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Free RPG Day—Awesomely Alien

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Free RPG Day is just around the corner this Saturday, June 17th! There a tons of participating locations, so check out the program's event locator, join in the fun, and grab a copy of Paizo's Free RPG Day offerings while supplies last. Last month we met the new promo character Reepazo, so today I'd like to present two other prizes: the new Starfinder First Contact and a special Chronicle sheet that you can earn by playing anytime between June 16th and June 25th.

First Contact is an exciting first look at both the Starfinder rules and its setting, presenting 12 different creatures (including 4 different playable races). There's a lot of great content here, and I reached out to the authors to share some of their favorite parts.

Illustrations by Johnny Marrow, Kiki Moch Rizky, and Crystal Sully.

James L. Sutter: Art-wise, I think my favorite piece is the security robot. I love the sleek futuristic flavor that's part Mac Store, part Prince Robot from Saga, and part classic droid. But a lot of the monsters in here are things I've been waiting to see in print for years—both the ellicoth and the haan started life as brief name-drops in Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Distant Worlds, and now here we are at last. I particularly enjoyed writing about the orocoran ichor lords—it's high time Aucturn got some native inhabitants!

Rob G. McCreary: The bone sages of Eox were first introduced back in Pathfinder Adventure Path #14, and in Pathfinder RPG they were most easily represented by liches. For Starfinder, however, we wanted to update the lich to the science-fantasy future, and thus the necrovite was born. So what makes a necrovite more than just a space-lich (other than a cooler name, of course)? Three things: technomancer AND mystic spells, the Eoxian wrackstaff, and an electroencephalon (because a necrovite has to store her soul somewhere, after all).

Jason Keeley: It was a bit of a no-brainer that goblins would be in Starfinder. As a bit of a joke, I wrote them up as "space goblins" for the playtest and gave them cobbled-together laser pistols that tended to blow up in their own faces. It turns out people thought that was funny enough to make them canon with First Contact. And the art, with their bandaged-up bubble helmets, really helped seal the deal!

John Compton: Starfinder's been a great chance to flesh out the many weird aliens Paizo—quite often James L. Sutter—has name-dropped, but it's also an exciting opportunity to create entirely new creatures. My assignment for First Contact included "New plant monster (Castrovel)" and the directive to "Make it weird and awesome." I knew I wanted a plant that wasn't a low-mobility ambush predator, and at the time I was fixated on invasive species like kudzu. What resulted was the ksarik, a ferocious carnivore that absorbed psychic energies and evolved from fairly mundane corpse blossoms into aggressive quadrupeds that can absorb others' genetic material in order to take over their ecological niches. I'm a sucker for dorsal crests, and if you look closely, you can see the eyestalks projected to either side like a hammerhead shark.

Be sure to look at First Contact for a first taste of what's to come in 2017 and beyond!

Even though there's not a new adventure featured for Free RPG Day, we want to encourage you to get out and game together. In fact, we've made a unique Chronicle sheet for the event. If you're playing a game any time from June 16th to June 25th, you can earn a copy of this sheet—just one per participant, no matter how many times you play. In fact, consider printing off some extras to hand out at whatever event you're a part of so that others can join in the benefits. Everyone gets the first boon, which allows the chance to replay (or "re-GM" for credit) one of the past Free RPG Day modules one time, and while it's certainly the spirit of this reward to use that boon for Free RPG Day this year, you're welcome to hold onto it for whenever you need it.

If you play in a Free RPG Day game—that's a game hosted by a location participating in Free RPG Day 2017—you also receive the Tome of First Contact boon. Just as you're getting a first glimpse at what Starfinder has to offer, so to has one of your characters found a wondrous bestiary filled with alien beasts and otherworldly people. Reference it to get an edge when facing creatures from beyond Golarion, and above all, enjoy Paizo's contributions to Free RPG Day 2017!

Download the Free RPG Day Chronicle sheet!

John Compton
Organized Play Lead Developer

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Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Online aka Hmm

Thanks Sebastian. Drawing this map was great fun, as I had to imagine what a crashed Shirren ship would look like -- especially after Vorka was done with it! I drew up two of these maps for the two tables we were running of We Be Goblins with the Crashed Space Ship. They attracted lots of attention. We got a bunch of great walk-ins who are new to the Society!

We also got to talk up the upcoming Starfinder game, and showed off the Shirren Ship from the Blog. Many of the people who came were excited about the idea of playing both games!

Redelia wrote:
I went to my local gamestore. They were participating in Free RPG Day, but because of a convention, they had no one to run games, so it was just a table of stuff to look over and take a few things if you wanted. This means that even though I went to a store, I can't get the Tome of First Contact. (I can't complain too much, though, since I got the last copy of the Starfinder First Contact book.)

Having your store participate in Free RPG day is the first battle, since the store has to pay to participate. Now that you know that it paraticipates, you can contact them next year and offer to run games for Free RPG Day. They'll likely take you up on it! It can be a lot of fun to welcome newcomers and run adventures for them!

Just be sure to bring lots of Welcome To Pathfinder Boons, as well as information about the times when your PFS group runs games!


Pathfinder Companion, Maps, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber

The game store I went to was packed with people playing Pathfinder, so those PFS boons must have been very popular. For me, the upside was that I had no trouble getting a copy of Starfinder: First Contact despite the large number of Paizo fans there.

Scarab Sages **

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber Subscriber

So between the entry in First Contact, and getting to battle one in the Delve at Paizocon I am really liking the Contemplatives. While its fairly obvious that they Starfinder team intends for people to play a host of varied species in home games I was wondering what the availability of species like the Contemplative would be in SFS. Will there be "species boons" or will there be a list of species from outside the Core book that are available for play(like Tengu, Wayang, Nagaji, Kitsune, and the elemental races from PFS)? Or is it just what's available in the Core book?

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So I earned this boon on Saturday - YAY!

My question is, do I have to USE the Free RPG Day replay by June 25th, or can I use it to, I don't know, replay Risen Sands in 6 months if I want to?

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Virginia—Portsmouth aka CsonTep

One earns the boon in the window and applies it when the module is replayed. Otherwise why did I give it out to all my players on Friday and Saturday who have yet to play any of those adventures even once.


Redelia wrote:
I went to my local gamestore. They were participating in Free RPG Day, but because of a convention, they had no one to run games, so it was just a table of stuff to look over and take a few things if you wanted. This means that even though I went to a store, I can't get the Tome of First Contact. (I can't complain too much, though, since I got the last copy of the Starfinder First Contact book.)

I'm not sure, but you may be able to see if you can organize a Free RPG Day "make-up game" before the cut-off on the boon at the store which participated in Free RPG Day and get the 2nd boon.

Probably wouldn't hurt to ask the Powers-that-be here. John/ Tonya/ Linda/ Thursty?

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Online aka Hmm

Boon Text wrote:
Free Replay Day: You regain the ability to replay (or earn full credit as a GM) one of the Pathfinder Modules below for which you have already earned credit. This does not allow you to replay an adventure you have already replayed using the replay opportunity granted by GM stars (or similar additional replay rewards), and this does not allow a character to earn credit from the same adventure more than once; you need to use a different PC to replay the adventure (or apply credit to a different PC). Once you use this boon, cross out the titles of the other modules, and include this Chronicle sheet with that character’s records.

It's a replay for a free RPG Day Module that you can use anytime, even if you haven't played any RPG Day Modules yet. (Which is great, because some of the higher level Free RPG Day Modules are great fun!)


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