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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Online Campaigns General Discussion

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DH's Guide to Play By Post gaming

Paizo Forum Tools (Firefox / Chrome Browser Extension)

Painlord's Guide to PbP GMing: Make Your World a Better Place

Building a Better Doomed Hero: Painlord's Advanced Play-by-Post Play

[Poll] Oladon's Browser Extension Features Poll

I am an idiot.

A New & Novel Idea - StratRPG

Removing games from our active list

Post Composer / Editor

Thank you.

Elvish Language in PbP

Best chat site for Online Play

Hells Vengence

Wilmannator's PbP Tips #1: The Leave Off

Campaign does not show new Posts

Are there any GMs out there gearing up to run Ironfang Invasion on these boards?

The present state of resources for play

Questions About PbP PFS


Utilities for PbP

New player needing guidance.

Build for stalling sorcerer?

What is the most amount of games that you GMed at once?

How do you close recruiting for an Online campaign?

If you were going to tell a friend about Play-by-Post, what would you tell them?

Roleplaying a priest in my campaign- looking for your thoughts.

Discord Games

Questions from a soon to be PbP GM

The Myuri Band (Private)

Tips on playable races?

What are the specifications for Light, Medium, and Heavy Loads in relation to character size?

Overall or Campaign-to-campaign: Is is okay to read spoiler text meant for DM?

want to learn, want to play via email

RPG Crossing Play by Post Site

Complete noob to play by post

Removing inactive players from campaigns

PbPs to Lurk On

Rules Query, item saving throws

Advice wanted: Character building.

Inactive campaigns

How to ease GM burden in PBP

Play-by-Post: Pros & Cons

The Lost Voice's Path of War Trio Ideas

Advice on Social Encounters in PBP

Reusing old PCs

Where do you find the balance between waiting for players to post and updating the scene?

The Bot Alias Convention -- Show off your PbP Botting Alias!

About GMing PBP

Getting players to interact with each other more?

PbP ideas you'll probably never play

Interactive Map to Roll20

Thinking of running a PbP but not sure how

Rolling in Secret Thread

Quoting AP in PBP Game

AC, Hidden or Open?

Mobile PbP App

Lastwall vs. Belkzen...ideas?

Solo PbP games: Party or Single Character?

RotR for Beyond Tabletop

Taking over a game after previous GM disappearance

Oracle Human with Racial Heritage Fetching.

Common (overused) character concepts

FS 054789145 Online Campaign Discussion Thread

Roll20 AP Advice

do people know if a spell has been cast on them even if it fails e.g. charm person

Extremely Involved Newcomer Looking to Get Involved

Guide to help players to get into New Games!

New to pbp

Is it appropriate to use the Recruitment forum to solict NPC builds?

Planescape Campaign Idea

Therapeutic Tabletop Gaming

Closed Campaigns

Wilmannator's Guide to Successful Play-by-Post Recruitment

Ravenscrag Castle?

Good reads?

Paizo forum WYSIWYG editor (externally hosted)

Bold Only

Prestige Class - Noble Scion

PBP Noob questions

a campaign with custom races

DMing - use a separate alias?

Large Group - Better as two groups?

Noob looking for PbP Game

PbP Image Hosting Advice

Want to help me build a new “Guide”?

Private PbP

Wormwood Mutiny | Please Give Insite

Tattoo Chamber

Krazy Kravis's discount baubles.

GMG's PbP: Shackles Discussion

inheriting a PbP campaign

WR 5E Skull and Shackles

Stream campaign on Twitch?

Taveller RL Game Discussion (Private)

Streaming Live Now! Captured by Adventure - The Siege of Gotian

Foo Lion Hardness and Damage Reduction

Using Google Drawing for maps

First Time DMing a PbP: Advice Needed

Your Favourite Play by Post Campaign

LFG: Hell's Vengeance

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