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The City of Glimmerhold from Clash of the Kingslayers

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Pathfinder module Clash of the Kingslayers by RPG Superstar author Leandra Christine Schneider takes place in and around the dwarven city of Glimmerhold. During the development of the adventure, the text ended up running a little long. To make some room, we dropped the map of Glimmerhold, as little of the combat action takes place in the city, and including the map wasn’t critical for running the adventure. However, the map (drawn by Rob Lazzaretti) is really cool, showing a pillared dwarven city in the middle of an artificial lake. So here it is, ready for exploration by curious PCs.

Warning: This map image is a potential spoiler for part of the adventure. If you expect to be a player in this adventure, avert your eyes!

Sean K Reynolds

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Tags: Christine Schneider Glimmerhold Maps RPG Superstar
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