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RPG Superstar Top 8

The voters have spoken! Congratulations to the Top 8—we're all looking forward to your monsters in Round 4.

Christine Schneider, Neu-Isenburg, Hessen (Germany)
    Arthelia "Lady of Legends Undone"
    Theocracy of Carnamach, Arcane Anvil

Clinton Boomer, Macomb, IL (USA)
    Abzirael Ul-Shadai, the Cackling Whirling
    Cyrehllan, The Isle of Cold Tears, Crown of the Breaching Legion

Jason Nelson, Seattle, WA (USA)
    Avinash, Master of the Catspaw Marauders
    Bereket, Phial of Ebon Flame

Joe Outzen, Saint Louis Park, MN (USA)
    Kotalya, Mistress of Demonlake
    Moros Akalein: The Wandering Nation, Torch of Solidity

Joseph Yerger, Sarasota, FL (USA)
    Voeren van Premie, Herald of Than Aivel
    The Prison Colony of Saran, Elemental Quiver

Neil McClean, Cantebury (United Kingdom)
    Henrietta "Hetty" Miller, Murderous Midwife
    The Enlightened Kingdom of Vramaire, Shroud of Old Souls

Rob McCreary, Prague (Czech Republic)
    Onuyaka, the All-Seeing Eye
    Iskandria, Coin Belt of Beguiling

Russell Taylor, Eugene, OR (USA)
    Seskadrin, Satrap of the Ahestian Sea
    Eluraelon, Gloves of Force Shaping

Note: As of Round 4, the schedule has been adjusted to give the judges an extra day to evaluate and comment on entries. Voting windows will now begin on Thursdays instead of Wednesdays.

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