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The Sounds of PaizoCon Approach!

I am very excited to be heading back to Seattle with Syrinscape for PaizoCon 2017. Syrinscape has had such huge growth over the last twelve months and we are keen to hang out with our best most devoted fans at PaizoCon, and we've got some really great plans for our stay too.

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Tags: Licensed Products PaizoCon PaizoCon 2017 Syrinscape

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #114: Black Stars Beckon (Strange Aeons 6 of 6) (PFRPG)

As Aeons End

Over the course of this Adventure Path, readers have seen how subtle corruptions can boil over into dangerous territory, leaving those that witness them to gestate further horrors in their own minds that can threated the world at large. Within this Adventure Path, we got a look at the Great Old Ones and Elder Gods that make up the Elder Mythos. We explored Hastur's cult and had a glimpse into what might happen if that Great Old One was to rise as an Outer Gods. We got to look deeper into the vile evil of the Necronomicon, and explored the strange world of the Dreamlands. We ventured to forgotten locations in Golarion and stepped beyond the gap between worlds to set foot on lost Carcosa. In the Adventure Path bestiary, we got to show you new statistics for a Great Old One in each installment, as well as a double handful of other Mythos creatures throughout. It's been a strange journey to say the least.

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Tags: Kent Hamilton Licensed Products Miguel Regodón Harkness Pathfinder Adventure Path Strange Aeons Syrinscape

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OPC Log—11 Erastus 4716

Good afternoon, Pathfinders! I just got back from northern Idaho, where I went to help clean out my childhood home. Sorting through the stuff brought the memories flooding back—wrapping paper from my childhood, the hand brace my grandfather wore, books I put in storage when I moved to England. The town doesn't look the same with the open fields of my youth replaced by housing developments. It was a relaxing visit, for being lots of physical labor, but now I'm back in Redmond and turning my focus to more Gen Con prep, getting things ready so I may travel to PaizoCon UK, and keeping things moving on getting support out to other conventions.

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Tags: Community Gen Con Gen Con 2016 Licensed Products Pathfinder Society Syrinscape

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Goblins Invade—Critical Role Pathfinder Stream!

If you follow Paizo on any of our social media outlets (Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter), you might have heard this exciting new, in the lead up to International Tabletop Day, Critical Role (of Geek & Sundry) will be live-streaming their own Pathfinder game!

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Tags: Community Syrinscape

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A Tale of Two Morgans

Making December's Pathfinder Adventure Path SoundPack for the second chapter of Hell's Rebels has been amazing! Not only because I got to build a complete SoundSet for underwater exploration and combat (so cool, making all my normal sounds wishy washy and strangely muted), not only because I got to build a Xorn, and a Rope Golem (except I can't call either of them by their real names, because OGL), but mainly because I got to work with two of my favourite voice actors again.

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Tags: Hell's Rebels Licensed Products Music Pathfinder Adventure Path Syrinscape
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Dicestormers Halloween Special—All Flesh Must Be Eaten

The Game: All Flesh Must Be Eaten
The Setting: End of Gen Con tear-down in the exhibition hall—when it's really difficult to tell the difference between the exhausted... and the undead!
The Encounter: Paizo staff have turned into zombies! Watch to see how many you can name. There's even a couple of our more famous volunteers!

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Tags: Halloween Licensed Products Syrinscape

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The Making of the "In Hell's Bright Shadow" SoundPack

The first volume in the new Hell's Rebels Adventure Path, "In Hell's Bright Shadow", is a fantastic adventure needing equally fantastic sounds. But where exactly does one record a skeleton battle in progress, or an exploding fairy? Follow along in the attached video for just a few of the creative ways Team Syrinscape brought "In Hell's Bright Shadow" to life.

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Tags: Hell's Rebels Licensed Products Music Pathfinder Adventure Path Syrinscape

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I Demand More Dragons!

Pathfinder's beloved adventure The Dragon's Demand just got a whole lot better! After months of hard work and the contributions of a host of Syrinscape and Pathfinder fans, the long-awaited SoundPack for this well known adventure has arrived.

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Tags: Licensed Products Music Pathfinder Modules Syrinscape

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