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We will reopen on Monday, November 30.

Did you inherit a play-by-post?

If you are the GM for a play-by-post campaign but didn't start the thread, please email

We need:

  • A link to your profile page (click on your name at the top where it says "Welcome, your name!"
  • A link to the gameplay and discussion threads for the campaigns you have inherited.

Just copy and paste these links from the address bar in your browser, please.


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Topic Posts Last Post
The Killin' Ground

Welcome to Ravenmoor......stranger.

GM Bold Strider's PFS 06-97 Siege of Serpents - PbP Gameday IV (Tier 10-11)

And so our adventure begins...

Hallowed Hall of Heroes, Main Thread

Deussun #5-08 The Confirmation GAMEPLAY

PACG 0-1C: Brine Dragon Hunt

Shadow over Riddleport

The Snows of Summer

GM Fuzzfoot's PBP Gameday IV: Siege of Serpents 1-11

PFS but not PFS Gameplay

The Ballad of Bloodmarch Hill

DM B's PFS PbP GD4 Trouble in Tamran (1-5) GAME

Reign of Winter Gampeplay

PbP Gameday 4: PFS 05-01: The Glass River Rescue CORE - Gameplay

This is the time for heroes

Sfounder's Curse of the Crimson Throne PbP

[PFS] GM Alias 0-26: Lost at Bitter End

DM Sfounder's Eyes of the Ten Parts I-IV

King of the Boundary Veil Gameplay

Yet Another .. Rise of the Runelords PBP: Gameplay

[PFS] Season 0 run, mixed with Dragon's Demand Gameplay

Motteditor's Skull and Shackles PBP

[Standard] GM Chadius's Shades of Ice

BrOp's PFS #7-05 School of Spirits Gameplay

Chaos in Sarlona

DM FFlash's Iron Gods Campaign Reboot

Skull and Shackles Gameplay

DM Fflash's Shackled City Campaign

Grymp's Way of the Wicked

Gobbos Do Things

[FFG Star Wars] End of an Era

Mooshy's Skaven Dungeon World Gameplay

Those Who Walk in Blood -- Gameplay

Rappan Athuk in the Mwangi Expanse Gameplay

Gestalt Wrath of the Righteous

PBP Game Day 4: Siege of Serpents!

Rappan Athuk Old Style Game

Erea Eclipsed

Curse of the Crimson Throne

PbP GameDay IV: PFS #6–97: Siege of Serpents - Tier 1-2

Giants Reign

WotW Part II - Gameplay

Mandalorian Menace - Gameplay

Dead Things

GM Tyranius PBP Gameday IV: Siege of Serpents 1-11 (Subtier 5-6)

[PbP Gameday IV] GM Silbeg's 6-98 Serpent's Rise

Euan's Second Darkness Gameplay

Guildmasters of Golarion.

Vengeance of the Downtrodden Homebrew Campaign (Evil)

Three Sheets to the Wind - a Piratical Jaunt

Of Dragons and Men

The Forgotten God (Table 5)

DM Panic's Siege of Serpents

DM Papa.DRB -- SoP Gameplay

DM Papa.DRB Wrath of the Righteous - Gameplay

GM Tektite's Emerald Spire [PFS]

Lunar Sloth's Second Darkness

Broken Moon PbP

Qwerty's Masks of the Living God

PFS PbP Game Day 4: DM Carbide's Thornkeep

GM Lari's Hall of the Flesh Eaters Gameplay

Gameplay - Beyond Heaven (Dungeon Planet)

[PFS] PbP GameDay IV: Wind Serpent's 6-08 The Segang Expedition

[PbP Gameday IV] Doyle's CORE 3-21 The Temple of Empyeral Enlightenment

Yohoho and a bottle of Rep! (subSPUF Skull and Shackles)

PFS PbP GameDay IV: 7-03 The Bronze House Reprisal (Tier 5-9)

GM Higaki's Dragon's Demand Gameplay

The Once & Future Kingmaker

GM Eddv (Standard) 6-10 The Wounded Wisp PFS Game

The Spear of Graath

PFS PbP Gameday 4 - #6–97: Siege of Serpents (1-11) Start 5 / 11 / 2015

Low Powered Council of Thieves Gameplay

and Madness Followed...

GM Tektite's Iron Gods

KC's Age of Worms IC

To Those of Faith Gameplay

GM Lord of the Wild's Kingmaker Gameplay Thread

Pathfinder guild

Broken Towers

Labyrinth Souls

[PFS / DMK / EMS] The Emerald Spire Superdungeon - Table II - Gameplay

Gm Blood's AoW in Golarion

Thornkeep - The Forgotten Laboratory

Razor Coast Texas Style!

Rappan Athuk set in Nirmathas

GM Demonmoose Fires of Creation AP (Orange)

Falcon's Hollow Gameplay Thread

Chapter 1 - Souls for Smugglers Shiv

GM Bold Strider's Dragon's Demand - Flaxseed Lodge

Gameplay for Wardens of the Reborn Forge

DM Salsa's Revamped Rise of the Runelords

GM Bold Strider's PFS 01-37 The Beggar's Pearl (Subtier 6-7)

GM Tektite's Mummy's Mask

PFS PbP Gameday 4 - Serpent's Rise (7th Level pregen) Start 19 / 09 / 2015

The Frostfur Captives CORE

MiniGM's Rise of the Runelords

PbP Gameday 4: 6-03 The Technic Siege Gameplay

DM Bigrin's Giantslayer

Dragon's Demand

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