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T&T and party betrayal

Fri, Jul 6, 2012 at 10:41 PM Pacific

My Tunnels & Trolls PCs advance on the ghoul king and his minions... just as Leadfoot, the dwarf PC, decides to turn against the party and ally with the ghouls!

Sean K Reynolds

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Tags: PaizoCon

can you tell us more about those miniatures? Ive never seen that version of the twilight ringwarith and are those goblins? I love the smoke effect


The Twilight Ringwraith is a plastic Lord of the Rings action figure; I don't know what set it's from because my friend Jason gave me a bunch of LOTR action figures in a plastic bag. After a bit of searching, I think it's from Lord of the Rings Armies of Middle-Earth Battle Scale Figures Ringwraith 3-pack.

The big ghoul with his fist raised on the right side is actually a Slayer from the Wizards of the Coast Diablo 2 Monsters set, customized a bit (removed the horns, elbow spurs, and axe).

The human-sized lunging ghouls are from Mantic Games.

The hard-too-see brown things near the "ghoul king" are plastic dinosaur skulls from Safari Limited's Dinosaur Skulls Toob.

The green wraith-like creature near the "ghoul king" Ringwraith is the PaizoCon exclusive "Festering Spirit" miniature (a repaint of the Spectre from our Heroes & Monsters miniatures set).

The fires are the Flaming Wreckage Markers—Small and Medium by Litko.

The pawns are from the Beginner Box. :)

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