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Keeping Busy With New Adventures

Phew! I always think of the months leading up to PaizoCon and Gen Con as the busiest time of the year, and while that's true, it often downplays the holiday season's tight schedule to get all of the scenarios ready a little earlier so that our colleagues can head off for some well-deserved rest at the end of the year. That doesn't mean you're off the hook, either—remember that you should be voting (and encouraging your friends to vote) in the ongoing Leaders in Liberty event to help direct the Liberty's Edge faction. After that, we have two great new scenarios for you to enjoy.

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Tags: Organized Play Pathfinder Society Pathfinder Society Scenarios Sebastian Gomez Tom Ventre

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Where Winter is Always Warm

This is the time of year when I hear requests for wintry scenarios that involve trekking through Irrisen, delves into ice caverns, or toboggan-jousting (sounds dangerous—please don't hurt yourself trying it). While there are no doubt tales yet to be told of misfit toys that (in the true spirit of Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild) come to life and take over a tribe of gnolls, I'm not a big fan of cold weather—much less reinforcing how nippy it's getting in much of the northern hemisphere by playing an adventure that culminates in getting eaten by an icicle ooze. No, we're instead fleeing the frosty climes by vacationing in the elemental planes: the Plane of Air and the Plane of Fire, to be precise.

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Tags: Enrique Barajas Pathfinder Society Pathfinder Society Scenarios Sebastian Gomez

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New Adventures to Kick Off Summer

August 4th, the first day of Gen Con Indy, draws ever nearer, so Linda and I are industriously preparing the huge swath of new adventures leading up to and kicking off the new Season 8: Year of the Stolen Storm. Back when I was first pitching the new All for Immortality seeker arc, adding two extra adventures onto the end of the season seemed quite reasonable. Now that Linda and I are in the thick of developing (and writing) these adventures, we sometimes have that moment where we rock back and forth slightly while giggling madly anytime someone asks how things are coming along. I like to explain that we're laughing about the cruel creativity of this month's authors, who have crafted some delightful stories, encounters, and NPCs. Once you see what's coming out this month, I think you'll agree.

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Tags: Ben Wootten Pathfinder Society Sebastian Gomez

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