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Meet the Iconics: Sajan

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Birthed to parents of the padaprajna caste of warriors in beautiful Vudra, Sajan Gadadvara and his twin sister Sajni learned to hold a temple sword before they could walk. Strict padaprajna discipline forged a tight bond between the twins, who spent even their infrequent times of rest together, practicing the latest martial techniques taught to them. On their twelfth birthday, the twins were forcefully separated: Sajan went to live with the fighting men of the ghana padaprajna, while Sajni joined the battling women of the sastra padaprajna. Despite their separation, the twins continued to meet when they could, sparring and joking as they had in their childhoods.

As the insightful narrative of the Vigrahin Patitraka states, "A warrior's life is to war." Thus it was that Sajan's lord embroiled himself in a conflict with a neighbor. Most of the army fielded by Sajan's lord consisted of conscripts wielding tools of their trades, while the valuable padaprajna watched the battle in reserve. The warriors deduced quickly that they stood on the losing side, but they were duty-bound to fight to the death when instructed. Instead, their lord stole from them the glory of battle-death when he sued for peace after his conscripts fled the field. As part of his surrender, the lord gave over half of his sastra padapranja—including young Sajni.

Distraught, Sajan returned to his barracks in tears (for which he received severe beatings from his own father), and vowed that night to be reunited with his sister. Several weeks passed before he found his opportunity for escape. He fled into the countryside and slipped stealthily into the city of Sumadhadra, through whose gates Sajan watched his sister pass. After several days of clumsily seeking information on his sister, he finally discovered that all the traded sastra padapranja were loaded onto ships bound for distant Jalmeray.

Sajan quickly hired himself as a guard aboard a ship bound for the far-away island, and several months later he found himself on its heavily guarded docks. Within a week, Sajan uncovered the fates of most of the sastra padapranja, who worked as guards and courtiers for the island's thakur. Sajni was not among them. More weeks passed before Sajan learned that his sister had, like him, signed on as a guard aboard a trading ship—hers bound for a place called Absalom.

The desperate young padapranja gained passage to Absalom and, upon arrival, stared in wonder at its size and splendor. It seemed to him that the strange western barbarians he found himself among were incapable of a place so grand. By the time he found his bearings and rejoined his search, however, he found himself without leads, for the sheer size that so impressed him also made finding his sister nearly impossible.

Sajan knows he cannot return to Vudra, for the padapranja there would execute him as a deserter. He cares not for his home country, however, and continues to seek out any clue that might point him toward his sister.

Mike McArtor

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Tags: Iconics Meet the Iconics Monks Portraits Sajan Vudra Wayne Reynolds
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1 person marked this as a favorite.

Maybe this has been addressed already, but a player of mine asked the other day what weapon it is that Sajan is carrying. Anyone know? I can't seem to match it to any of the list weapons that monks are proficient with.

That would be a temple sword. It's not in the PRD yet, but it probably will be, since it's in the APG.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
CrackedOzy wrote:
Maybe this has been addressed already, but a player of mine asked the other day what weapon it is that Sajan is carrying. Anyone know? I can't seem to match it to any of the list weapons that monks are proficient with.

It's a temple sword.

Dark Archive

Awesome, thanks!

Will he ever find his sister?

Dark Archive

scifan888 wrote:
Will he ever find his sister?

By the time he does, she'll be in charge of whatever organization took her, and end up having to rescue *him!*

Sovereign Court

They need to do more stuff with this guy. Of course, I'm partial to him.

That would make two of us Aazen.

What is he holding in his other hand?? Anyone know?

The Exchange

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Perhaps a punching weight (like holding a roll of quarters), or a throwing spike (akin to a shuriken).

Gar-Osh wrote:
What is he holding in his other hand?? Anyone know?

It looks like it goes around his fingers, so I am thinking perhaps a brass knuckle?

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