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Guest Blogger Blake Davis Announces Special PFS Event

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Illustration by Andrew Hou

The Year of the Shadow Lodge is coming to Redmond, WA! Clear your schedules, as you won't want to miss this unique Pathfinder Society event coming up this Saturday, October 2nd at the Redmond Games and Gizmos at noon.

Year of the Shadow Lodge is a unique Pathfinder Society adventure in which multiple tables of Pathfinders work together throughout the mission. Pathfinders from levels 1–11 are welcome to come join and share their skills to help fight an epic battle that threatens Absalom's Grand Lodge itself.

As a special treat, since Games and Gizmos is one of Paizo HQ's local game stores, several members of the Paizo staff will be present and participating in the event! Events Manager Joshua J. Frost will be dusting off his own PFS character to play alongside one lucky table, and Developer Mark Moreland will be GMing. Other Paizo VIPs may stop by to observe and mingle with fans and players as well!

Details for holding yourself a spot can be found in this thread in the Pathfinder Society messageboards. Players can show up on October 2nd and hope for a space, but signing up as indicated on that thread is recommended due to limited space and to ensure there are enough GMs.

The event is also still looking for a few GMs to lead their fellow gamers through the stunning adventure, and as with any PFS adventure, GMs can apply credit for the scenario to one of their own level-appropriate PCs.

Thanks everyone, and I hope to see you there!

Blake "Nethys" Davis
Paizo Fan & Event Organizer

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Tags: Andrew Hou Community Conventions Nethys Pathfinder Society Pathfinder Society Scenarios

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Link for picture is wrong. Should be this

Sounds like a fun time :) Wish I lived closer so I could participate ;)

Shadow Lodge ***

Sketchpad wrote:
Sounds like a fun time :) Wish I lived closer so I could participate ;)

I know Paizo is in Washington state and so Redmond Games and Gizmos having the company come in and play is nice to see.

What might be another cool idea would be to see a couple Paizo people say, once a month fly to random city to a game store that runs a lot of Pathfinder (we have one in my fair city that runs 12-15 scenarios a month and is Running Year of the Shadow Lodge later in October).

All the Best,


RPG Superstar 2008 Top 32

Hephaesta wrote:
Link for picture is wrong. Should be this


Scarab Sages **


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go get'em Blake!

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Totally cool!


hey nefix aka blayk i hope ur game goz well

wish i could cum but im busy and im not sure what a redman wa is so i guess ill haf to see the pix u upload l8r

anyway thx 4 teh magix i still use it everyday teehee

kisses jenny

Dark Archive *

Hope this rocks like it did at Gencon Blake !

Can't wait for the pictures !

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