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Round 2: Vote for your favorite Archetypes!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Top 32 contestants have submitted their Round 2 alternate class concepts for use with Paizo's Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and judges Ryan Dancey, Sean K Reynolds, Mark Moreland and Neil Spicer have commented on each contestant's submission. Now you can read and critique the top 32, and then vote for your favorites! The 16 designers garnering the most votes will continue on to Round 3 and the ultimate winner will earn a paid commission to write one of Paizo's upcoming Pathfinder Modules!

Artus Nemati — Charlatan (Rogue)
    Mirrored Lantern of the Pious Seeker
Charles Dunwoody — Filthy Beard Brawler (Monk)
    Iron Bands of the Blue Dragon
Cody Coffelt — Hound Master (Cavalier)
    Flask of Five Fifths
Danny Lundy — Con Artist (Bard)
    Meditation Beads of the Flaming Fist
David Vigil — First World Druid (Druid)
    Candle of Viscous Ephemera
Eric Hindley — Knife Fighter (Fighter)
    Shadow Falconer's Glove
Erik Freund — Moon Shaman (Druid)
    Corsage of the Captured Voice
Ethan Day-Jones — Exalted Armsman (Cleric)
    Eye of the Void
Isaac Duplechain — Frenzied Protector (Barbarian)
    Alchemist's Viper
James Martin — Crooked Man (Bard)
    Poisoner's Retort
James Olchak — Ripper (Rogue)
    Erinyes Braid
Jerall Toi — Tengu Blademaster (Fighter)
    Phlebotomist's Gloves
Jerry Keyes — Chronologist (Oracle)
    Martyr's Tear
Joel Flank — Hedge Wizard (Wizard)
    Plentiful Pouch
John Spalding — Juju Snatcher (Witch)
    Illusionist's Veil
John Bennett — Saboteur (Ranger)
    Cocoon Cloak
Joseph LaMothe — Treasure Seeker (Rogue)
    Ampoule of False Blood
Joshua Stevens — Wandslinger (Wizard)
    Imp's Wishbone
K. Patrick Barley — Denouncer (Inquisitor)
    Seeds of the Spirit Totem
Levi Miles — Ivory Guardian (Paladin)
    Amulet of the Rakshasa
Marie Small — Tactician (Fighter)
    Verdant Vine
Nick Bolhuis — Champion of Philosophy (Cavalier)
    Assassin's Rose
Ryan Marsh — Goldfever Alchemist (Alchemist)
    Grim Howler
Sam Zeitlin — Still-Water Meditant (Monk)
    Book of Night Without Moon
Scott Fernandez — Grave Robber (Rogue)
    Nightmare Boots
Sean Huguenard — Dreamer (Summoner)
    The Smuggler's Collapsible Robe
Sean McGowan — Evangelist (Bard)
    Singing Bowl of Redoubled Clarity
Sue Flaherty — Death Warden (Paladin)
    Pharasma's Death Sacrament
Tom Phillips — Varisian Carver (Fighter)
    Iron Collar of the Unbound Coven
Trevor Watson — Viper Monk (Monk)
    Talisman of Synchronicity
Trevor Merback — Impaler (Fighter)
    Bag of Holes
Victor Miller — Gladiator (Fighter)
    Silver Skein

Vote now!

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Already? I'm not even done reading all of the round one entries and the candidates have already completed and submit for round two. I'm impressed.

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