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Fuel for the Machine!

Monday, May 21, 2012

A gigantic, pepperoni-, tomato-, and beer-scented thank you from all of us here at Paizo to Venture-Captain Jason Roeder (kikai13 on the boards) and the entire Missouri Pathfinder Lodge for the surprise stack of more than a dozen pizzas that showed up for lunch today. It's been a hectic series of weeks here at the office, with teams getting our year's major hardcover release—Ultimate Equipment—out the door, starting up a Kickstarter for Pathfinder Online, working on the debut issue of the Pathfinder comic book, closing out the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path while gearing up for the launch of the Shattered Star Adventure Path, preparing the monthly relaunch of the Pathfinder Player Companion line, and still getting all of our other Gen Con releases off to the printer. We're in the home stretch, but there's still tons to be done before our hardest of deadlines next Friday. But with that in mind, a free lunch (and a few beers care of brewmeister Jeff Alvarez) made for the perfect break before heading back to the grind. Thanks again to Jason, the Missouri Pathfinder Society crew, and all our readers—you all really are the best!

Many thanks from the Paizo staff!

F. Wesley Schneider

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Grand Lodge

Many thanks to the VC out of Columbia, MO, and the entire Missouri Pathfinder Lodge. It was definitely a welcome and appreciated surprise.

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Class act, Mizz PF Lodge!

Paizo Employee Developer

Thanks kikai and the Missouri Lodge! You guys rock and really made our day! Much appreciated!


Thanks for the hot 'za, guys! It was a great end to a long week. :D

Silver Crusade

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Paizo Employee Community & Digital Content Director

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Gorbacz wrote:

I can neither confirm nor deny any event of "OM"-ing or "NOM"-ing >.>

And thank you to awesome people for making pizza happen. This robot was very appreciative :)

Dark Archive

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You guys totally deserve it for making the best game in the world. You have my sincere thanks and the thanks of thousands of gamers worldwide.

Rock on!

Yay us. :D

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