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Did you inherit a play-by-post?

If you are the GM for a play-by-post campaign but didn't start the thread, please email

We need:

  • A link to your profile page (click on your name at the top where it says "Welcome, your name!"
  • A link to the gameplay and discussion threads for the campaigns you have inherited.

Just copy and paste these links from the address bar in your browser, please.


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Topic Posts Last Post
Broken Towers

GM Soul's Crypt of the Everflame Gameplay

The Family Business (Table 2)

Season 1, more adventure than even Indiana Jones can handle.

Trial of the Beast: a Carrion Crown PFS Pbp

DM Khel's Core Kalkamedes

GM Bold Strider's Rise of the Runelords - Flaxseed Lodge

Abandoned Arts' Jade Regent (Closed Recruitment)

Here Be Tryants: A Kingmaker saga.

Into the Mournland

GM Demonmoose Iron Gods AP Red

Labyrinth Souls

MiniGM's Rise of the Runelords

An Attican Adventure

The Family Business - Table 1

The Adventurer's Code - Well, it's really more of a set of guidelines.

Second Darkness

Darkest Corners, volume 2

Kingmaker: A New Hope Part 1 - GM Angel's Kingmaker Gameplay

For the Glory of Icathia Gameplay

DM Bloodgargler Kingmaker Gameplay

Cache of the Niobium Ankh

DM Immortal's Blood Red Roses: A Skull & Shackles Campaign (Gameplay)

Dawn of a Dark Sun

Blood Rage of the Wastes (All-Orcs Giantslayer) Gameplay

The Ballad of Bloodmarch Hill

Megan's Carrion Crown

DM B's Scions of the Sky Key PFS PbP HIGH Game

GM Demonmoose Iron Gods AP Green

Skull and Shackles: Red Sky at Morning PbP Gameplay Thread

DundjinnMasta's "Herald of the Eternal Night" Game Play


Mahorfeus' Legacy of Fire Campaign

Shackled City (Pathfinder) - GM_Chris

GM Bold Strider's Carrion Crown - Flaxseed Lodge

stackfield 's "PFS The Citadel of Flame"

DM Fflash's Shattered Star Campaign

And so it begins


Summer of Chaos

The day after the galaxy changed...

Pirate Rob's [PFS] Emerald Spire

[Planescape] Barmy as a spire god

Shadow of Ascanor (A)

Thornkeep: Enigma Vaults Table II

Adventure Ensues! Gameplay

DM Twilight - Carrion Crown Game Thread

Monster Mashup Table 4

Out of Anarchy Gameplay

The Secrets of the Sunderlands

Monster Mashup - Table 6

Part 1 The Hassashar Trade Route (Thundersape PbP)

[PFS Core] GM Harker Presents: The Emerald Spire Gameplay

Welch's Carrion Crown

the darkness comes

The Forgotten God (Table 3)

KingPinMaker: A Tale of Doom and Destiny

The Dying City: DM Norv's "Curse of the Crimson Throne"

Monster Mashup Table 3

The Dragon Reborn

5E Ravenloft - Hour of the Knife - Gameplay Thread

[PFS / DMK] 6-98 Serpents Rise - Table I

Sheik Voodoo's Katapesh Nights

GM Grecko - CotCT: Seven Days

Iobaria: The Fallen Empire

DM Rah's "Hall of the Flesh Eaters"

Astrexos: World of Rust Gameplay

DM Doctor Evil's Second Darkness - What Happens in Riddleport ,Stays in Riddleport.

The Rowdy Roughboys : Scales of War

Kintargo in turmoil!

The Fulcrum of Ages - Gameplay

PFS 6-08 The Segang Expedition - GM Lamplighter - gameplay

[PFS / DMK / YSK] 2-15 Shades of Ice Trilogy

bluedove's Pathfinders - Team Beta


Lantern Bearers - Gameplay

Another RotRL Campaign by DM Crispy - Gameplay

Reign of Winter

Start of a Kingdom

The Forgotten God (Table 1)

PbP GameDay 4: DM SFounder's Siege of Serpents Special

Lil" Eschie The Emerald Spire-Bad to the Bones Team

Keep on the Borderlands in Greyhawk (B2 Pretty in Pink)--Pathfinder CORE

PBP GameDay 4: 2-06 The Heresy of Man Part 1 Tier 5-9

Mazra’s Giantslayer Campaign Gameplay

DM Fflash's Shackled City Campaign

[PFS / DMK] So you think you can seek?

The Half-Dead City and other Twisted Tales

Chaosorbit's PFS #6–11: The Slave Master's Mirror Gameplay

[PFS / CtP] #0-06 Black Waters

PFS - PbP Gameday IV - 2-25: You Only Die Twice (5-9) Gameplay

[PFS / DMK / YotS] 7-01 Between the Lines

Darkland Archivist's Armageddon Echo

Giantslayer AP Chapter 1

The Bogshark Fiasco

Mythic 6 Gameplay, Tar-Baphon's Trap

Into the Stolen Lands

Trumpets Call

The Forgotten God (Table 5)

GM Rednal's Legendary Planet Gameplay Thread

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