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Entries for Round 2: Design a Country

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The top 32 finalists have completed the assignment to design a country for Round 2, and the judges have weighed in—now it's up to you. Vote for up to five of the following:

Alex Handley—Kerpiquan: the Land of Lost Civilisations
Alexander MacLeod—Freeholds of Karistynia
Andrew Black—Spine Peaks
Chad Patterson—Steppenland
Chris Nichols—Iolandis
Christine Schneider—Theocracy of Carnamach
Clinton Boomer—Cyrehllan, The Isle of Cold Tears
Daniele Nanni—Agregia
Erik Anderson—Ghost Hound Kinships of the Rolling Plains
Hal Maclean—Beria "Under New Management"
James MacKenzie—Land of the Stained Peaks
Jason Nelson—Bereket
Jeb Boyt—Vendithian Union
Joe Outzen—Moros Akalein: The Wandering Nation
Joel Flank—Ulmlinzi-Kiwanja
Joseph Yerger—The Prison Colony of Saran
Laurens de Haan—Cumavea
Mauricio Quintana—The Country of Nelvia
Michael Kogan—Calidune
Michael Raper—The Grand Duchy of Draeth
Neil McClean—The Enlightened Kingdom of Vramaire
Rennie Saunders—Idalia of the Twisted Lands
Rob McCreary—Iskandria
Robert McRae—Drei-Conità
Robert Nichols—Laraklan, Nexus of Magic
Ross Byers—Terram
Russell Taylor—Eluraelon
Samuel Kisko—Yithnai
Silas McDermott—Kestria - "A nation on the edge."
Walter Pullen—Olanra: undersea enchantment
William Cronk—Malar, 'The Shattered Empire'
William McNulty—Akram Zafir
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Tags: RPG Superstar
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