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Fumble at the Printer

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

With all the hustle and bustle around here with installments of Pathfinder and GameMastery Modules going out the door, it is easy to forget some of the other projects we have cooking here at the Paizo Labs. One such product has been called for since the moment its predecessor hit store shelves. So, without further ado, I am here to announce that the GameMastery Critical Fumble Deck is off to the printers (and has been for a couple weeks). We are hoping to see this product sometime next month and we will be running some previews as we get a bit closer. Until then, here is an image of the box to tide you over. Take a good look, but be careful: If you fumble, you just might "Shoot Your Eye Out: The attack hits you and is a critical threat. You must roll to confirm the critical hit." Enjoy!

Jason Bulmahn
GameMastery Brand Manager

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Tags: Cards GameMastery
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