM Aarvid 3-26 Portal of the Sacred Rune

Operation Typhoon- Spycraft2

Irori: A Dwarven Journey

DM-Camris' CARRION CROWN Chapter 2: Trial of the Beast

[FFG Star Wars] End of an Era

Pezmerga's Reign of Winter Group 1 Gameplay

Sheik Voodoo's Katapesh Nights

Charlie Group

DM NomadSage's Jade Regent

Open for Dotting...

DMummy's Mask

[PFS] Fangwood Keep Gameplay

Giantslayer AP Chapter 1

Serpent's Skull campaign

Shadow of Ascanor (B)

Dawn of a Dark Sun

DM Carbide's Kingmaker IC

Of Homelands, Kith, Kin and Kriel - Iron Kingdoms FMF Unleashed!

stackfield 's "PFS The Citadel of Flame"

Second Chance - Way of the Wicked

Skull and Shackles Gameplay

Sigma and Co.'s Iron Gods Campaign

GM Moe's game

GM Nazard's Articles of Faith

Zinou's Mists of Mwangi, #00-05

Another RotRL Campaign by DM Crispy - Gameplay

For the Honor of Malwen


Gameplay for Wardens of the Reborn Forge

PFS: The Midnight Mirror

Kingmaker [PbP] - Gameplay

Motteditor's Module Madness PBP

Sky Piracy Gameplay

DM Bloodgargler Serpent's Skull Gameplay

Curse of the Crimson Throne

GM Haladir's Rise of the Runelords: Gameplay

Spire City

PFS PBP CORE #2 Hydra's Fang Incident - GM Deussu

[PFS] GM Brew's Confirmation 2 05-08

A Mission of Mercy

The Forgotten God (Table 2)

Dragon's Demand


Legends of Cadranite

L5R: City of Lies

GMTrex's PFS [CORE] Something or Other

DM-Camris' Second Darkness Part 3--The Armageddon Echo

" cover all the lands in a second darkness!"

GM Bold Strider's Dragon's Demand - Flaxseed Lodge

Mythic 6 Gameplay, Tar-Baphon's Trap

The Forgotten God (Table 3)

Aubrey's Eberron campaign.

Team Kel

Aubrey's 4e Dark Sun campaign

Welcome aboard the Wormwood.

Yohoho and a bottle of Rep! (subSPUF Skull and Shackles)

Call Forth Darkness

The Walking Dead of Golarion by GM Fiendish - Gameplay

The Dragon Wars

Between the Wheels - a Planescape campaign

Ascension - Thieves Guild Reboot

GM Jacob's KingMaker

Iobaria: The Fallen Empire

GM Void Dragon's WotR

And Then A Skeleton Popped Out: subSPUF Carrion Crown

ShogunMaker Gameplay

DM Bigrin's Shattered Star IC (Group B)

Devil We Know, Part 4: Rules of the Swift (PFS) T3-4

Those Who Walk in Blood -- Gameplay

301 to 400 of 5,666 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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